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The Last of Us: Hunting Rifle Tips and Tactics

What’s up guys. Welcome to Video Game Beast
School! This is SanchoWest. And this video, I’m going to break down the Hunting Rifle
for the Last Of Us Factions. Where I’m going to breakdown some Tips and Tactics. But more
importantly, I am going to focus on the “Drag Shot”. And I’m going to help you guys become
a bad ass sniper. And a lot of the tips are going to be just like the bow and arrow.
Remember my disclaimer, I’m not the end all be all. But, I can sure as hell help you become
a Video Game Beast. So, let’s go ahead first, check out the Combat Basics. Alright, first
thing first, you gotta Work Early meaning you got to get in position, learn to flank,
learn to get in position and everything with the sniper rifle is doing things early. About
90 percent of the work is getting position and making sure you get the shot. Ok? So
remember that. Work Early, do some flanking, do some espionage work. Distance. It’s important
to keep your distance between your other player. Use the distance to your advantage because
that’s the beautiful thing about the sniper rifle. Absolutely Scout. Start learning how
to scout. In the opening match, it’s important to get the higher advantage to start marking
your enemies, to start helping your teammates to tell them where they go. It’s so…I always
look for place like an ambulance in, uh, the Checkpoint or the other side the mail truck.
Just to make sure where everybody is, and it’s also a great opportunity to pick people
off. And here on Lakeside, you go on top of garbage truck on the opposite side, you go
on top of the house as you saw in early footage. And the reason why I really recommend this
is when you have the perk Hawkeye or things of that sort. You become a great teammate
and you establish that relationship with your teammates. And that’s important as a sniper.
Ok. You want to be the eyes in the sky. You gotta tell people where to go or sometimes
you got to be like a leader. And that separates people from being an amateur sniper to a pro
sniper. It is helping people understand flanking routes and things of that sort. And knowing
where the choke points are. Now, here we go. The Drag Shot. This is the shot you guys
want to learn. It’s very simple. You simply move your reticle about the same parallel.
You go straight, smooth and swift. So you want a straight, smooth and shift shot. And
it’s kind of a pause and go to the right and fire. Here some footage of the drag shot.
I’m going to show you the footage and then we are going go in Slow mode. And for purposes
for the training, so to speak, I really recommend Hawkeye and you can see various shots of that.
Boom! Now is a quick shot right there. I was able to get to his body and move right up.
Remember guys, it’s a straight, smooth, and swift shot. Ok? You can turn the sensitivity
on the aiming if you feel like it. If you think it’s best for you. Once you get comfortable
with the Drag shot. The Drag shot is the most fundamental arsenal in the snipers tool
bag so to speak.a It is in your bag of tricks, if you master it. You become deadly and as
you see there, a guy is coming right at me, and I was able to do the Drag shot and put
him on his put. Now look guys, the Drag shot. is not easy. It is going to take time to master
so look at this footage, look at this video, keep watching it. Understanding the mechanics,
it’s a simple, you keep it at the same level and you drag across. Now over time, you are
going to get better at the different angles of the Drag Shot Sometimes you are going
to come from little a low and sometimes a little high. Remember what I said you have
to work early. Most of the job you are doing as a sniper is probably 80 percent up to the
point of the shot. So use the Pre Aim, get that, the, the, the less, the more time your
accurate before you hit that aiming, before you zoom in on the scope. The less you have
to do in terms of the Drag Shot. That is the smaller distance, smaller frame rate.
That you have to overcome when it comes to hitting your target. And here is all those
examples guys. And remember, it is…I want to stress to you on that I’m not the pro sniper
here. I am just doing my best to teach you guys and hopefully I make it simpler with
the use of my graphics. To break it down the Drag Shot and it’s very important. And that’s
why I like Hawkeye perk because it give you that, it’s the training wheels. The training
wheels of a sniper. If you want to separate yourself from being an amateur to a pro, learn
the fundamentals of the Drag Shot Practice with your friends, practice in single player.
And also, to go with the Drag Shot learn the animations of this game. Learn how it
is different when someone is crouching, walking towards you versus someone running away from
you or someone peeking out of a corner, things of that sort. All those kinds of things are
going to take time and dedication. And a lot of you guys who are watching this video right
now are already great snipers and some of you guys are already understand these concept
or things like that but hopefully this video breaks that down for you in a little bit so
you can master it. Indefinitely. And those of you who not great snipers who are scared
of the hunting rifle. First off, I recommend using the silence hunting rifle if you can
have that unlock. That is the best thing you can do because it gives you that opportunity
to miss. Here is that Boom! right in the middle I swiped right up. Here is the next opportunity
right here, I call the Strafe Shot, it is essential keeping target dead smack in the
middle and moving player’s body right over to make sure you are not going to go all over
the place. The great thing about the update is it made the swaying less noticeable. You
can do the Sharpshooter 1, level 2 or 3. Whatever, whatever floats your boat. But practice the
Strafe Shot is going to keep you, keep the target reticle right in the middle the screen
and you move the player’s body. And it’s going to have a combination of Drag Shot, things
of that sort. Now, the Tracking Shot or the “Track Shot”. The Tracking Shot essentially.
