The Last Rescue

♪martial music♪ ♪music continues♪ (running) (propeller airplane) (rifle shot) (pants) (sighs) (war sounds)Ah!I need ammo!(machine gun fire)
(soldiers yelling)Keep your heads down.Germans on the right!I’m hit!Medic!Trying to flank us. You came back. I missed you. (laughs)Lewis!What’s the status?They’re pretty
much gone, sir.
There’s a few tanks.
Some medics. We got twenty
minutes at most. We don’t have
twenty minutes. How’s my girl Nancy? Keep dreaming. Fall back to the trees. Shit… I just came
from the trees. Ah! [unintelligible] Look out!Shoot him!Lewis, Shoot him!Lewis, shoot him.Fall back!Let’s move!Lewis!Lewis! Get off your ass!Flanking!Watch the flanks.Lewis! Lewis! Ah! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! You have ten minutes. Jones is packed
and ready, sir. Tell him to go.
-Yes, sir. You almost ready?
-Almost. Shit.It’s Captain Beckett!He’s hurt bad. Where’s Nancy? She’s on that truck. Stop! Stop the truck! Stop the truck! Nancy! Nancy! I need you now. They told me to
get on this truck. Come on.
We’ll take the next one. Let’s go!Hold him down!Hold still, Beckett.Hold still, Goddamn it. Hold him down. They gave him
morphine in the field. Everyone here
should be gone. We don’t have any masks. Forget it! Let’s go! We have to leave now.
We have to leave now.We have to stop this
bleeding, Captain.
Or you’re going to die.
Just let him work on you. If we don’t leave now,we all die.Hurry, Nancy!
Just gloves. Come on! Penicillin? Yes, just get it ready. Ah! (grunts)Come on, he’s fading.
Let’s go.
Maxwell? Maxwell?
-Yeah, yeah.Beckett: Get us out of here.Get us out of here.
Get us out of here.
Can you work on
him in transport? No way. How much time do we have?
-About ten minutes, sir. You have five. You all right? Yes, sir. Wasn’t hurt. That’s not what I meant. What you got there? At ease, kid… My sister made this. It’s my good luck
charm, I guess.Yeah, there’s a lot
of those out here.
Is that yours?Good luck charm? It’s just a lighter.What’s your name?Lewis, sir. What’s your first name?
-James. Okay, Private James Lewis. You know how
to stand still? Yes, sir. Good, stand here
and watch for Nazis. Sir?
What do I do if I see one?You don’t let him in.How’s his pressure? It’s fine. Forceps. Leave it. ♪Tense music♪ (German) [unintelligible] (German shouting) Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!
It’s a hospital. It’s a hospital. (German shouting) It’s a hospital.It’s a hospital.It’s a medical team. All right. We surrender.We surrender.It’s a medical
team right here.
It’s a medical team.(German shouting
continues) Yeah, yeah. Go see what’s happening. (German) Keep… keep going. We are in the middle
of a procedure here. You may all consider
yourselves prisoners of Third Reich and surrender yourselves immediately.Doctor,immediately.Doctor,please. If I don’t close this
man’s wound he will die. Are you saying you refuse? I’m saying I need you
to be quiet so I can
finish what I’m doing. (gunshot)
(gasps)Bring them all.Please.
We need to finish it. What is your name? First Lieutenant
Vera Cornish. Vera, you have one minute. (whispers) Nancy? It’s going to be okay. It’s not okay. We’re prisoners of war.
They’re not going to hurt us. He shot the doctor. (German) (repeats German) yourself. (German) (grunts) (grunts) Don’t shoot! This is American
“P.O.W.” transport! This is a “P.O.W.”
transport vehicle.We’re Americans.Griggs: Oh, yeah?Well, who’s the best
baseball team in America?Well,you’re probably
going to say New
York but I’d have to
argue its Brooklyn.
Brooklyn? That’s not even an option. I was going to say
Boston, but I thought
you might kill me. I still can. Ah, Jesus.
Did we hit him?No, he’s waking
up from surgery.
