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The Great Gun Debate [RAP NEWS 18]

(Ice T) The United States is based on guns. Like KRS says, ‘you’ll never have justice on stolen land.’ Rap News is back, welcome to the show today. I’m proud to say we’ve just had a studio upgrade by demand this episode is devoted to the heightened debate which has bitterly divided the United States in the wake of a slew of horrific mass-shootings, from the Aurora Theatre to Sandy Hook school and while some want government to stop the bloodshed others want arms to prevent government coming for them Is there an answer to this impasse? We consult expert guests from opposing factions on your left Terrence Moonseed back as a representative of the Black… Pandas…. – Robert, as you know, I’ve ascended beyond judgments I preach peace, compassion and abundance the only bullets we ought to be firing
are the seeds of love and oneness – I err… agree;
but why ban guns, what’s your logic? – Ban them, are you kidding?
The 2nd amendment is a sacred law! – But aren’t guns…
– guns aren’t evil; people are. – Statistics suggest…
– …that gun crimes and massacres only happen where people don’t have access to semi-automatic weapons! And we were given this precious right to bear arms, not for hunting bears but to protect us, you know who from? – From Native Americans who were defending
their land from colonists? – …no, Robert, from our own freakin’ government! History states that when a tyrannical dictator tries to take power they take the peoples’ guns… look at Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, Castro, Pol-Pot, Howard, Hans Blix and Chavez George the 3rd… in fact, is that a Brit accent? – I’m not…
– 1776 will commence at once if you reptilian Red Coats try to take our guns! – Ok, let’s hear from General Baxter; it’s the first time we’ve had you both in the studio, together – Bob, frankly I’m shocked by what’s happening this loss of valuable American lives is a tragedy 11,000 gun murders a year? Can it be? Truly, we need to stop this insanity… – What do you suggest?
– Disarm the citizenry leave guns to the criminals:
like us, in the military. Prohibition is the key; we need a War on Guns. It’ll work great, like our War on Drugs. – Want my gun? You can pry it from my cold dead hands! – Fine!
– Ahh… wait General, please. I understand – Your respect for the 2nd Amendment. that’s clear but how can you prevent events like the Aurora Theatre? – By kickin’ the door, waving the M4 when Terrence shootin’ shooters ain’t shooting no more – Heh! you call that a gun? You been taking your meds? me and the Feds will go Waco on you, David Koresh – And the school shooting?
– Bob, that incident in Connecticut was a deliberate orchestrated fake, a false flag set up with intent to take our weapons and leave us defenseless and bury us in plastic coffins behind FEMA camp fences cos’ The N-W-O globalists are blatant they’re waiting to take the United States
and depopulate it, create a dictatorship. And me and this gun
are the only ones standing in the way of it. – General?
– Look, if the slaves want guns, let em be! Our supremacy doesn’t depend on weaponry with schools, media, money and meds, we control every aspect of your lives through ideological hegemony. But if you think you need guns to stop tyranny, then whatch’a waiting for, we’ve already stripped you of your liberty, privacy, civil rights and dignity… You want some more? – Die you globalist scum
– Draw! Well, I guess that sums it up And brings us straight to the end of our report on Guns in the Divided States of America Certainly it’s not our place to pass judgment But let us end with a question and a last comment: If your passion for the 2nd amendment were matched by that for the 1st and an independent honest media and a free internet were prevalent today wouldn’t tyranny always be prevented and held at bay? If it’s in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins, so, it follows that the first and best line of defence lies in being heavily armed, not with guns, but with the truth. Stay safe, everyone.

100 thoughts on “The Great Gun Debate [RAP NEWS 18]

  1. first and best line of defence
    last line 4:06 rhyme "intelligence" not truth, if i was producer
    intelligence up but lyrical flow not as good as previous ones
    keep it up juice media though
    bigup rap news everytime

    knowledge is freedom

  2. "Look if the slaves want to have guns, let 'em be. Our Supremacy does not depend on weaponry with schools, media, money and meds, we control every aspect of your lives through ideological hegemony. But if you think you need guns to stop tyranny, then what'a waiting for, we've already stripped you of your liberty, privacy, civil rights and dignity."

    The best damn line in the whole song, makes a better case for why those idiots clinging to their guns already have lost and they don't even know it

  3. But, how can there be tyranny if we can't decide on anything? Congress couldn't decide on who could be the tyrant.

  4. the second amendment does not give people the right to own guns. its gives people the right to bear arms to sustain well regulated militia. no where in the document does it say joe can have a gun for personal defenses.

