The Headless Horseman | Stream Sniping with “Legit” Anti-Aim

What? Hardle- umm, Headless is spinning, isn’t he? *speaking to his chat* Where the hell is he at? What the fudge?! *when u suck but she still nuttin* Bruh, he has anti-aim, he has 100% anti-aim, [someone] watch my stream! I hit him
(he didn’t) Bro, he- watch it (5x) Bro, he’s gonna- he’s gonna toggle! Watch it! He’s gonna hella toggle! OH MY GOOOOOD Oh my god, bro… This kid toggled hella hard… This kid has the best config in the world. Like, his hacks are at least worth 50 bucks, man. Not that many Overwatch people anymore… Not gonna lie. bruh_moment.mp3 You trippin’ balls! Are you tellin’ me? ARE YOU TELLIN’ ME… OK, stream… Nah bruh, I was legit sittin’ there, at a constant 5 minutes shooting at him. His body was wide open. Yeah, his head peeks, but you can’t get a single shot on him. This man’s chill, look at- look at him! [severe autism attack] Both knife him at the same time, c’mere! Alright, on “go” “3”
[teammate: 3, 2, 1, go *knifes*]
“2” Well then. That was… uneventful! 9/11 question mark? This guy’s spinning… I’m also pretty sure this guy is cheating ‘cuz I was shooting him in the head.. [silence] Wait… [more silence] You can’t shoot him in the head. OK, and this kid’s… cheating. I’m leaving, [stuttering] don’t leave. Imagine being this bad at the game. I literally can’t even, like… How did you hit that, okay, watch this I dunno, you can’t even shoot his arm, so… Yeah, that flash is gonna REALLY work! Imagine being like, this ⬆️ gay 🌈 that you cheat in a free game. They’re both cheating. OMEGALUL [very good royalty free ukelele copyright bypass] [nice config] [you sellin’?] [bruh] [there we go 🔫] Nice shot! OMEGALUL *GASP* HOLY- you’re amazing! bonus👏clip👏 What the fuck? You- Do you hack? “Nah, I’m global” :^)
[Subs by Colin🦈, fixed by ya boy brewtahlay]

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