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The Homeschooled Kids Who Shoot To Kill | RISE OF THE RADICALS

DERRICK GRACE II: How fast can somebody be a victim of gun violence? KIDS: This fast. DERRICK GRACE II: I bought the Glock 42 maybe
2 years ago – easy to use. This is a pistol grip AK-47. Her name is Brown Sugar. This
is the first gun that I shot that I actually saw the dust come up off the ground as the
bullet travelled. This gun packs a lot of power. And the Uzi. This is a great gun for
children to start with. I know it may not look like it to most of dawgs because they
have a different view point of Uzis. But Derrica has shot this on multiple occasions, piece
of cake. DERRICK GRACE II: Go next. There you go young man. DERRICK GRACE II: I home-school my children.
We are currently working through volume-1 in my Unlearn and Relearn parent-child curriculum.
I’m not a huge fan of these school systems. I think they do a whole lot to dilute the
mental progression of our children. So, I think it’s absolutely necessary that we
take that in our hands. INTERVIEWER: Could you tell us just generally about growing up in Tampa?
DERRICK GRACE II: I was a terrible child. I don’t know how many fights I got caught
setting. I know I broke in at least 20 cars as a child. Never stole anything, I just really
got a rush out of the glass, bricks and glass, it really just made my blood boil. But yeah
I broke in my first house, well literally 20 years ago. I was in third grade – same time I
smoked my first cigarette, my first cigar. INTERVIEWER: Could you just kind of talk us
through why you chose to get facial tattoos? DERRICK GRACE II: I got 33 on my face and
I got one on the side of my head over here. The ABC stands for Adversity Builds Character.
We’re going go to go through it; we’re going to grow through it. INTERVIEWER: Can you tell us about Unlearn
and Relearn? What that is? DERRICK GRACE II: Unlearn and Relearn is
a movement and a series of curriculums that I created. The mantra behind it is us whitewashing
out the traditions and the conditions we’ve been taught to believe. There are so many people
that have absolutely no idea why they do what they do. They just simply do it for the sake
of fitting in a tradition. Today we’re just going to focus on money. We’re going to
talk money, okay? Finances, ownership and things of that nature. INTERVIEWER: Why is Unlearn and Relearn better
than sending your kids to school? DERRICK GRACE II: That’s a great question.
I think Unlearn and Relearn is better than sending them to school. I think a lot of our
biggest downfall is our mental dependence on outside entities for happiness, for love,
for freedom, for things of that nature, so we have been programmed to believe I need
money. So, somebody please give me an opportunity. I need happiness, so somebody please bring
that and be my friend. The biggest thing in Unlearn and Relearn is self will. Understanding
that, you are who you have been looking for and everything you’re looking for is already
within you. You have to find a reason to pull it out. INTERVIEWER: Do you ever wish that you were
at school? DERRICA GRACE: No.
INTERVIEWER: Why not? DERRICA GRACE: Because, I will not like to
be in a class 6 hours a day. INTERVIEWER: Really, why?
DERRICA GRACE: Because 6 hours? Uh-Uh. I am not sitting down in a class
writing so long. DERRICK GRACE II: Quick answer ok? Knock ‘em out and you get.. I give you another four
pieces of candy but you are not going to get it until tomorrow because you are not eating another candy in one day. DERRICK GRACE II: If you lost everything today
what you got tomorrow? DERRICA GRACE: Intellectual property.
DERRICK GRACE II: And what is intellectual property? DERRICA GRACE: They can take your possessions but they can’t take your mind. DERRICK GRACE II: If daddy had an emergency in this house and you needed to save my life what gun would you use? DERRICA GRACE: The Glock 42.
DERRICK GRACE II: Why? DERRICA GRACE: Because it has less strength. INTERVIEWER: Why does the curriculum include guns? DERRICK GRACE II: Because violence can take
place at anywhere in the world at any given moment. But I’m a firm believer if you have
guns in your house and the educated mind is far greater than the wondering mind. So I
think it is very much necessary that you both educate your children on guns and the gun
rules and laws on whatever land you are on. DERRICK GRACE II: Listen Grace how many school shooters we have this year?
DERRICK GRACE III: 45 DERRICK GRACE II: How many random shooters
we had this year? DERRICK GRACE III: 255
DERRICK GRACE II: If people got guns and children in their house they should do what with them?
DERRICK GRACE III: Teach them about them. INTERVIEWER: Are you worried about their safety at all? DERRICK GRACE II: Oh, no, not at all, not at all, they are very, very mature for their
age and when you actually take the mystique out of a gun, kids aren’t that much interested
in it. It’s just like a toy, like they going to play with a toy for a little bit and then they going to be like, ‘Ok. I want a new one.’ DERRICK GRACE II: Oh what if I bought you this? DERRICA GRACE: I am gonna die if you bought me that. DERRICK GRACE II: You’re going to die if I bought you that? DERRICA GRACE: Yes, I’m gonna die, oh look at this Hello Kitty one. DERRICA GRACE: This be easy peasy. DERRICK GRACE II: A lot of shooting takes
place after night or they take place after dark. So essentially what she has to do, she
has to locate her round, I’m sorry her magazine in her weapon, chamber a bullet while answering
questions from my curriculum. 3, 2, 1 go. Who is Huey P Newton?
DERRICA GRACE: An African political activist a revolutionary who along with Bobby Seale
co-founded the Black Panther Party in 1966. DERRICK GRACE II: What do Osama Bin Laden,
Gaddafi and Saddam Hussain all have in common? DERRICA GRACE: They challenged the dollar
bill of the western banks. DERRICK GRACE II: Are you a buyer or a seller?
DERRICA GRACE: Seller. DERRICK GRACE II: Good job. DERRICA GRACE: I started using guns when I
was 3 years old. INTERVIEWER: Were you scared?
DERRICA GRACE: I don’t know, but I wasn’t scared. INTERVIWER: Do the kids have their own guns?
DERRICK GRACE II: Yeah, Derrick, Derrick has his own gun, he has the Uzi, the .22 long
rifle and I’m going to buy Derrica a .22 long rifle as well.
INTERVIEWER: A rifle for a six year old? DERRICK GRACE II: That’s typically how they
say you should start. They say you should start them with rifles cause most handguns
because they are so small and they pack a lot of power and recoil so a lot of children
aren’t strong enough for handguns. DERRICK GRACE II: Now we are gonna work on that, you might not be quite strong enough
for that yet. DERRICK GRACE II: People are doing the most weirdest things, they are shooting up Wal-Mart’s,
they are shooting up movie theatres, eateries, like you could literally just go grab a soda
and get shot. INTERVIEWER: In 2014, you had a shooting incident? DERRICK GRACE II: Yeah. DERRICK GRACE II: Tiffany, which is my youngest
daughter’s mother, I was gonna retrieve her from her mother’s house but I remember her
mother storming down the drive way and her son was there too. He swung one time, I just
leaned out to the left and start firing out the passenger door, shot her, shot her in
the hand and I ended up shooting him in the arm. It is a traumatic experience on both
ends. Especially, when they are 2 feet away from you, you know you smell somebody’s
flesh burning when you see the blood. My situation was self-defence. DERRICK GRACE II: I think it played a huge
part in me not being arrested. INTERIWER: Don’t you think that if guns were illegal less people would be killed to
gun crime? DERRICK GRACE II: No, I agree a 100%. But
I think our country is so deep and far invested into that mentality, it would be impossible
to get guns off the streets. DERRICK GRACE II: Big dawg time c’mon. Other way, other way, flip that clip. There you
go, lock it in. There you go. INTERVIEWER: Is this their way of being protected? DERRICK GRACE II: Absolutely, this, this is
definitely a way of preparing and protecting them. I have full confidence in my six and
nine year old that should an emergency arise, we don’t get out alive, we definitely will
put up a great fight. INTERVIEWER: If someone broke into your house, I mean, would you really want your kids to shoot them?
DERRICK GRACE II: I will absolutely want my kids to take lethal action. No you can’t
violate or force your way into this house at all. I would much rather them have the
peace of mind knowing that you no longer exist than worrying about are you gonna come back or will this happen again. INTERVIEWER: People have made complaints about you. DERRICK GRACE II: Right oh yeah, got a lot of those. When the kids first started demonstrating
with guns on the internet, it’s a part of the sheriff’s office, called ‘Child Protective
Services’, and they came here, and they was like, ‘Oh we got a complaint. Can we come in? Can we look around? Can we interview your children?’ The answer to every question was absolutely
not, you are not coming in, you are not gonna search, you are not gonna interview my children.
We are exercising our second amendment. Have a nice day.