Hey, sorry ’bout,
that… thought this
was a weapons truck. That’s all right.
It needed a haircut. Well, you’re lucky. I almost never
miss. (laughs) Where are we? Where’s your unit? Ah, it’s just
me and Fisher when we dropped
in we got separated
from our unit. So we were hoping
we could use the radio,
make contact. Fisher: Uh-huh.
He sabotaged it. Shit, really? You know, I almost
had him though.You mean I
almost had him?
What? No, no. You guys didn’t
get them all? Nah- Nah.
Two of ’em ran off. Come on, guys. Vera stay in the truck.Hey, what have you guys
got to eat around here?
Probably something
shitty and German. Ah… Liverwurst! (laughs) That’s
a great name. (grunts) Jesus! Hold tight! Hold tight
buddy, all right.
Keep pressure on it. Fish! Lay flat! Keep pressure on it. Vera, you got any
sulfur packs in there?Vera: I’ll look.Go get him.
Go get him. All right, cover me. Fisher: (grunts) Hang tight. Hang tight, bud. Hold tight.
Hold tight, alright. Hold tight, alright. My mom… she’s… Hey, listen- don’t
worry about your mom. You’re going to be fine. You hear me?
You’re going to be fine. Vera, where’s
those sulfur packs? Maxwell! (grunts) You’re
going to be fine.
You hang tight.We’re going to take
care of these two guys
and then we’re going
to get to you, okay?
You stay awake.Anderson, I want you to
follow that treeline.
Try to flank them
on the right. Got it? Yes, sir. It’s Griggs, sir.Griggs, I want you to
go left, all right?
When we see you both
close in the middle,
we’ll charge.
All right. Lewis, when I stop
firing, you start. You got it?
-Yes, sir. You got it?
-Yes, sir!All right.Hey, Fish… Fish you hang tight
buddy, all right?Fish?Fish!Fish! Are you still here? Fish! Shit.Hey…Ah! Anderson, go, go, go, go! Go! I surrender! I surrender! I surrender. I surrender. I surrender. I surrender. Oh! (grunts) (pants) (grunts) Don’t try to move yet. Sorry. It will just take
me a minute, sir. What kind of
evacuation is this? Not a very good one. Lewis?! I’m glad
you’re okay, sir. Who says I’m okay? Sorry. (grunts) Have you got
your shit together yet? Yes, sir. Where are we? Well, we’re trying
to figure that out. We had to surrender,
then we un-surrendered. Are any of those mine? Yes, sir. Private Anderson. Is Maxwell still alive? Yeah — in front
of the truck. Who the hell’s this? Sturmführer Otto Dittrich. He’s our prisoner. Jesus Christ.
Get Maxwell. Hey, any luck? Nothing useful
except a map. Briggs’ right. They smashed the radio. Captain’s awake. Yeah? We started out here.Evacuation was
pulling back to here.
Traveling this direction
for, I don’t know, an hour and a
quarter… an
hour and a half. That puts us
about right there. Shit. About sums it up.Captain?What’s that for? For support when
you walk, sir. I’m working with some
limitations here. So am I. There wasn’t much here. Maxwell: We need to be
right here. Best-case scenario, that’s
about a thirty-mile walk. Captain: What’s the
worst-case scenario? Farther than that. He can’t walk that far. Well, he seems
to think he can. Because his drugs
haven’t worn off yet. Then I guess we
better start moving. ♪♪ Ladies, first. Captains first.Captain: (clears throat)Uh-huh.Dittrich: Nancy.I knew a Dutch
girl named Nancy.
You’re not from
Holland, are you? No.I know I have no right
to ask you this…
I have an itch behind my ear and
I can’t reach it. I was wondering, uh… never mind. Forget it. I did not mean to make
you feel uncomfortable. This ear? Yes. (sighs) Thank you. You saved me. What are you doing? Nothing. Dittrich had an itch.That’s not his name.His name is Nazi.Lewis: Get down. Hide.You say one goddamn
word and you’re dead. Dittrich: (grunts)Lewis: God…
goddamn it, no.
