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The H&K P7 (And Why I Carry One)

(gunshots booming) (mechanism clicking) – [Voiceover] The Heckler
& Koch P7 handgun, a gun I talk about quite a lot on TFB TV but I’ve never actually reviewed. So I figure it’s probably time
to get that out of the way. I’ve carried it for about five years and it rides either on my person or in my laptop bag, at all times. The only reason I’m
actually making this video is because so many of
you have requested it. So let’s discuss a few merits of the P7. As you can see here,
it’s got a heel release, so you can’t accidentally bump a button and release the magazine, making it great for concealed carry. The squeeze-cocking mechanism
also releases the slide and the gun cannot be fired unless you deliberately squeeze this. We’ll talk a little bit
about that in a second. To fully field strip the gun, use just press a button,
pull the slide back, and pull it off. Boom, it’s ready for cleaning. The gun functions via an interesting gas-delay blowback system whereby pressure imparted on the piston serves to delay the opening of the action. The mechanism actually draws
the striker to the rear, and like I said, without squeezing it, the gun cannot be fired. P7s also have a fluted
chamber just like an MP5, which aids in extraction. And the barrel is polygonally rifled, something that was popularized, arguably, with the Glock handguns, but HK was actually the first company to polygonally rifle
barrels in small arms. So the squeezing mechanism
serves to cock the gun. It is not a safety, but
it kind of doubles as one. There are documented instances of criminals getting the gun
away from law enforcement and then being unable to fire it, not knowing how to operate it. The guns were also expensive. HK actually had to
release this advertisement justifying why they were
expensive at the time. Polygonally rifled
barrels, fluted chambers, and the complex squeeze-cocking mechanism all made for a pretty
expensive firearm in the ’80s. I’m a firm believer that
a concealed-carry handgun should not be a tiny little mouse gun. It should be big enough to fight with but small enough to conceal. As you can see here, it fits quite nicely into a laptop bag, because of
its relatively slim profile. The profile also allows it to be carried in the small of my back relatively easily with
this pancake holster. I think it’s a Comp-Tac, although I’m not a hundred percent sure. I bought it, like, four years ago. So I’m a relatively thin man, I’m about 6’4″ and 170 pounds. And as you can see I can conceal the P7 in the small of my back
in this holster very well. It doesn’t print too much, except when I bend over, ah, quite a bit, you can see a bit of a lump, but it’s not something that
anybody would recognize. I can also draw it, cock it, and get the gun into a fight
very quickly if I had to. Although, to be honest, I never had to with this firearm, and I’m very thankful for that. So for me, it’s sized
right and conceals well, though let’s see how it shoots. (gunshots booming) The fixed barrel of the P7 lends itself to pretty good accuracy. It points very naturally and
the grip angle is quite nice. It’s very steep, but if you
shoot something like a Glock or you’re used to a Luger for some reason, you might find that the P7
actually fits you quite well. (gunshots booming) (mechanism clicking) About once a month, I
like to take the gun out with a couple boxes of ammo and just really try and practice with it, by going from low ready,
going up onto a silhouette, and trying to put all eight rounds from the magazine on target. The reason I do not draw from a holster when I’m by myself is because that’s the most likely way
you’re going to injure yourself, and if you’re like me and you shoot out in
the middle of nowhere, and you accidentally shot yourself, you’re going to bleed out and die. Be very conscious of this, and if you’re going to
draw from a holster, do it on a public range where it’s allowed and there’s someone trained to accommodate the worst situation. (gunshots booming) So after five years I’ve just found that the P7 works for me. It’s extremely reliable, it
has never jammed or failed. It fits my hand well. It’s large enough to fight with and small enough for me to conceal. I don’t like the idea of changing up a gun that I trust my life to
every couple of months. That just seems foolish to me. However, if that’s something you do, then, it’s your life and you
can do whatever you want. I’m just happy that I’ve
found a gun that I like, I shoot well with, and I
see no reason to deviate. Big thanks to Ventura Munitions for helping us out with the cost of ammo and a special thank you
to you for watching. We hope to see you next time.

100 thoughts on “The H&K P7 (And Why I Carry One)

  1. You make great videos, a soothing voice, calm cool and collected. But carrying a pistol in the small of your back is probably the biggest mistake you can make in concealed carry. Your just inviting someone to take that pistol away from you. Just my opinion, you be the judge. Thank you

  2. During the 80s, we had a TV show called Wiseguy. In season 2, they introduced the gun through an undercover CIA agent. I wouldn't say it made the H&K pistol famous, but did blip on mainstream radar for a moment. Some would say it was the greatest and most thought out season of the show.

  3. does anyone else get the notion that Alex is a bit of a tool who can't put his bias towards HK into proper perspective when talking about firearms objectively? The P7 is not a success story. Not to say that its a horrible gun…its just that there are so many other designs out there that are objectively better. If you want to carry one because you're a hipster and want to be different and unique…cool…just don't try to justify it like you just discovered bit coin and its 2009.

  4. Love the P7 series and own a few different versions. I used to carry my P7M8 and P7M13 as my main ccw but living in an anti-gun city (Chicago) If God forbid I ever have to defend my life I would probably never see it again even after the shooting is legally justified.I know of two different people this has happened to and they just didnt think the gun was worth getting a lawyer for. I now carry easier to replace firearms for ccw. Lately a Glock 22 or Walther PPQ.

