The Jet Li Maneuver: Beretta Disassembly at Gunpoint

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another video on Forgotten weapons dot com. I’m Ian McCollum and today. I’m taking a look at a Beretta 92fs. Now normally we would talk about the history and the mechanics but Ii’s a Beretta 92 we know all about it and besides there’s a more important thing going on here and that is can you actually do a Jet Li on this thing? Lethal Weapon IV Jet Li pulls the slide off of one of these guns when it’s being pointed at him. Can you do that? Well… First off in the movie they totally faked it, they took the recoil spring out, they had the disassembly lever down. All he had to do is grab the slide and just physically take it off the gun – there was nothing holding it in place. I want to see if I can do it for real. Doing this in reality on a Beretta 92 requires pushing in this button and then rotating the disassembly lever down. Like so and then the slide comes off the front of the frame. Like that. Now you can take it apart with the magazine in the gun but you do have to remove the magazine in order to reassemble it. All right So the key to this is you have to push the button with one finger Pull the lever with the thumb, and then grab the slide off. So it’d be something like… that. What’s remarkable about this to me is that it’s actually not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Now there’s no way you’re gonna do this like under time stress, which is why ,when they did it in the movie they actually started with the disassembly lever down, and I think they actually even took the recoil spring out, so that the slide actually sits all the way back where it’s supposed to Obviously if you start it with the lever down you just grab it and pull the slide off so Could you do this in the real world? No I don’t think so – you do not have enough time to do that before the person with the gun has the reaction time to pull the trigger. However, maybe it would be possible with a different gun. So let’s take a hypothetical wander into alternative history here. Let’s consider that just maybe Indiana Jones got into a scrape with some nazis who are carrying Czech VZ38 pistols, and maybe he was the guy who first pulled off that Jet Li maneuver because maybe this was discontinued from service because it was too easy for someone to pull the slide off while they were being held at gunpoint. What do you think? Where the Beretta has a two-step disassembly procedure the CZ38 (sic) only has one very simple step: push the button forward, lift the slide up. From the front you can grab pull and remove just like that. Well, he’s got me now… or does ha ha! Okay, so actually no, Indiana Jones did not invent these the Jet Li slide maneuver with a VZ38 and the fact that you can take the slide off is in no way related to why this pistol left production. It left production because it’s ugly and ungainly and it’s in .380 and well, it was being manufactured by the Czechs who were occupied by the Germans before they had a chance to even make any so my alternative history theory here is complete bunk. However. It’s still a cool feature of Both the CZ… VZ38 here, which is just a unusual slick handgun. And I’ll be totally honest on the Beretta, it was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be so you never know what you’re gonna find when you actually try something like that. Thanks for watching if you’re interested in either of these two pistols they are both being sold at Rock Island in their upcoming February auction take a look at the description text below you’ll find links to the catalog pages for both lots. He’s got me now, or does he?

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