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The Inevitable Death of Gun Control: Cody Wilson and the Future of Untraceable Homemade Firearms

This is another dimension, because the handgun
is concealable. It’s a different conversation than just making
rifles. All handguns will eventually be available
for people to produce for themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Gun control can never die, because it lives
in the hearts of men. No, gun control is not dead, it’s undead. Gun control is undead. And uh- we just keep killing it. But it just keeps coming back. In 2012 a then-25 year old crypto-anarchist
named Cody Wilson started Defense Distributed, an organization devoted to removing the barriers
from making firearms at home. The following year, defense distributed released
the Liberator the first 3D printed pistol. The Liberator is a simple, single shot 380
caliber handgun. At the time, the replaceable barrels were
only considered safe for one shot. 5 years after the Liberator debut, the technological
limitations of home made firearms have started disappearing. The materials are cheaper and better, the
machines are more precise and the software is more advanced. It’s a new reality that hasn’t entirely filtered
into public debates over gun control. It outstrips people’s daily experience, they
don’t really understand what’s taking place. This is a ghost gun . Because now it is very easy and completely
legal to make a firearm in the comfort of your own home. The era in which the government can even hope
to keep a fully functional firearm out of the hands of someone truly determined
to get one is coming to an end. Now I can ship gun machines that help you
crank out 1911s in your kitchen all day long and no one has anything to say about it. Because what is there to say about it? By late 2014 Defense Distributed had raised
enough capital to begin manufacturing the Ghost Gunner. A small machine that uses pre coded commands to remove metal from unfinished firearm parts. Parts that when sold by a manufacturer are legally required to contain a serial number. What comes out of the Ghost Gunner is a key
component of an untraceable yet fully functional metal firearm. In late 2017 Defense Distributed released
files that allow the ghost gunner to mill out unfinished metal handgun frames. Wilson says the new focus on handguns is an
important step towards the mainstreaming of home gun manufacturing. A lot of people living in an urban setting
like DC wouldn’t consider slinging an AR15 on their
back walking around the street. But they would at least think about whether
they wanted to have a handgun concealed and made without anyone else’s knowledge. While a 3D printer assembles objects out of
layers of plastic or other materials a milling machine like the Ghost Gunner does
the opposite. Carving a solid piece of material based on
specifications spelled out in code. Defense Distributed sells the machine for
just under 1700 dollars. You can make a 1911 in your kitchen, make
it in your bath tub if you want and no one has to know about it. It’s really cool and it wasn’t true last year
in the way that it’s true now. Thanks to the internet, the newest generation
of homemade gun designs are approaching the quality of store bought
firearms. My name’s Darren Booth I’m a union carpenter start getting into 3D printing about 2014 and I was downloading different objects from
the internet, printing them out, and I wasn’t really satisfied with the way
they turned out. So I started getting into 3D design. And then that’s when I heard about the Liberator. I like the Liberator, it’s fine, you know
it’s only good for one shot so I thought, well, what can I do to make
it a little better? This is the latest version, the Shuty AP9. I make them out of PLA plastic but they hold
up well. This very gun here has probably had over 5000
rounds shot through it. The digital files that are used to create
guns using milling machines and 3D printers are written and shared online by hobbyist
gun printers. Booth is a regular of the Fosscad group and
the community worked together to make the digital files for the Shuty. But it’s an open community, it’s an open chat,
anybody can go on there and just ask questions. I watched some of these groups begin like
on my own websites when I used to host forums and IRC channels
and things like that. And it’s great like in our earliest days I
imagined that. That would be what victory looked like. There would have to be communities taking
up these projects on their own. It’s an intellectual exercise, it helps you,
you know and just it’s fun to come up with new ideas and exchange information. And this information exchange is at the core
of the home manufactured gun movement. The 3D printed gun was never itself. What we developed, what we shared online was
not the gun but it was the files that could create the
gun. It’s freeware for anybody that wants to build
it hopefully somebody will make it even better. The Shuty requires additional parts made by
third parties but those components can be freely ordered
on the internet from unregulated vendors. Shoot a little low, a little low and to the
left. When the only thing you need to create a gun
at home is a tiny digital file and a trip to the hardware store, gun control becomes impractical. It may also be impossible to outlaw the distribution
of digital files used for handgun production. Wilson argues that an individual’s right to
create and distribute blueprints for a gun is protected by the First Amendment. Sharing that software was a political speech
act and the software itself, because it can be
changed and evaluated and understood by humans, the software itself
is speech. So it’s about fighting about that information not about what the information can become. In 2013 the State Department forced Defense
Distributed to remove the download links to the files
for the Liberator, claiming they violated the International Traffic
in Arms regulations or ITAR. They saw these kids you know online like ‘hey not only no gun control but we’re gonna
destroy the whole concept because the internet’s gonna serve guns.’ They were looking for a way to put their own
power over what we’re doing. And the closest thing they could come up with
at the time was the ITAR. The ITAR is a set of regulations that govern
what kind of military materials can leave the US and go to other countries. The State Department and Justice Department
say sharing this type of information, gun files,
with American citizens on the internet is tantamount to exporting it to foreigners. And this somehow violates a foreign affairs
power of the executive. Joined by the Second Amendment Foundation
and the prominent attorney Alan Gura, Wilson challenged the State Department’s order. In the spring of 2017 they petitioned the
Supreme Court for a temporary injunction that would null the take down order until
their lawsuit was resolved. In January of 2018 the high court declined
to hear the case sending it back to a lower court in Texas
to be argued on the merits. Yeah we’re gonna win our case and it doesn’t
meant that we have to win it in court but, you know, we’ll win in the court of public
opinion. And that doesn’t mean that public opinion
will agree with us. In other words, the tools to build your own
firearms are already in circulation but Wilson is trying to win legal protections
for future innovations in the space. Defense Distributed’s focus on handguns is,
in part, a legal strategy based on the 2008 Supreme
Court case District of Columbia versus Heller that affirmed the right to own a handgun for
self defense. The handgun is at the center of what is protected
in the Heller decision as everything’s understood now. So whereas AR15s may not ever be backed up
by the Supreme Court there’s no way of getting around, right now, the protections that the Supreme Court gave
to the handgun. And so this is the core of the Second Amendment
liberty as it’s currently understood. Now deploy-able, downloadable, manipulable,
you can do it in your garage. And so it’s a kind of temptation, it’s an
invitation to discourse if you will. Automated, off the books firearm technology
is a reality and there’s nothing anyone can do to change

