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The Importance of handgun Training | Gun 101 | Ep 2

if you bought a firearm there’s gonna be
some part of you that cares about protecting other people even if it’s
just yourself. And that same part of you in there somewhere, hass got a care that
somebody might not be trained enough to handle their firearm properly. So why
don’t you get off your A- (Rock Music) what’s up and welcome to guns 101 this
is a video series that’s focused on educating people especially young people
on the importance of being proficient with their firearms respecting them for
what they are and making sure that you are trained as possible before you look
at or touch one. Now I’m here at Ohio Armament which is in Strasburg, Ohio at an indoor gun range, and the people that own this facility were nice
enough to let me come in and shoot here. So, today, we’re going to focus on the importance of training and being proficient with your firearm. One thing to note is that there are different types of ammunition so you might have a
stock clip full of ammunition that’s good for your firearm but it’s not
target rounds you can’t use it. Different gun powder. Different capabilities. And you don’t wanna blast through whatever is in that wall. Dead center. No issues. I took my time. Squeezed the trigger. Second one, I was pull it a little bit faster. Jerking the trigger. And when you’re training with a firearm it’s important to remain
patient and to not just start jerking the trigger, and sending rounds down range. Every single shot you take you to surprise you. You should have a slow
steady squeeze. and again shooting all just comes down to patience. In the center, I kept it it where I wanted it to go. The Second clip, I wanted to aim for the “7”, but I was going faster than I wanted. so again you see it up and down, and it’s off to the left because it keep on jerking The trigger. It’s all about your patience
your proficiency for firearm that’s why it’s important to train so that when you
have to use the weapon, you are capable and confident to do so. I mean if
you haven’t taken the concealed carry course and you own a firearm; are you out
of your mind?! I’m a veteran and I still went through the concealed carry course. I stress and I cannot stress this enough: Education. Discipline. And Training. (Rock Music)

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