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The Left Should Support Gun Ownership

Hello there. As a communists I’m a big supporter of gun ownershi. People like to have rifles for hunting and target shooting, and they need pistols for protection. Small arms in the home should be no one else’s business. Although laws on criminal negligence should apply there is anywhere else. The problem of crazy killers in shops and offices is best dealt with by people having a gun under the counter or in the desk drawer. And at public events you really need something like one percent of participants having concealed weapons. And carrying a pistol make sense in situations where people feel insecure for some reason. Anyone who wants an assault rifle should be allowed to have one. Preferably this would be as part of a local militia that had a legally mandated role of resisting a hostile incursions into its region. This hostile force may be foreign aggression or the forces of an internal tyranny. More progressive members of the community would need to end their aversion to such an activity to make sure that it is not monopolized by rednecks. They we need to ensure that the militia represented community diversity in terms of such things as race, class, sex, sexual orientation and the religion, I hope you found these comments interesting. See you next time.

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