100 thoughts on “The Inevitable Death of Gun Control: Cody Wilson and the Future of Untraceable Homemade Firearms

  1. The Muslim world has whole villages that can reproduce ANY firearm exactly, of very high quality.  They likely have secret gun manufacturing machine shops in their enclaves right here in the US.

  2. The evolution of professor parabellum

    (A guy who posts guides on how to make stem guns and Mac 10s in your garage with sheet metal

  3. I used to work in a correctional facility. Once a prisoner got possession of a live round, they had no problem finding an appropriate size steel water pipe, and finishing up their firearm. If I had the proper equipment, I would be dangerous. Get ANY working firearm, take a micrometer and draw blueprints for each part. Then they could be programmed into a CNC. I applaud this man for his bravery.

  4. In other words, soon no government will be able to actually enforce gun control because people will make their own cheaply and with legal materials…

  5. This isn't enough on it's own. We have to dismantle all government and corporate organizations that will or might seeks to take them in the future. The idiot masses can't be trusted to think for themselves. We have to create permanent solutions so that the minority of real, free-thinking humans can always resist oppression. To hell with the conformist robots and their slave masters!

  6. 2nd amendment: Gun rights shall not be infringed.
    Government: Well maybe just a little bit, you don't need all of them.
    Modern technology: Well we are just going to create guns printed out of home free to everyone
    Government: D:

  7. Well, Congress does seek to ban 80% receivers and Cody's Ghost Gunner (so far) requires an 80% receiver. It needs to be modified to be able to mill an aluminum blank. It would also be nice if it was generic: just as easy to mill an AR15 or AR10 receiver (or G3 or FAL, etc) from a blank as a 1911.

  8. Simple solution for the government, they just ruin the lives of a handful of middle class people and most of the rest of us will fall in line.

    We follow the big rules because were are good people. Don't kill each other. Don't steal.

    The little rules, we follow those because of the possible repercussions. Drivers licenses. Building permits. Paying taxes. Gun laws. Break one of these little rules and your life can be ruined. Your savings will disappear, you can lose your job either because of the criminal charges or because you had to take too much time off to defend yourself.

    They will make the penalties for owning and using a gun so high that the average family man will not be willing to risk it.

    Look at the way it is today. If I sell a gun to my friend in the next state we have to jump through all sorts of federal and state hoops to keep it legal. It is an innocuous transaction from one law abiding citizen to another. If we get found out, we're facing fines and jail time. Hiring a lawyer may suck all the money out of my savings. I could lose my home. I know that I'd lose my job. All for breaking some rules that are supposedly in place to reduce crime but the real criminals are not dissuaded by those rules.

  9. Has there ever been ANY time where after the invention of the gun someone who really wants one will find a way. Illegally obtaining a gun is a crime, legally obtaining one is not.

  10. I love guns and I support 2nd amendment, but for some reason i dont really care about 3d printed firearms. its cool if others want to do it, but to me, meh…..

