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The Liberator Pistol – First Shots

Do I really want to do this one-handed? Maybe For science, for science You missed the German he just killed you I missed the german, okay, let’s try this again I need a stick Hold on I have this handy dandy tool I need an ejector All right, ejector Reload Maybe Fritz was deaf and he didn’t hear it We’ll try this two handed this time, you have any idea where I missed? No *Exclamations of pain* Geez You missed again I did Fritz just killed you I’m getting closer The German just killed me Yep Let me see if I can kill him this time Am I hitting high? I think so, but I’m not really sure This one’s rifled, too It is, it’s just not zeroed in theory you could boresight it by looking through the firing pin hole Here we go *More exclamations of pain* Do we have to keep doing this until one of us hits it? We gotta hit the thing Fritz is still alive Alright, I’m gonna go get more ammo Do we have a prize for the first one to hit Fritz? Yeah, no more pain wah-wah Take that, Fritz! World Champion Liberator shooter of 2016 I am bleeding only slightly less than Fritz So where did you aim? Uh way low like middle of the stick Now I wanna do it Okay Shooter, you may make ready, take a sight picture… Alright Oh you have to do it again. You missed I think it’s luck You can do it Take it, take that I’m done. I don’t want shoot this anymore Ladies and gentlemen, the liberator

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