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The Glock 45 is the BEST 9mm Pistol EVER!!!! | An Epic Review

This is a Glock 45 and it is chambered in 45 ACP. What? That’s a stupid fucking name then. The Glock 45 is chambered in 9 millimeter, apparently. It has a Glock 19 slide and a Glock 17 frame. Man, I sure do love it when different sized things come together. But not that not — how’s that even possible? The barrel on the Glock 45 is Crap I don’t know how long this barrel is. Let’s measure it Dammit, where’s my measuring tape? I mean No. I saw it earlier. Do you know where the measuring tape is? You know, sometimes when I’m in a rush and I really need to measure something fast, I will use little Bob. Because I always have my penis with me and I know it is exactly 2 inches long. What’s up, ladies? so yep 1 2 So it’s exactly two little Bobs. So it’s a four inch barrel. The Glock 45 has all of her traditional features found on a Gen 5 Glock. We have an ambidextrous slide release. The magazine release is reversible for both right and left-handed shooters. And for years, Glock has been putting finger grooves on the front strap and for years gun owners, Like myself, have been cutting them off. Personally, I’ve always felt like the finger grooves prevented me from getting a good grip on the firearm and for all you Tactical ninjas out there, the Glock 45 includes a trigger guard undercut to help you get a slightly higher grip on the firearm. They also included front slide serrations for all of those super cool tactical situations. My name is Tactical Steve. Scenario — a group of al-qaeda Soldiers has engaged convoy at that damn Ridgeline. We’re gonna exfil the vehicle We’re gonna crawl through the backseat Why you may ask? Because I have watched all three John Wick videos Well, I know what the f*** I’m doing I’m gonna hang down like this to survey the area. But before we engage the enemy, we’re just gonna press check our gun and make sure it’s loaded. Yep. We’re just gonna set that gun down right there. Don’t worry about this it took out one of our Navy Seal. We’re gonna do a ninja flip out of the car, just like this. We’re gonna grab the gun and then we’re gonna engage that enemy. Whoo! Again, my name is Tactical Steve. Join me next week as I show you how to escape a Pakistani sex camp with nothing more than duct tape, a pencil, and a picture of Nancy Pelosi. I’ll see you next week. Frontside serrations look really cool, and they allow you to do cool guys like press checks. Let’s head out to the range and see how the Glock 45 shoots. We’re here at Fish Hawk Sporting Clays. We’ve got the Glock 45. Let’s do some shooting. The G45 was a blast to shoot. The large Glock 17 frame made it really perfect at reducing felt recoil. Now, the G45 comes standard with an extended slide release. Normally, that’s something you have to purchase extra and add-on. But the extended slide release makes it really simple to lock the slide of the rear and to release it with ease. Now, one thing I don’t like about this gun is I do not like the flat magazine release. So, if this was my pistol, I would definitely purchase a Viking tactics extended magazine release to kind of improve that feature. Now, the Glock 45 was developed because of the massive success of the Glock 19X. Law enforcement officers really loved the short slide and they loved this 17 round magazine capacity. I’m sure somewhere, some anti Gunners mind just exploded. 17 rounds? Law enforcement officers also really loved the shorter slide. Which makes it easier to get in and out of their vehicles. Now, I think the Glock 45 is perfect for home defense, having fun at the range, or a duty gun. However, I don’t think it’s a very good concealed carry gun. The reason I say this — is during the filming of this video, I carried the Glock 45 to Disney Springs, just to kind of get a feel for what it felt like. After about an hour, somebody noticed my firearm and I was approached by three police officers and the head of security for Disney and I was aggressively forced off the property. You’ll never take me alive, Copper. Thankfully, the police allowed me to leave the property. However, I’ve heard a lot of stories of people that were just not that lucky. Now, a big thank you to Jason for allowing me to borrow the Glock 45. I know that you haven’t even shot the gun yet. So I broke it in for you, It’s good to go. If you like this video, you’re gonna love my video about the Glock 43 X. So make sure you watch it right there and until next time, stay dangerous.

26 thoughts on “The Glock 45 is the BEST 9mm Pistol EVER!!!! | An Epic Review

  1. Dude I’ve been drinking a some beers tonight and little bob was definitely a wtf moment and I spit some beer out. The videos are getting more and more entertaining πŸ‘ and screw Angie Pelosi.

  2. I add Slide lock to my Glocks. πŸ‘. I also put Tango Down Inc mag releases on my pistols too. Larry Vickers designed & R-Ded these Glock parts.

  3. I bought my Glock 45……. 3 months ago and it's a Great Shooter….. It's become My Favorite Glock …….. I have shot 500 rounds of Blazer Brass with No Malfunctions

  4. Hold on, so carrying a weapons concealed is allowed, but if someone happens to see something that remotely resembles a gun or whatever you are immeadeatly forced out of that place for what reason exactly????

  5. Hey G Man!! I was waiting on a new video. Man that part with Little Bob had me LMAO πŸ˜…!! Funny as hell. Regarding Disney Springs:. How did someone notice that you were armed? Were you printing?? I have heard that they have special trained dogs that alerts officers when someone is armed, must be a certain smell of powder, oils or cleaning agents on guns that they detects. I have never been to Disney Springs. I don't think they metal detector people, but I understand their security team is first rate at spotting CWP folks.

  6. First time watching one of your videos, it was hilarious! I just purchased the G45 as my first handgun. I put on Trijicon HD XR and TLR-7 Streamlight and I couldn't be happier

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