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The likely finalists for the XM17 modular handgun system

The U.S. military has been looking for options to replace the decades-old Beretta M9 handgun with a
modular handgun system program, a sprawling multimillion-dollar plan. The Army and Air Force
are running the search for the M9 replacement, dubbed the XM17. And they have called for a do-all pistol that will fit in the hands
of a wide range of troops and be more accurate and
reliable than the Beretta, and, most importantly, be
configured for different missions. An ambitious goal, to be sure. The Army estimates it’ll take $17 million and two years to test the
final version of the XM17. The program is going down
to three competitor designs to move into a field testing stage. Now, these are people that we know. The likely finalists are Sig Sauer, Glock, and a team composed of General Dynamics and Smith & Wesson. Now, Sig Sauer is known for
its double-action handguns, and the P226 is the
company’s front runner. The company announced its
newest handgun in 2014. And that was the P320, unique
among the closest competitors, because it is truly modular. Now, you can literally change the P320 from a 4.7-inch combat handgun into a 3.6-inch subcompact concealed carry in about a minute. With a few frame slides here and there, and you know, switch out your barrel, you can even turn it from a
nine mil to a .40 with ease. Who doesn’t enjoy that? I like versatility. Now, Glock is by far the
most popular handgun, though, amongst law enforcement,
military special operations, and many civilian shooters. The polymer-frame pistols
have been considered what is the gold standard of modern handguns since the 1980s. Sources say that the
Glock submitted versions of its G17 and G22 to the DoD’s program. Now, while the company
doesn’t have a modular gun, the pistols use so few parts, that swapping pieces out
takes no time at all. Smith & Wesson has been a
close second to the Glock, particularly the M&P
series of their handguns. Now, these have made
inroads into law enforcement and to the civilian markets. Why? They’re awesome. I have one. It’s under my pillow. Don’t come knockin’. Like the Glock, the M&P
pistol is simple to operate, has few parts, and fits
a wide range of shooters with replaceable backstraps on the grip. Smith & Wesson does not have a
truly modular handgun system, but the company makes variations, all based on the same design as the M&P 9, so shifting from an MP five-inch core to the MP Shield doesn’t
come with a learning curve. It’s still unclear
whether the XM17 program will go all the way of
the M4 replacement search or the SCAR program and find a
nice dusty home on the shelf. And while we’re not
prepared to place our bets on which design will win out, U.S. troops should be seeing a new handgun in the armory in the next few years. Like, share, and comment below. Give us your opinion on which
design you think is best. Pew.

56 thoughts on “The likely finalists for the XM17 modular handgun system

  1. Sig P250, though I doubt that is the one Sig entered. Much better for combat usage. Restrike capability, double action only trigger pull that has the same weight trigger pull as the P320, so it's much safer for troops under stress. And it is truly modular from .380ACP up through .45ACP.

  2. well this came out late……. the 3 runners are now reported/ beleived to be…. sig , FN and glock…. with the MP eliminated already….

  3. Personally, I think if Smith and Wesson meets their requirements, they should go with them. Why? Because they are made in America. Our soldiers should carry American made guns. I'm sure S & W would work with military to make any changes needed , and keeping our Country strong financially, is important.

  4. While think Sig would be an excellent choice, I think Glock will win. Navy Seals and FBI have already picked it.
    I did notice that Ruger created a modular handgun and did not enter the trials.

  5. I think FN would probably be the best choice, but I would bet that it goes to Glock for price, or beretta butters them up enough to accept the m9a3

  6. Where would one find such a tshirt? Searched for beretta tshirts, chinese pistol tshirt, kanji beretta, etc and didn't fin anything.

  7. Hopefully Sig, which is the only MHS,match grade barrels and accuracy ,among all.Glocks are notorious for ripping and cutting tendons (even a beaver tail strap is sold separately ) besides trigger problems.But in the end MONEY will define.

  8. But hey, have they seen the newest bersa thunder pro xt in 9, 40, and 45? If you wanna talk about affordable and reliable combat arms, check those shits out. Most bang-for-your-buck!

  9. they'll go with the glock cause that's what everyone is going to now a days the SiG is too expensive and the Army hates American guns so the S&W is out so the Glock wins end of story good bye

  10. Glock making it to the final round is typical military logic: "Let's replace the decades old design of the M9 with another decades old design!" With the exception of some minor tweaks, the Glocks today are essentially the same gun they were in the 80s. They're not even modular.

  11. I just now turned on your video because I want to know about it this new pistol. your screen is covered by so much large writing that I can't see what's going on. don't you watch your own videos? I appreciate you putting the info out there. but if we can't see it is kind of useless?

  12. Ok I'll sub you guys because I liked that you used real YouTube gun guys and guys that know there stuff cool very cool let's see what you got

  13. In my opinion the M9A3 is best. I know, it's not on your list. But I don't see these new designs as a step forward either. They are a step sideways at best. And this modular idea, though cool in concept, is a poor substitute for maintenance.

  14. Just use the fucking Glock 17 cmon people ITS COMBAT not (gay voice input) this is so slim,yummy.or if the military dosent choose mnp will we call it p,ooooh yea I like the p.

    choose the fucking Glock,you are brain-dead as fuck to think otherwise.

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