Put it down!
Put your rifle down.
Put it down.Put it down.
Put the rifle down.
Dittrich In German:
It’s a buffet! Shoot! Shut up.
Come on, put it down. You are surrounded
by Americans.
Put the rifle down! Dittrich: (In German)
Shoot then all. Shut up!
Put it down. You’re surrounded
by Americans. No, put it down. (Dittrich: German)
-Lewis: Shut up.
Put your rifle down. Put it down. You are surrounded
by Americans. (Dittrich: German)
-Lewis: Shut up! Put the rifle down! (Gunshot) Where’s everyone else? Can’t be alone, right?Captain Beckett:
He’s alone all right.
Lewis: You think
he’s a deserter?
I know a coward
when I see one. I’m fine. I’m fine, Lieutenant. Is there a problem? No. What are you looking at? Bruno: Que vous? Bonjour. Do you speak English? American?
-Yes. Please. We need your help. I cannot help you. I have an injured
Captain with me. It’s none of my concern. We can’t leave. Tell your friend to
leave his gun outside.Nancy: It seems so
peaceful here…
like we’re home
on the farm. I didn’t know you
were a country girl. Yeah. My family was always up
at the crack of rooster. This bale of hay
reminds me of home. You miss your parents? I miss my mom, yeah. Not your dad? Nah, he took off
when I was eight. You haven’t
seen him since? No. I don’t want to see him. My mom would say he
doesn’t deserve that.Bruno:
How many are you?
Six in all. Americans, like you? Yes. Do you have a
telephone or a radio? Telephone, no — in town. Can you take us? I need to get medicine. The Germans… they set up camp here… four blocks. You should not
even be here.We’re out of
food and water.
No, I am not a hotel.We understand the risk.Do you? Who else lives here? No one. Who’s the lady? My wife. Where is she? Dead. Maxwell, can you
wait outside, please? (sighs) I’m sorry about your wife. What would she think?By not helping us, you’re
helping the Nazi party.
We are not
discussing my wife. (sighs) I lost my husband. He died in a field
hospital in Africa. That’s why I joined
the Nurse Corps. And everything
I do, I wonder if he
would approve of me. Like what does he
think of me now? My wife was a very
cautious woman. She would have
told you to leave. I don’t believe you.I don’t believe you.Don’t dishonor your wife. She always wanted to
see New York City. Me, too. (sighs) Are you okay? He is letting us
sleep in the barn and
he is giving us food. (Beckett panting) You almost got
your head blown off today. He was ordering that
soldier to shoot you. I know that, sir. It didn’t seem
like you knew. I didn’t want to give
away our position
and have a squad of
Germans swarming us. When your ass is
on the line, you got
to pull the trigger. I screwed up, sir. In the trenches, I… We’re not talking
about the trenches. That’s a different
screw up all together. My friend had just
been shot, right
in front of me. That’s your excuse? Your friend had
just been shot? Those men were like
brothers to me. What, you don’t
think I know that? You’re going to stand
here and tell me that. You don’t know
shit, private. Don’t be too hard on him. He’s just a kid. He can’t afford to
be a kid out here. Nancy:
Do you mind? You lost a
friend today. I’m sorry. I shot this
German kid today. I looked at him, right in his eyes. And then I shot him. It, uh… it’s supposed to be good. Right? That’s what makes
me a good soldier. That’s why we’re
here right, to kill
the bad guys? Right. How long have you
been out here? A few weeks. This isn’t anything like
I imagined it would be. (cigarette lighter) Your turn already? Yes, sir. You get any sleep? A little bit. Go easy on him,
the captain. Okay? Go easy on him? He hates me. This war’s… it’s changed him. It’s taken
things from him. He’s just trying to
keep you alive, kid. Beckett:
How bad is it, Lieutenant? I’ve seen worse, sir. It’s infected.
We need medicine. Lewis or I should go.
-You know how to read medical
labels, now? Make us a list.