  11. lived thru the clinton "assault" ban in the 90's and the thing clinton and her buddy feinstein never want to talk about,is while law abiding citizens couldn't buy ARs and such,hood gangbangers were killing each other with FULLY automatic AKs,weirdly the guys selling them illegal drugs had no problem selling them illegal firearms.

  12. This right here is exactly what I am thinking when it comes down to people throwing gun control around. Anyone can make a gun. Criminals will make sufficient amount of in an ample amount of time without people knowing. This is why we need to arm ourselves, but instead they want to take away our guns. still kinda cool with everything going on in the video

  13. I actually really like where this is going. Its not that I want to flood everything with untraceable firearms. Its more that I like the idea of having an ace in the hole against tyrants. We all know that rights can be trampled on over time if enough people allow for it. But something like this…can't be stomped out. Its like a cancer that has metastasized, you can't stop it. People can get a firearm outside of legal channels if they really want to and I think that is an important safeguard to securing the 2nd amendment.

  14. People should know this is not new, creation and fabrication of firearms has always been around. In australia most criminals make their firearms without 3d printers, they literally go to the local hardware store and create firearms through filing and milling. You cant stop criminals from having guns through use of making restrictive gun laws. These laws only harm the law abiding citizen of the US

  15. Michigan has a hand gun registry. I wonder what they have to say about ghost hand guns. There is no number with which to register them.

  16. This is great. Dems will be issuing licenses for owning cnc machines, 3D printers, and soon internet access. No more final frontier, they’re going to continue to dismantle net neutrality until they issue hall passes to get to websites. The paywalls are coming and they’re going to be from your service provider. Now excuse me, I’ve got to pre lube up my rectum before I go to surrender my spring loaded metal ammunition boxes to the allpowerful totalitarian leftist state regime of New Jersey because this year they’ve become unfashionably too long by 1 or 2 rounds.

  17. My math instructor told us about how him and a friend from Nevada built a .22 automatic rifle in his basement to show the Nevada legislature how common machining tools can produce full auto weapons without the government knowing about it.
    This was in the 1990's and it was done without CNC.
    With CNC machines, production can be scaled up dramatically.

  18. The era of controlling the availability of firearms came long before the advent of Cody Wilson (at least 3 or 4 decades ago).

  19. Just a question from a Canadian. If it's liberty and justice for all, I would think equality is implied there, no? So, is part of the American dream that every single person should be walking around with the power of death in their pocket?

  20. The more the government tries to control something, the faster people will find workarounds and alternative solutions.
    Remember the Prohibition era? Yeah, that didn't go so great. Ban alcohol, but then people become so good at making and running moonshine, you may as well just legalize it.
    Control Guns, and people WILL STILL find a way to get guns. If someone can still make it, then it'll end up in the hands of those who want it.

  21. Citizens killed by their own Governments in the 20th Century; 150 million.

    Citizens killed by private citizens; 5 million.

    The only people who shouldn’t have guns is the government. The statistics and history proves it.

    Gun control is just centralised gun ownership. You can’t have free speech without a means of protecting it.

    Gun control violates Individual Rights, specifically; the right to life. Which means the right to protect your life and take what steps you need to ensure that b

  22. Great congress is now going for 3d printers and milling machines what next all personal power tools. When is our government going to under stand that criminals don't give a dam about laws.

  23. Here's the deal. I love you all. This is a battle between good an evil. The end of that battle is upon us. Choose a side. I am ready. I have made my peace with God. I have my guns and my plan. Good luck everyone.

  24. I love how he uses the first amendment to make something protected by the second amendment to protect the first amendment , that’s awesome

  25. Gun control is impractical , impossible, and un constitutional.. everybody should own a firearm.. much less crime when the bad guy knows they will get a fight

  26. So much concern over 3D printed guns. Someone with machine shop tools and basic skills can build a gun from plans available on Amazon.

    Seems like a bunch of noise coming from people who get off of fear mongering.

  27. Cody should have told the gov to fuck off when they brought up ITAR. hes not a military contractor or military hardware designer or anything like that. he should not bend the knee to that shit. bringing military laws down on the common folk who have nothing to do with the military is abuse of power on a whole other level. but hey thats a double edged sword right there. they want to apply international military law to the people of the US. then its fair game for me to call the police military forces and have no power to enforce any laws on the citizens on the country. either way, he should have told them to either "fuck off" and left his plans online. or told the gov to give him a military contract and then he would once he gives his first shipment of weapons to the military. because untill he is a military contractor, he as a private citizen does not apply to military laws. more so because his "liberator" plans are no where NEAR military spec. and can not be put under the umbrella of military hardware.