Pretty much, for a moving target. Is you want to more your target reticle in front of the
target. Lead it and then stop and fire. Here is some examples of that. I brought this up
during my Bow video to help you hit a moving target. Now, essentially, you don’t want to
do that. Remember 80 percent of the work is, Working Early to get into the perfect shot
but, if you see someone running across the screen after the update, you do not have to
lead the target so much, just a split hair and of course if you upgrade the hunting rifle
further. You will be able to huh, kind of like not lead them that much , just hit them
dead on. Track shot or Tracking shot is another great tactic for a sniper to use. It is going
to help you be aggressive, it’s going to help you keep people pinned down. And refrain people
from running across the screen. Master that, master this technique guys. Remember lead
the target just a little bit, let them get just a little bit and stop a fire at the same
time. Stop and hit R 1 and simultaneously at the same time to get that Tracking Shot.
To knock down that opponent. Here is another example here, Boom! Guy went down, let’s go
ahead and put that in slow motion one more time so you guy can understand and see that.
I lead just a little bit, I run with him, just a little bit and I hit him. Next concept
the Sway Shot Pretty much the way I describe this is sometimes you are swaying all over
the place or you are getting hit. Whatever, you got to learn how to master when the timing
to hit the R1 button to fire when is that appropriate to get the headshot. I really
want to stress to you guys you should really…I know it is a hard thing to explain. It’s a
hard thing…it is a generic statement but aim, aim for the head. Ok? Get the headshot.
Settle. Do not settle for anything else but a headshot. Aim small, miss small. From the
great movie The Patriot from Mel Gibson. Start learning how to hit the head shot. And
the Sway Shot is just another way to expand your repertoire as a sniper. That way you
want the person to get into the target, you want the person to hit that pinpoint, right
into the head shot. You are not going to manipulate the joystick that much. It’s naturally going
to get to that. And you master this shot because it’s going to come out of nowhere every now
and then. And if you get the target, just right, the timing just right, you will get
a headshot. Do not Stay ok? This is pretty much, do not stay in one spot. In this little
fast forward clip right here. This guy I saw, he got out of that window and I could not
mark him. But I knew, he was coming after me and I moved. You got to as a sniper, you
got to use the knowledge or the assumption. The sterotype of the sniper, that they are
going to stay still. This guy thought I was going to stay there, he is trying to sneak
behind me and molotov me. But, I say No Sir! I knew he was going to go up that ladder,
I stayed…I waited for him. And I finished him. Ok? So Do not Stay. If you kill somebody,
if you knock somebody down. If you flank somebody, if you are going to go to work on a whole
team. Do not stay, you got to move, you got to get a couple of downs or get one down.
And then move, to another postion because remember when you die or when you get killed
the camera goes to that position where you last got hit. Also, you got to watch back
or watch your six things of that sort. Do not get so obsessed with getting a shot, do
not get obsessed at watching a choke point, do not get obsessed watching a door, do not
get obsessed with hitting somebody. I hope you get my point! I’m being obsessive about
you being obsessed. Do not do it! Alright? Move, you got to be on the move, light on
your feet. As you see here, I am obsessed hitting people down this right side of Lakeside.
And then eventually, I end up getting spotted and end up getting killed because of my peripheral
vision is limited as a sniper. I do not see it coming ok? I know this is cool footage
of me wrecking shop on unsuspecting people but,I make the mistake because I do not move.
Here is a great, great, great thing I am going to teach you guys. It is called the Height
Shot. It’s use in the game’s measurements or terms of the character’s height with real
physical items in the game. For example, doors and things like that. Understand how tall
people are, understand where people pop out, people pop out of behind sand bags things
of that sort. If you know, where you can gauge where they are going to come out, just in
terms of size, you will be able to become a very powerful and aggressive sniper. And
Hawkeye enables you to practice that, enables you to see how tall your people are behind
the walls, things of that sort. Let us see that again, I see right there BOOM! Right
to it. Get the headshot. It is perfect for people poking out their heads out of car,
poking their heads you know above sandbags or out of cover. Master the Height Shot
understand where people going to be and you will always going to have the advantage, especially
when you have someone pinned down. Because the game is going to stay the same, everybody
is the same height. Everyone has the same animation when they come out of cover. The
animation is going to stay the same when people peek out of a door. They are going to stay
the same height, no one as the ability to change their height unless they are toggling
between crouch. But, master that feeling, get that sixth sense, as I said in my Bow
video, master that sixth sense where people going to be and you will become a very powerful
sniper. Here in this footage, right here, I’m staying right there, I’m staying level
with the window frame, knowing how tall people are, using the it reference and I know that
if I stay at that level someone is going to creep up or someone is going to walk right
into that line of sight. Alright? And of course, it changes at different angles. So Master
that. And here is some general tips, be mindful of people getting executed or people reviving.