-I can’t make you a list.
I need to go into town. I need to see what
they have and get the
best option there is. Bruno will take me.
It will be fine. What are you
talking about? The captain’s injury.
I’ll try to find a phone, too. We could use sugar. It will help clean
out the infection. He needs real medicine.
I need to go right now.You pulled me off that
truck to help you.
I was in the truck. I was gone. I took you
off that truck to help me save
the Captain’s life. Well, can’t wear this. Could I pass for
a French woman? It fits you well. Are you ready? One moment. Hold onto
these for me. Is the captain
going to die? (door knocking) Bruno: Who is it? Madame, mon chere. Bruno Travert? Oui. Parlez vous Allemange? Anglais? Yes. Can I help you? And you? Do you speak English? Oui. Uh… little. We are making
our rounds today. This shouldn’t take long. It seems that we have a
problem here. It seems that our
records are incomplete. We only have, uh…
Monsieur Travert listed at this address. Who then are you? This is my wife. No wedding ring? We had to sell it. We had to sell it for food. (sighs) What is your name? Ma… Margot. Spell please.M-A-R-G-O-T.Any children? No. Does anyone
else live here?No.I will need to
take a look around. It’s okay, Madame. We must do this
at every house. We will be out of your
way in no time, as long as you aren’t… hiding someone… like a Jew. (laughs) How long have
you been married? Fifteen years. Fifteen years? You must have been young. Oui. Just one more room. (drawers squeak)Come in here.Who sleeps in here? No one.My… my brother when
he comes to visit.
And what does your brother
think of your wife? He’s…he’s fond of her. I’m sure he is. What do we have here? Someone has a
sweet tooth, yeah? Mmm.Mmm.Hiding this from your
husband, mademoiselle? Would you like one? Mmm. Schön. Please. Have you seen anyone
on your land that you are unfamiliar
with or is a visitor? No. We will need to take
a look around the
rest of the property. Mademoiselle, Monsieur Travert, please
show us your barn. (German) Bad idea, Nazi. Where’d the hell
they come from? Foot patrol. Nice shot, kid. Vera:Captain,Bruno’s taking
me into town now.
Be careful, lieutenant. I will sir. Nancy, do we need
anything else? Okay. Hey, Vera, see if they
got any cold beer. I’ll make that
my top priority. You know we can’t
take them with us. And we can’t
leave them here. I know. Maxwell: Move. Move. Please, just let me go.
-Shut up. I won’t say a
word to anyone. Shut up! Move! Please, just let me go.
-Shut up. I won’t say a
word to anyone.
-Shut up! Here. I won’t say a
word to anyone. Kneel. Kneel! Please, I beg you. I have a mother. Please, I have a mother. (cries) Her name is Nadia. Nobody cares
about your mother. No, please,
please I have… Shut up! I am her only son. Please, I am my
mother’s only son. (cries) Gag him. Please, please, please… no, no. Please, I beg you. Shut up. Ah! (screams) (cries) Sorry, kid. Take aim. Lewis, take aim. That’s an order. (cries) ♪tense music♪ (sighs) Do you ever
feel guilty? About? About the
people you kill? No. Sir, I wouldn’t
do that. I didn’t ask
you to do it. We don’t have
many bandages left. Sir… -It’s my body and if I
want to know what’s
wrong with it, I will. (pants) If I don’t shoot
them, they’ll shoot me.We have
that in common,
and I don’t feel
guilty about it. Let Roosevelt feel guilty. (engine noise) We have to go.
-What is it?
-Germans are coming. (grunts) Germans are at the farm. What about Vera? I don’t know.
They’re not back yet. All right, you go back
and you see if you can
find Vera and Bruno. Don’t engage and don’t
get spotted, you got it? Yes, sir. (German shouting) (German shouting) Bruno: I did everything
you demanded. Do you know what
I do to liars? To traitors? Please, I tried
to help you. Help me?Where are the Americans?Where is my
Obersturmführer? I- I- I don’t know. Exactly. You don’t know.Search this house.Just keep moving. It’s Lewis. We need to move. We heard the gunshot. Where’s Vera? It was her?