100 thoughts on “The Homeschooled Kids Who Shoot To Kill | RISE OF THE RADICALS

  1. Gun safety! Plain and simple! Every child should know how to. If a family doesn't understand that, then their parents arent doing the right thing. Mom and Dad shouldn't be in the same room a child should. Protection is a must.

  2. He said "Exercising our 2nd Amendment " More blacks need to do the same thing and quit screaming and hollerin about white people and their guns. They need to realize what's going on in America that people are looking to exterminate us,so be prepared. Just sayn.

  3. I love this guy. White people are always saying God an guns. But he’s on another level . You should start your own school campus an teach real like skills. These American schools are lies an corruption all about money never about the kids.

  4. It’s strait up bull crap that middle schools and elementary schools brainwash kids. They have walkouts every year. As if kids who have never touched a gun or seen a gun in their life are forced to do that.

  5. These are the kids that be talking trash on xbox live saying come to my house you finna get lit up and the other player actually gets lit up

  6. The only thing is though you always have to be quick on the trigger because when it comes to kids they seem like they shoot slow so you always have to move fast or get shot dead he should teach them that as well a lot of people disagree with this decision but self-defense is always the answer as long as they don’t become thugs I guess so I agree💯💯

  7. Kids with guns
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    Taking over
    But it won't be long
    They're mesmerized
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  8. I hope one of your baby kids cause I have two babies I hope one of them picks up a gun and they go to shooters of an accident because you’re an idiot you’re pretty carry guns in your old home what do you have kids

  9. This is greatness.  All schools care about is STAAR testing.  Why?  Because the better they do on the STAAR testing, the more money they get.  School is all about money, money, money.  If you think they care about your child, you are gravely mistaken.  They couldn't care less about your child, they care about money and the teachers care about a paycheck.

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