  5. Look at Germany. After the second worldwar we had very strict gunlaws and we had actually no problems with shooting sprees. as you know we are tired of war…

  6. They don't need to be banned, just far better regulated in the US. Even countries with gun cultures regulate guns far more than the US.

  7. 😀 silly Philip, you just opened your self up to so many legitimate counter points with that fake equivalence fallacy. Now think a little bit, given the nature of cars as oppose to guns. I'll give you a chance to remove this ignorant comment and replace it with something else you can defend, likes knifes or something. You'll still be wrong, but it'll be more of a challenge for me to deconstruct.

  8. Nope. Militias are formed by the people themselves. How are the people supposed to form a militia when they're already disarmed? Hence the Supreme Court ruling of a century ago.

    Not to mention the fact that we have quotation after quotation of the founders saying that a free citizenry should be armed. They didn't want to make it mandatory to own a gun, as that would be just as tyrannical as taking all guns away, but they did want all people to be armed for protection.

  9. What the fuck? What has Obama done to restrict guns? Since when are right wing dipshits watching rap news? Obama may be a murdering psychopath but what the fuck are you talking about?

  10. The problem with the second amendment was that it was politically hijacked early on, they wanted to protect the states right to militias so as not to be over run by England style tyranny and so that dissenting states would agree to the amendments. Originally they just wanted to protect the right for citizens to keep their guns for hunting and legitimate uses. Rather than having two clearly defined amendments they now have one poorly written one.

  11. I like this one, its too easy. Cars are heavily regulated, from their design, usage and licensing. With cars their social benefit is weighed against the negative outcomes and every action is taken to attempt to make them less lethal. So you want to apply the same scrutiny to guns?

  12. That's not the problem; the problem is that so many are uneducated as to what it means today. Studies show that only a small minority of high school students even understand US history.

    Google: "How just 13% of America's high school students know their U.S. history"

    I would assume the numbers are similar regarding critical thinking and extends past the collegiate level. Our education system is trash.

  13. The second amendment as it was written and even currently functions was a product of the political context in the past. Its both pro and anti-gun activists that are not so good with history. At the college level, there are huge disparities in the US system, ranging from world leading to a literal joke.

  14. You're partially wrong and partially right. War mongers want to turn everyone into soldiers and give them guns. AKA African warlords giving AK's to kids, but at the same time it helps them if the innocent people they are slaughtering don't have guns.

  15. I dont think guns should be banned just ar15 and other semi auto assault weapons and large magazines. For home defense all u need is a good handgun.

  16. Wake up you sheepeople, your government is eating at the core of your nations heart. Stand together Americans, don't cooperate with your "government" anymore!

  17. We had guns in Australia once then we had 1 mass shooting and they were banned. You only have a gun if your a hunter (a shotgun or single shot rifle and they are are hard to get and take months to get one as well as full background check and such) Or if your a policeman and they don't use them very often. Australia has never had a mass shooting since…….

  18. This seems to imply that since we already have other right taken away, we shouldn't really worry about owning guns.

    Knowledge is worthless if you have no means by which to act on it. The Jews knew they were being stomped out, but they had no means with which to stop it.

    In other words, the right to bear arms is the People's Teeth and a last resort. 

    Jefferson said that the beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that it will never be needed until they try to take it away.

    Guess what?

  19. Thats the problem…. we are allready past first line in the sand……. people think Ameicans are pussies…. well about 90% are…. but that still leaves 30,000,000 ready to EMP the fuck out of America if they think we will be slaves again.

  20. Guess what?
    After Australians had gun laws in place, very few gun murders have happened, and our crime rates have gone down massively

  21. please keep the great and honorable, mr Hugo Chavez may he rest in peace. he was no dictator he was a man of the people a hero     

  22. I don't think America should ban guns entirely but they should make laws that make it harder for people to get them. And they should also get rid of the fucking NRA.