They killed her? No. No. It wasn’t her. Bruno. What about Vera? I mean she may have
gotten away in town, sir. I’m going back. If they didn’t have
her, she got away. All right, she’ll
contact our unit. The last place she’s
going to go is that farm. Lieutenant, we
keep moving. If you go back there
and draw the Germans
to us, we’re all dead. Let’s go. Lewis, make sure there
ain’t any floaters around. (grunts) (sighs) Check if anyone’s alive. Yes, sir.(radio) We’re low on fuel.Please advise closest
available depot. Over.
Proceed to area
Recon Three out.
Red Fox One out.Red Fox One.
Red Fox One. This is Yankee
Three, over. Red Fox One, this is
Yankee Three, do you read?Yankee Three,
this is traffic. Over.
We are behind enemy lines
and cut off from our unit. We need coordinates
to friendlies.Coordinates are processing
for a move. Over.
When’s your move? Over.By Sixteen
Hundred tomorrow. Over.
We’ll get there. Red Fox One, where do I
look you up when I arrive?I’ll be here.
Ask for Bill.
I’ll buy you a beer,
Bill. Over.Roger that.Roger, roger.
Copy and out. (pants) What the hell’s
going on up there?Germans approaching.(pants) Plug your ears, private. Ah! Where’s Nancy? Crazy bastard.♪intense music♪Beckett:
You do that you’ll hang.
Not yet. We’re here. The true line is here. Rendezvous point… has to be about here,
maybe ten miles. You guys are talking like
we’re getting out of here. (Door opens) Good morning, my friends. Nancy. Captain, you look so
surprised to see me. Cigarette? No. I’m sorry this is not
just a social call. If we are to house you
and feed you, you two need
to do a little
work for us, if you please.Oh, Captain
Beckett, please.
I have no use
for a cripple. Nancy, I’m sorry
about Vera. What do you mean? What are you sorry about? Dittrich! Dittrich! (screaming) What
did you do to Vera? They killed Vera. Don’t you say that! You don’t know that. It’s my fault. How do you figure? I screwed up out there… in the trenches. We shouldn’t be here. Captain Beckett… if he hadn’t
gotten wounded… I don’t know what
happened out there, kid…
-I didn’t do my job. I didn’t do my job. We all have our
moments, kid. Okay? And I don’t think any
soldier has the right to
carry that sort of guilt. (pants) How the hell am I
supposed to get any sleep
with you staring at me? Get my son. Bring him to me now. Okay. Okay. I… I will.I need to see him.I need to see him. Just rest and I’ll… I’ll go get him. T… Tell my wife. (pants) Where are we? Where are we? I’m sorry. (gasps) Vera… Vera… Vera needs to fix it. Vera is not here, sir. This man needs medicine. We are prisoners
of war and you are
required to provide
us with medical aide. Do you even
understand me…? Where’s Dittrich?(In German) You
have six cards!
(In German) You dirty dog,
you have six cards!
