100 thoughts on “The KRISS Vector Gen 2 -FULL REVIEW

  1. Can gen 2 vector cycle rounds by using the charging handle? I know gen 1 have problems extracting rounds out of the chamber when manually pulling the charge handle.

  2. @GY6vids It looks like that ergo problem could be solved with a front end attachment… like a shroud that can house a suppressor or something? Do you know if Kriss makes any aftermarket products like that?

  3. short guns, little disturbing how easily one is able to accidentally wave your hand in front of the barrel during these demonstrations.

  4. wtf thats bullshit.. in normal operation it chipped itself? this is giving me polygun trust issues.. should i get a GHM-9 instead?

  5. Great review! I’ve been looking into buying one. I think I may hold off though do to the plastic ejection port breaking up from a fte.

  6. I wonder if their .45acp barrel reamed to .460 Rowland could handle the pressure along with the rest of the weapon? That'll save money going into sbr-ing it since the gun will fire .45acp .45 Super and then .460 Rowland giving a diverse set of ballistics at your fingertips.

  7. for $1000+ guns you would hope your ejection port wouldn't shatter after one failure to eject i wonder if kriss would replace a busted upper since its a quality failure

  8. Now's the time to get the SDP! We can shoulder braces now! Check out the Tailhook brace – it keeps the whole stock the same except for the butt. (Also, POWEREDbyMARIO has an awesome Vector even though I want a 10mm SBR.)

  9. "If you're seeing this a year from now, it's probably already over"

    looks at date today: 1/4/2018


    Oh well, but I am SUPER excited to put a down payment on a CA Kriss Vector in Alpine White! CAN'T WAIT!

  10. Because I haven't even held a Kriss Vector before. With the AR15 Stock adapter could you fit a Slide fire on a 9mm Kriss Vector with most of that recoil absorbed? would it even fit? Just curious. Sorry if it's a really novice question. Thanks!

  11. I found out about this gun playing "division" . Cool looking piece! You seem pretty knowledgeable… I'm curious to know, I wonder if I could own this as a pistol or a short barreled rifle in NYC?

  12. I just purchased one of these beauties and I to have the "brace" not a buttstock. I'm still confused on why they say its considered a pistol and i was told i cant put a forward grip on it too. To many laws and loopholes lol. I didnt know you could switch out calibers. I got mine in 9mm instead of .45 for cheaper reloads. My favorite feature is the threaded barrel so I can put my Osprey on it. Your video did answered some questions for me, thanks.

  13. How dumb is NFA regulation if it regulates using the stock against your shoulder or not? I could break the law by lower the stock 4 inches?

  14. Yea I agree 1.5 thumbs up over all… it does have to many issues on the design for 2 thumbs up. decent gun and they should make that block metal its already chipt that might drop it to 1.3 thumbs up.

  15. Is this real snow or just a blue screen? I don't see any steam coming out when breathing
    X-Files music intensifies

  16. Why does everything have to be attached to a friggin Glock. Some of us either cant afford , or just don't like a Glock so why do they keep pushing it on us. Really?

  17. Ho my! The brace should not touch your shoulder? What a crappy law! I know, i know, just kidding by the way! But i can't take that shit seriously. Sorry, i can't. Can you?

  18. I own the .45 pistol and the recoil sucks! Not worth the $1,400 price tag. Also, the design flaws suck. # 1 the bolt release will snap out and cut the palm of your left hand on the last round. # 2 the pistols come with Left handed threads – so you need to buy an adapter to put on a silencer # 3 the idiots at the factory use red loctite to seal the thread protector on the barrel which will require you to cut off the factory thread protector. This weapon sucks! Get a Sig Copperhead MPX instead!

  19. Hmmm you can shoulder it now with SB Tactical stock makes it much more appealing now. I'll still SBR to keep my kids from selling it when I die haha.

  20. Its not that its bad placement,its because its a completely different platform than you are used to using,just like a tavor you have to give it more than a day

  21. I noticed a significant POI shift when using a silencer on my .45ACP Gen2 Vector. The shift was highly consistent, always down and right by the same amount, but it was a noticeably larger shift than I would have expected. Should I be worried, or is this something to expect from this caliber when using a short barreled gun (especially when having to use a thread adapter)?

  22. I have found the difference in accuracy between my standard and SBR 45ACP Vector to be fairly substantial. At 20 yards I shoot consistently sub 2 MOA freehand red dot on the standard, and about double that on the SBR. For some reason the spread gets a bit larger when the SBR gets hot, while the standard Kriss remains fairly consistent. Not sure if it is the ammo, as I generally use Blazer. Anyone else see this?

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