  28. I can't believe that the Socialists aren't crapping their pants and not demanding that Pelosi and her famous anti-gun friend Schmar pass laws to prevent this from happening.

  29. maybe a little off subject at first glance but, herman mosler said "it is not possible to make a strongbox to keep a thief out…"

  30. My relatives are all Philly leftists who feel guns are evil. They side with any gun control measures. During one of their high and mighty discussions patting one another on the back for being so progressive, I brought up the point this video makes – that 3D printing and milling machines are becoming so cheap and readily available that gun control will not matter. My aunt then countered with “We’ll just have to ban them then too!”

    “The church and governments said the same thing when Gutenberg printed the first bible. Seems their desire to keep the public illiterate and dumb worked out great”

  31. With any luck you'll be killed by a printer gun made by a violent Felon With multiple offenses. And I know you're going to draw somebody that's got the drop on you…

  32. I am a 2nd Amendment supporter but this is retarded now violent felons can get out of jail and make their own guns.. wow stop drinking this Kool-Aid.. do you realize how hard it would be to get rid of the Second Amendment.. it would have to go through Congress the Senate the president and the Supreme Court to change a constitutional amendment.. all four branches of government would have to sign off on that that's not happening in our lifetime and our children's lifetime..

  33. First gun not scary looking I guess its ok , second one way too scary looking Ban , Ban , Ban …………………….☝️😤

  34. An obese person over eating with a spoon. Do we ban the spoons or teach obese people on diet? It’s the same thing with gun control. The problem is not the guns. It’s just that stupid people can civilly disagree.

  35. Most people mistakenly think the right to self defense is somehow rooted in the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution or a 'God given' right. In fact it is perhaps the only modern 'right' that precedes ALL nations, laws, religions, civilizations and indeed humanity itself. It is rooted in the very essence of evolutionary biology and innate in all living creatures.
    Ask not a political scientist but instead go to the wilderness and pick up any rattlesnake or scorpion. See if you can talk one of them into 'disarming' and tell us how it went. Terraton in an yahoo story comment 201

  36. While i supporr and like this, i have a hard time believing these weapons are as good as actual weapons made by the big conpanies.

  37. 3D printed firearms won't stop gun control, 3D printers will just end up being banned as well. Then they'll ban machining tools.

    This won't just stop because we can make one at our own homes, they'll ban the machines used to make them. This won't stop until they've banned all firearms and the things used to make them.

  38. Somewhat scary but I think I agree. There's no way to ban a certain STL file and if they did people would just create a way of corrupting the file in a reversible way then share the corrupted STL file. It would just become this ridiculous game of whack a mole. It seems like guns are here to stay and the laws should reflect that. Lucky that nukes require radioactive material or I'm sure people would eventually 3d print them.

  39. the AR 15 types is a protected weapon due to it is the progenitor of the M-4 as a current issues US Armed Forces weapon. As a member of the unorganized Militia the US Constitution mandates all members be familiar with current issued weapons. While the AR15 is semi auto to step up to full auto takes very little training. This principle comes from a 1905(?) Court case where an individual was told his shotgun was not a military weapon and therefor was not a protected weapon. The Great War / WW! changed that as to the US Army issued shotguns to troops to fight in clearing out trenches. Also in later years both in WW2 and Nam Shotguns were issued and therefor the current weapons be it wheel guns to AR's are protected as valid Military issued weapons. n


  41. if gun violence remains constant or goes down at the same time homemade 3D guns have saturated the market, it would finally disprove Leftists' favorite gun-control myth that "more guns mean more crime and violence!"

  42. He combined the 1st and 2nd amendment. By changing firearms into web code, he got them protected by the 1st amendment. That is a huge legal move.

  43. Love this shit! Like we need way more stuff like this!!! Lets get a universal ghost gunner machine where you just plug in a blueprint in the one side and a block of aluminium on the other side… And anything would be possible. Anything. And to think it would make owning that worth it and you could make MILLIONS OF AMERICAN DOLLARS. or should I say MILLIONS MORE than you already are defense distribuited are you LISTENING? And I have an old school milling machine! I would buy one of these! Like come on dude have like a 1000 different designs pre loaded on a stick and just send it in a modified ghost gunner! It would be so cheap to make so good to buy and you could charge more for it because we could do so much more that 2 gun designs you have now. Like I can out do that better than the ghost gunner. And more kinds of guns than the ghost gunner too! But when the ghost gunner can pick and choose from a thousand different designs… That's your innovation. That's your immortal idea guys. Please steal my idea. Please. PLEASE!!! I want vz61s and Tokarev and Mossberg receivers and m2 right hand side plates and more more more. Please make it a truly universal gun making machine. Please. If anyone out reads this please pass this idea along if you think this would be the best way to go. Please help me spread the idea guys!

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