(German) (German) Oberführer. Dittrich (In German):
Bring her over here.Horst.Horst! I want you to take a look
at these men around you. These men are soldiers. They have left their
homes and travelled to
this foreign landfor one reason —to fight. Yet it is the Führer’s
dictate that we sit and wait in this village
as the battle goes on. But these men,these soldiers,they deserve to see blood. Dittrich: (sighs)
So which one of
the two of you will
volunteer to fight… my fatherland? I’m not fighting,
shithead. (sighs) What about you? Private Lewis? Will you fight
for your country? Hey! Hey! Wait, goddamn it! (grunts) Damn it! If you want me to
fight, I’ll fight! [unintelligible] Horst! Horst! Horst! Horst!Lewis: That’s enough!I’ll fight!(laugh) Horst! Horst! Horst! Horst! Horst! Ah! (grunts) Jetzt! No, you son of a bitch! You are angry? You want revenge
for the young woman? Then fight. Come on, Lewis.Come on, Lewis.You got him.Come on, kid,that’s it.Aaaugh! (German) chanting “Horst!” continues Come on, Lewis. Come on! chanting “Horst!”Put your guard up, Lewis.Put your guard up. Put your guard up, Lewis.Put your guard up.chanting “Horst!” (grunts) Lewis, cover up! (German)
[unintelligible] chanting “Horst!”Lewis, cover up!Maxwell: Let him be, ape! You see, I am a merciful
man after all. We stay here we all die. Be easy enough to
break out of this
makeshift cage. Yeah? Then what?Maxwell: I don’t know.You okay? My jaw hurts. They’re going to
kill us, aren’t they? No. I heard you guys talking. Yeah, we were just
feeling bad for ourselves. That’s all. I wonder how long
until they tell my
mom I’m “M.I.A.” She’ll cry. You have no idea
how hard she’ll cry. She sobs. I swear I’ve never
heard anyone cry
like her before. She’s just a mess. You’re going
to hurt my jaw. (both laugh) Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t care. You’re going to see
your mom again, Nancy. Did you get any sleep? There was only
one guard on me and
Lieutenant when we were
at the lake yesterday. I ever tell you about
my son, private? Sir? (laughs) He was a
good kid, a good man. He enlisted when
he was seventeen. He would have done it
sooner if he thought he
could get away with it. Always wanted to be like
his old man from day one. My wife used to say that
he was going to follow
me right into the grave. She almost got that right. Just got the order wrong. I wonder if he
knew he was dying, if he was scared. Uh… I’m sure he was a
good soldier, sir. You know what makes
a good soldier? Someone who can
pull the trigger. Humanity. Sometimes we have
to pull the trigger. A good soldier
never wants to. (sighs) This is all screwed
up out here — what we do. (sighs) When you get home
you remember that. Sir… Leave this all
here, Lewis. You go home and enjoy your life. (grunts) Understood? Yes, sir. Lewis, that’s for luck. I thought it was
just a lighter. Yeah, well, that’s a good luck charm. You ready? Ooof! (grunts) Lieutenant! Lieutenant! Oh, my God. You’re okay.
You’re okay. I think I’m
probably not, kid.
-Oh, shit. Get out of here, kid.
-No, no! I’m not leaving you. Maybe you have a shot. Get out of here. Just go.That’s an order.Go!(German shouting) (German shouting) ♪intense nusic♪ (laughs) No! Aw fuck. Oh, my God. Come here, Nancy. Come here. Who was it? Maxwell. Lewis is a good soldier. They won’t catch him. How many’d he get? How many of your
men are dead? Five? More?(German) Shut your mouth!It’s okay.
It’s okay. (German shouting) All of them. (German) Quick. Amerikanisher! You’re hiding. Dittrich:Private Lewis!Last chance. This is your last chance. (German) American coward,
show your face! (German) Private Lewis! (German) As a result
of your actions, your friends will
no longer be considered prisoners of war, but allied spies. (German)You will be judged
for his actions
and the sentence… (German) The sentence is execution. Beckett:
You let them go.
You shoot me
if you have to, but don’t harm them. This is wrong, damn it. You know it is. Last chance! Ten,nine,eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two, one. Fire! (German shouting) Ah!
(grunts) (German) (German shouting) Get up, sir. Save the women, Lewis. I’m not leaving
you behind, sir. That’s a direct
order, private. I won’t leave
you behind, sir. Where’s Maxwell? Maxwell’s not coming. We need to move. (grunts)Private!The Third Reich orders you
to surrender immediat… How’s he doing back there? He’s okay. Look! Do you see that? Yeah, that’s them. Look alive, sir. Well done, Lewis. Well done. We gotta go, sir! Two more minutes. I told him we’d wait
until sixteen hundred.Germans!
German vehicles
coming in, sir!
You have a shot?
-Working on it, sir.Take it when you got it.Wait!Those are Americans. Closed Captions
by East Pole Media

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