  5. I can understand your use of the P7. But SOB carry is quite unsafe as falling on your back runs a high risk of damaging your back.

  6. Outstanding gun, ahead of its time. However one bad thing that is it heats up rather quick. After about 30 rounds one could fry an egg on it.

  7. The only complaint I ever had with mine and the reason I ended up selling it was the heat on the trigger finger after long firing strings. Mine was one of the first ones and it would get some kinda hot after a few mags. Awesome weapon though and I do regret selling it now. Good video.

  8. Haaaaaans!! Yeah Hans can keep that piece of shit.. Ill take McClains Beretta 92fs any day over that overpriced and overrated German garbage!

  9. Ok, but nowadays there are a plethora of better options out there. Also, if you have some training and know what you're doing you're not going to shoot yourself. You should practice drawing from concealment, and no offense, it kinda looks like you need to.

  10. Someone needs to resurrect this design for current production or modernize it with a higher capacity a la P7M13. Such a beautiful design.

  11. The P7 can also fire if you are holding the trigger back and then squeeze the cocking lever, if you did not know that, it could be a problem.

  12. You present this gun in a way that makes it look much better than it really is. It's not a good gun, especially to today's standards.

  13. German Police is about to replace 60.000 HK P7M8 with the HK SFP9 TR (VP9). All of those beautiful P7s are going to be destroyed :,(

  14. Seriously, you have one of the best audio voices I've ever heard, if you ever did longer videos like a firearms podcast, I think it would be very successful.

  15. Take my advice…learn to shoot with your weak hand. It could save your ass one day. Every time you go to the range you should shoot at least a mag or two with your other hand. Start with a J-frame revolver at point blank range and go from there. Stay safe, bro!

  16. Truly one of the most advanced designs in handgun history. Amazing weapon. I have longed to own one since first seeing and handling one in 1987. Unfortunately I was not 21 and unable to purchase it. I wish H&K would be smart and re-release this weapon. I think it would be accepted by today's prices.
    You are lucky to own one.

  17. To me it looks like the squeeze-cocking mechanism makes the you fire less accurate especially one handed. When you squeeze the grip it seems like your hand starts to shake.

  18. I am a bavarian police officer and this is my service weapon. i am pretty sure that you shoot a lot better than me. But seeing you handle a pistole like this makes me feel kinda uncomfortable. I was only trained on that pistol for two and a half years, but please draw that weapon just straight to your body and pull that trigger just by the top of your index finger. 😀 helped me a lot to be a more consistent shooter. 🙂 I wish you all the best and I really enjoy your vidoes. Keep up the great work. Cheers from Oktoberfest country. 😛

  19. I really think HK could bring a modernized and simpler version of this gun back. Get rid of the squeeze cocker mechanism and chamber fluting and switch to polymer for the grip with a larger steel insert than on most polymer guns.

  20. Thanks for the video. For me this pistol seems a bit outdated for my edc. Just my dumb opinion. That being said. I would love to have one for my collection. Very cool pistol!

  21. It's very nice indeed but a decent one is going on 3 grand these days, and you have to be mindful not to get an M model which cuts selection in half or worse 🙁

  22. Thanks for the video review! I am a longtime P7 owner and carried it for a time as my EDC, but the increasing cost and scarcity of this pistol made me reconsider and change to a less expensive, current production gun. I am thankful I never had to use my P7 in a critical defense situation, and I completely agree with you about the ergonomics and ease of use, but if the unthinkable DID occur, the reality is that the pistol might be confiscated or 'lost' due to ther legal nightmare that follows a self defense shooting. My particular P7 has been hard chromed for corrosion resistance and with aftermarket prices now at the $2500+ range, my P7 is now just a safe queen and occasional range gun. Keep up the excellent videos!!

  23. Bought one in 1986. With less 50 rounds through it the squeeze cocker became mushy, then mushier until I could no longer sqeeze it back. I got rid of it fast. Junkers as far as im concerned

  24. Great review! But I wonder why does everybody say "Trust my life", "Trust my life"? Is it 1% chance of getting back home without being shot? You're not in Syrian ISIS zone, or in some kind of a persistent conflict. Most of people don't even know what a firefight or a combat is. Why do you need all this pathos? By the way, in Soviet Russia pistol does not protect you – you protect the pistol.

  25. попробывать быбляць насколько тугой рычаг там и не мешает ли прицеливанию а то пиздос как нравитца пушка да ещё и разбирается легко ёптиц

  26. So why is this better than a grip safety? Why is it more effective than a safety trigger? Why is it more expensive than a high end 1911?

    It's not, it's not, and I'd rather carry a g19…

  27. Is that me or I barely see this within any video game ? Kind of strange considering this is one of these guns with that " boutique appeal ".

  28. I wouldn’t carry it because if you had to use it it would be taken as evidence and who knows if you’d get it back

  29. I love my P7 M8! I have the M13 as well but it's too big for my hand so the husband has it now. I like the mag release better on the M8 as I can drop the mag with my firing hand while reaching for another with the free one (plus it's and ambidextrous release)

  30. If you don't trust yourself to draw on a private range you probly shouldn't draw in public under stress… When drawing a handgun from an OWB holster at 3 oclock there is really no possibility of flagging yourself. I practice that as well as appendix, either way if you use common sense and discretion, drawing isn't dangerous. Practice makes perfect.

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