  23.  After seeing all these things happen in the world and talking and debating on them and searching and looking up info and not judging anyone by anything, and learning Us history and other nations history I have learned that this planet will and always will be "A lost hope" the end of this world will happen by human hands and as long as there are two sides, Two sides lets get in to that for a minute, How do you know what side your on?? People in the us are either Democrat or Republican, so im going to use this a an example, how do you know what side your on? Maybe your we shaped by your surroundings or even more likely your parents were either Democrat or republican and and there judgement rubbed of on to you. What I'm saying is as long as there are 2 sides this world will be lost. I am a Democrat in the US, I dont judge Republicans or anyone else, I disagree with them yes but who is right, I am sorry I keep going off course to what I start saying but theres a lot to say really. So I'll end it here with this,      Stop what your doing, Listen to no one, Question everything, Work at everything you do as hard as you can, Think about what you do and dont forget it,       People are unpredictable,  Dont always enjoy your life, Live it

  24. It's absolutely true that we need a well educated population. We need to be well armed with knowledge as a first line of defense. But that does not remove the need of the second amendment or the need for a well armed population. The 2nd amendment is the LAST LINE of defense. You need a first and last plan of defense. Why leave the last line of defense to improvisation? 

  25. How about we take a look at Switzerland? Almost every man gets military training and a gun. What is their crime rate? Lowest in the world. So what I propose, if you get guns, you take military training, so people are informed on how to use their self defense.  

  26. Subbed, guns suck and all. However people can now make guns with 3D printers that are undetectable by metal detectors.

    I learned about this from Fox, supposedly the blue prints were made in Japan or something.

  27. All a gun is is an object last time I checked people made objects what's to stop criminals front forming underground workshops to make guns and to that end should we ban all books about the construction of guns there are already instances of criminals making guns I would also present the fact that one of the simplest examples of automatic weapons the open bolt smg wich is easily made with hand tools so instead of criminals having semiautomatic weapons wich are easily obtained in the U.S. They could jus make a more dangerous one in closing if a criminal is already breaking a law should they care if they brake one more

  28. More guns that r not register and illegal r used in crime compared to legaly Owned weapon's+weapon is a tool used with a purpose to protect or to put food on your plate after all a fork is a fork till you pop someone's eye out I'm British and belive a man's Castle is we're he shouldn't have to feel or find his or own family endanger from prosecution when defending said castle.
    All so judging bye event's of late having tool's might be bloody good reason protecting 2 amendment.evil reigns when good men sit on there arss playing on Xbox lol.

  29. Guns can not stop the government because the government is far more powerful, so that argument is mute. In countries that have less guns, there is less violent crime. The US shouldn't get rid of guns at first though, because there are already so many guns in the public that "bad guys" being the only people with guns would be a legitimate problem. Instead they should enact stricter regulations.

    Also governments are not inherently evil, they are just like any other organization, except that they force us to join them from birth (which i admit is immoral). The problem is not spreading the power evenly enough.

  30. you GUYS are awesome very funny and informative the viewership on you tube seems very low cause you would have been a way bigger hit on tv . Hope to see more projects.Thanks

  31. The second amendment was made in a time where automatic weapons either did not exist or were large, unconcealable weapons like the Gatling or Maxim guns. You couldn't conduct a school shooting with one of those, at least not easily. Either you shoot one person at a time and have a massive reload time, or carry in a massive mounted weapon. These days, you can hide something like a Glock machine pistol and kill 20 people in 20 seconds.

  32. If youtube has taught me anything it is that people will always have a gun. Hell have you seen a super nailgun? Can destroy anything while being surprisingly precise.

  33. Guns don't kill people, except by accident, and lethal gun accidents are an order of magnitude more than intentional homicides. Which don't require guns.

  34. The real "Gun Agenda" of Both Parties Inc. in the USA since 1776:
    1.) Heavily arm (and indoctrinate) the most credulous and manipulable to serve as mercenaries of the Capitalist Class.
    2.) Disarm everybody else…unless and until the Capitalist Class needs more mercenaries/bullet-sponges.

  35. Am armed population is the only defense from absolute tyranny. That is why is the 2nd amendment. 2nd only to freedom of speech. Both are under attack.

  36. The TRUTH? We've been bombing the shit out of the Middle East and Africa for seventeen years based on a pack of lies.
    I'm afraid Australia wouldn't know the TRUTH if it jumped up and bit them on the arse.
    Martin Bryant is still in Risdon Prison without Trial after apparently outperforming the best Commandos & SAS personnel that we've got in the country. – Ted Serong Australian Counter Terrorism Commander

  37. A 'well armed militia' second amendment states, during a time Usa had no police force, and a rag tag army.To protect itself from an enemy that never posed a threat, Britian never posed a threat again, slaves never revolted en mass, the biggest homicide rates in fact resulted from their own citizens. A redundant law for centuries now.

  38. You forgot about the real anti gun narrative which includes international terrorism and gang crime. It's not merely just about the Divided States but also about it's neighbours

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