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The King Of Bullet dodging bullets

hi there i’m alexander and today we’ll
be analyzing a rapid game played between penguin GM aka Andrew tang and DM
Captain Obvious I couldn’t find much info on Captain Obvious so I’m gonna
just stick to calling him that so the game it’s under eight-minute time
format and without further due let’s get to it
so the game starts with d4 and here we have f5 and already from the second move
we have an interesting response to d4 so the Dutch defense is on the board this
sounds fun as I think it’s quite the aggressive line anyway back to the game
Knight to f3 d6 c4 Knight to f6 all standard Theory g3 white plans to
fianchetto his Bishop black develops dark squared Bishop to e7 and maybe
eventually planning to Castle white continues as planned with Bishop g2
black castles white castles here we ended up with the classical variation of
the Dutch defense anyway d6 gaining more control over the center before white
replies by expanding on the Queen side a four from black challenging White’s
expansion, here white doesn’t gain anything from capturing if anything it
would be helping the opponent so he advanced the pawn to b5 black
develops Bishop to d7 planning maybe to push his C pawn white continues his
development with Bishop to b2 black pushes c6 we have a4 adding
further protection to the pawn and Queen e8 black thinks it’s time to
get the Queen involved knight bd2 and black puts his Queen on h5 starting to
build pressure around the White King, white too develops his Queen to c2 Bishop e8
getting it in the game because and here if I go and move back the bishop here
it’s merely a pawn it’s protecting this pawn, this pawn so it’s protecting the base
of the pawn chain without being active so black develops it’s ? to e8 here we
have e4 white thinks it’s time to open up the game in the center so F
takes on e4 Knight takes on e4 and here we have Bishop g6 pinning the knight
pinning the knight to the Queen white unpins with Knight takes on f6 check
rook takes on f6 capturing back the piece and queen is forced to move so
Queen to e2 white tries to keep his Queen in the center and as active as
possible so c takes on b5 and a takes on b5 Knight to d7 planning on going
maybe to b6 or f8, Rook fe1 developing it to the semi open file as Rooks as we
know flourish on open lines, rook af8 doubling up on
the F file , Rook a3 adding further protection to the knight on f3 black
proceeds with e5 and we have Bishop c1 which stockfish considers as a mistake
and prefers here h3 sorry h3, hypothetically here black could have
continued with e4 forcing the knight on f3 to move to h4 and then one line
continues with d5 opening an attack from the bishop on e7 to the rook on a3 but
anyway back to the game so black played Bishop c1 and here black responded with
a 4 which seems again according to stockfish as a mistake here stockfish
prefers the the move e4 so anyway we have a4 h4, which stockfish again
considers as a mistake preferring the quiet h3 suggested in the hypothetical
line earlier on so anyway back to the game h4 here we have something similar to the line
we’ve seen before so black pushes d5 and threatenes the Rook on a3 with the
Bishop on e7 so white captures d takes on fe5 here we have Bishop takes rook
on a3, e takes f6 getting black’s Rook in the
way , Rook e8 threatening to capture the Queen on e2, Queen retreats to d1
Bishop takes on c1 Queen takes back on c1 rook takes on e1 check Queen takes
rook Knight takes pawn on f6 Knight g5 controlling the key squares on e4 e6
(f6) f7, sorry so in some lines there could be some combinations with the Queen and
the knight trying to checkmate the King due to the weaknesses on the light
squares as shown here, here black plays Queen to g4 which is quite the blunder
so Queen to g4 loses the game almost instantaneously due to the powerful
Bishop to h3 so black tries to get his Queen out of harms-way to d4 but it’s
over white finishes the game in beauty with
king to e7 sorry with Queen
to e7 and here the DM Captain Obvious resigns the game, why did he resign the
game well black herer could deliver like a
check on a1 and then we would have king to h2 and black would be forced because
he’s without a move to give his knight on g4 check white would have to capture
with the bishop, so takes on g4 and here we would have Queen to f6 trying to get
back in time to protect the King from checkmate but here white would play
calmly Bishop to e6 check and we would have king to h8 here white would finish in beauty with Knight
to f7 and here the black Queen would have to take on f7 if the black Queen
wouldn’t take on f7 let’s say he plays Bishop takes on f7 we would have
Queen to f8 checkmate so yeah anyway we just just losing in a sense that Queen on
e7 earlier on, anyway, hope you like this game and analysis and if you like well
if you like my content please make sure to subscribe so bye bye for now bye

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