That is a great opportunity to bait people into groups, to a cluster. It is a great opportuinit,
to get some kills. Also, I would really stress to you, you can go ahead and shoot someone
then melee. So if you get in close combat, hit someone once finish the job with a melee.
That is some Last of Us Tips on the sniper rifle. So, let us review everything I taught
you guys. Most importantly, do your work early. 80 percent of the sniper, in terms of getting
that down, getting that cool headshot, is doing the work early. In terms of flanking,
in terms of stealth. Get to your spots, get to the position, work with your teammates
and get there early. Ok? Communication is key. I also strongly recommend using Hawkeye.
Hawkeye is a great opportunity to use training wheels to get use the Height Shot things
of that sort. And of course, master the Drag Shot. And when you are out of sniper bullets,
got to be handy with the steel, do not be afraid to use your revovler. Let us take a
look … and of course, quick little tip, execute, as a sniper, people are going to
be far away from you. You are going to down somebody, if no one shows up to revive them,
or know one shows up to help or they start crawling away to a place where they are out
of your vision. Finish them off with another shot. Let us go to this footage right here,
I just put this footage because I was having a lot of fun, this guy keeps sticking his
head out of this window and I down him maybe like two or three times. Sometimes, you got
to farm for points because there is no way, I am going to get that execution from far away.
I am just going to keep downing him and eventually I end of moving because I do not want to be
in the same spot. Remember, do not stay. Once, you get your down, once you make your position
known. In terms of either someone spots you or you shoot someone. You got to move. and
do not always go your spots, every round like in Survivors. There is always a person, always
picking the same spots. Mix it up as a sniper, go to another advantage point, go to another
area where the people think you are going to be. In terms of flanking and things of
that sort. So, use that to your advantage. Here, I am just going bananas right now. There
is like four guys and that is the great thing about the Silence Hunting Rifle, is I can
go to work without getting snuck up on or someone seeing where I am. And always, always
find the vantage point. Get that early in the match, find the highest point. Be the
eyes in the sky. Help out your other teammates and here is some great footage, right now,
of me just going to work. Using the height shot, using the drag shot, taking advantage
of people, you know, going to work against my teammates. Yes, I always say use my teammates
as bait but as you see I get three downs. And the other guy, he is crawling away and
happen to see. I see that someone is healing, reviving him and I take advantage of that.
I stay calm, patient, patient, patient. Boom! I get the headshot. And that is what makes
a great sniper. Alright, here is just a something I recommend, in terms of, it’s not the end
all, be all. Whatever is your style, if you starting off with sniper rifle, you are going
to have to use it un-silenced for awhile, get use to that. You have to be very careful,
in terms of your position. Be on the look out, but once you get the silenced hunting
rifle, it’s going to be great for you guys. Another thing I highly recommend, is Hawkeye
that’s a given. Start using hawkeye, start getting use to that red amber and you will
get use to the height shots things of that sort. Also, sniper, sharpshooter is a great
for a sniper and what it doe, it just cuts down the pain wobble, things of that sort.
Cuts down the sway but from what I noticed, every since the update, the sway has dropped
down immensely so it’s not really recommendation. I do not recommend going to Sharpshooter 3,
1 or 2 will be just fine. The third available slot, you can mix it up with Marathon Runner,
just to get you in and out of situations. If you get caught, also you can use Reviver,
things of that sort or, you know, what I recommend, I’m a big stalker or stealth ninja. I use
Covert Training 2, simply because so I will not appear on radar when I am getting into
position also I can shiv just in case I end up flanking on people. I do not want to shoot
people while I am up close with the hunting rifle. So, those are my basic loadouts, you
can take them as you will. They do require the 13 points, most of you guys should have
13 points, by now, if you have been following my channel. But, you have any questions or
any other loadouts please hit me up in the feedback below. Or if you like to add any
other, please do not hesitate and add them below as well. So that is it for the loadouts.
Thank you guys for being awesome subscribers, I can not believe it. I made over two thousand
subscribers and I got a big push from The Last Of Us guys so I am still going to do
Last of Us videos, just because I am making Grand Theft Auto videos does not mean I am
not leaving the Last of Us community. Remember, there is some new maps coming out in mid October
and I plan to cover those as well. I plan to keep doing community matches, things of
that short, bear with my schedule, but thank you guys for being awesome subscribers, see
you next time! OH YEAH!

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