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The future of gun bills in the Virginia General Assembly

17 thoughts on “The future of gun bills in the Virginia General Assembly

  1. Lieing commies we will not give up our God given right to self defense from a tyrannical government we will not comply with unconstitutional laws

  2. The MSM continues its pro left/liberal agenda. The actual statistics on the attendance at yesterday's pro-2A rally are not finalized, but the last non-MSM count I heard was 100,000 citizens. Still, the Demonrats will pursue their agenda. They give a little now, to take a lot later.

  3. They just won't learn! Total disrespect for the Constitution. I'm sure they know that nothing good can come from this overreach. We can now clearly see that they have settled on the side of tyranny. The people showed up in mass and put forth their voices with the support of even more around the country watching. I guess we will see what happens now that the sleeping giant has been jarred out of it's slumber. Democrats suck BIGTIME!

  4. No matter if the Crony Commie Dems have 100% of the Reps! Rule of law prevents u from voting on human natural rights codified in the Bill of Rights & those rights are from GOD! We live in a Republic not mob rules the founders made that clear! If u don't know that GTFO of our Country! If they want to start a war where they all get hung 4 treason this is how u do it! 1776 all over!

  5. Abolish all gun laws. Orthodox Jews support gun rights. All gun law are unconstitutional, unamerican, and tyranny. Nazis, soviets, etc disarmed people so they could use tyranny to murder and control people. Owning weapons is a natural human right, because self defense is part of our right to life. Gun laws are unconstitutional and unAmerican, enough is enough, a majority of democrats do not support these laws. I'm so sick of progressive minority controlling democrat politicians, democrats are going to lose all the liberals to the Republican Party. The loudest but small minority of progressives have controlled the democrat party for too long. At my synagogue and among democrats I know, almost all are liberals and are considering leaving the democrat party over this. Enough is enough, gun laws are tyranny plain and simple. Liberals do not support this nonsense. Stop letting progressive minority control the narrative, I'm fed up. This is why there is no choice but for liberals to vote republican, the democrat party is unrecognizable

  6. We can always have a civil war and removed this democratic government out of office.

    You think the United States government with 3.3 million personnel with a total of 27 million Firearms can hold up against 32 million United States citizens with over 400 million firearms I'm down are you

  7. They want to cause a civil war it's going to be more than just Virginia in this fight you are surrounded by states that are very extremely heavily armed.

  8. The rally will have no effect. It was a circlejerk of gun enthusiast standing around shaking their fists at the sky. Antifa didn't show not because they are "afraid" but because they were called off by their masters since they don't actually consider the gun advocates to be a threat to the state (unlike the C-Ville marchers).

    They are not afraid of you, and will continue to pass gun control while you screech impotently and wait for NRA to maybe file a lawsuit or 2. Sorry to break it to you people in this harsh manner but people need to take the patriot glasses off for a moment…

  9. What really happened in VA? Nothing. Elections have consequences. The Democrats will still pass the common sense gun laws mandated by the people. All you white Nationalists did was spread fear and bigotry which will result in more support for gun laws. We Social Progressives are becoming the majority …. and you red nicks will soon learn the difference between a Republic and a Democracy.

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