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The FN Model 1922 Pistol

(gun firing) – [Narrator] The FN Model 1910 and its variants were made
for almost 75 years, which is an impressive
feat for any firearm. This is an FN Model 1922,
which is a 1910 basically, with a longer barrel
and grip to accommodate a nine-round magazine instead of seven. These two changes led to
greater combat effectiveness at the cost of concealability, but use as a military handgun often makes the need for
concealment unnecessary. This is a .32 ACP version that has some interesting history to
it, but, being as how these never attained the fame
of guns like the Walther PP, have never climbed as high in price. However, I suppose that isn’t a bad thing, as you can easily find one
like this for about $400. The guns were designed by John Browning, and made in Belgium, and saw
service in both World Wars. But, let’s take a look
at a few of its features. First and foremost, the gun does have a heel magazine release,
and a 1911-like grip safety. How very Browning. The trigger is single action only, and is actually quite crisp as well, especially for a wartime
production military pistol. The safety switch also
reminds me of a 1911’s. This gun also has German markings on it, as the Belgians were
forced to make firearms for the Nazis under occupation, and it is my understanding that most of these went to the Luftwaffe. The sights are a very simple
notch and post arrangement, but, I suppose what’s important
is how’s this thing shoot? (gun firing) The answer to that is,
of course, quite good. It works like a Browning design ought to, but it is a bit snappier than other .32s. Perhaps the recoil spring is a bit tired. (gun firing) The .32 shot in this video is provided by Ventura Munitions, and
it worked extremely well. It always brings a smile to my face when I can bring out a gun that was designed 100 years ago, made 75 years ago, and have it shoot as well
as any modern .32 out there. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video, and as always, we hope
to see you next time. (gun firing)

100 thoughts on “The FN Model 1922 Pistol

  1. This one is one of the best pistol ever made. (M1910 is my favorite) a 380 1910 model i will take everyday over a glock,1911 or a beretta.

  2. Ok gun people I have a question, during the movie Schindlers list a nazi attempt to execute someone only for their gun to jam he then pulls a second pistol that also jams, can anyone tell me what the second one is (I think it's the gun in this video)

  3. Well interestingly…the 1910 or the 1922 was seen in the hands of Japanese Policeman patroling either the streets of Tokyo or Seoul back in the 1930s. Mostly due to the fact that Japanese even produced the 1910s under license and were of a high quality pistols. And thanks to those two reasons combined, many actually ended up in the hands of Korean Freedom fighters working undercover – due to its rounded contours that made it easy to conceal. Thank you Alex, Patrick, and many more who dedicate themselves to this channel!

    Jack the Korean History/Gun nut.

  4. Really great looking pistol. Clean lines, flowing design, almost aerodynamic. I wish some current manufactures would put out some similar guns. I guess that's why I like the R51. Just wish it worked 100% of the time.

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for these types of videos.As someone who has never really been around firearms but is interested in them and their history, it's nice to just come to this channel and similar ones and see what I might learn next.
    Also I always look forward to the quotes at the end of each video, it's a nice touch.

  6. How can I find the story of one of these. My grandfather brought one back from the war nazi markings and all, but we have nothing but family stories to go on.

  7. I had a MAB Model D for a short period of time. It was a French copy of the 1922. Even the copies are nice to shoot. I wish I still had it.

  8. I had a 1910 once in 9mm short. Nasty to shoot and I was happy to trade it on. That said it was a nice looking gun and the 1922 even nicer.

  9. I picked up an early 1945 version right after FN was started back up by the allies so still WWII vintage and I love mine. They shoot great and are an interesting piece of history. While mentioned that you loose a bit of concealability these guns are still very slim, light and easily concealed.

  10. I am guessing the nazi sympathizers will just call that, "Nazis forcing Belgium to produce arms for them," as just, "Jewish propaganda." Haha! For those of you who ever want to see how dumb the Nazi racism is just ask the next racist person you meet what they think of Italians. If they don't answer by saying they don't view them as white then PROMPTLY inform them there are people out there sharing their views that don't consider Italians "White." Mean while I have also came across a racist doing his usual racist talk and proudly made it clear he was Italian-American…. Hahhahaha! I should have told him about the dumb racist debate, "Are Italians white." hahahaha! The whole Nazi racism, white supremism, or what ever would never work in reality. It's because there are to many conflicting ethnic and political views that causes it to be ultimately doomed to collapse upon itself. Hell the debate about Italians is just a perfect example and evidence to this ultimate truth. We're literally better off living with our current bullsh*t of arguments of, "The ____ persecute and single out the _____," then here comes the equal rights people come in and quell (or make it worse depending on your view) the racial tensions going on.

  11. One recent movie where Browning 1922 is prominently featured is a Korean "Age of Shadows" – both the Korean underground and the Japanese police officers are shown using it (along with the Parabellum – and surprisingly, I failed to notice Nambus there, although there was a guy with a Nambu holster at the end – and the movie is a feast for Arisaka fans, you'll like hundreds of them). I like the look of 1922, it seems more elegant, more than the 1911.

  12. Great video! Very useful. Just thought I'd mention that I think that some of the wartime FN1922s were issued to police units as well as Luftwaffe units as I have a holster which has a Vienna secret city police stamp on it dated 1945. I heard the reason for police and secret police looking them is that they were hammerless so wouldn't have lots to snag on if taking out of a pocket and so probably the same reason why the Luftwaffe liked it for use in planes and for paratroops and secret missions. I've also seen a couple dug up in some metal detecting videos as well on both the West and eastern fronts so it might have been used more widespread by the other services. I was planning on getting a deactivated one like yours with German stamps and a holster in the UK before the silly laws were changed which stopped me. Any idea on how to tell the dates on them from the serial numbers?

  13. Just picked one up for $350 at a gun show. Appears to be in pretty decent shape inside and out. It's not a WW2 one as it doesn't have the German eagle marks, but the seller said it was between post WW2 and before 1950. Oh and it's in .32 ACP.

  14. COLT 1908 vs REMINGTON UMC 51 vs FN 1910——-WHICH ONE SHOULD I BUY?


  15. Love the videos on vintage guns. Could this be JMB's last completed design before his death in 1926?

  16. I had a chance to buy this gun today at my local gun show but it just so happened thy had a colt1903 and I got it instead

  17. in agreement the FN Model 1922 in GTA V and GTA online that the vintage pistol I love this weapon

  18. When I get a gun license I think I'ma buy this or a s&w model 10 or maybe a nagant and for rifles maybe a mosin 91/30 or m1 carbine I love America

  19. моднейший ствол бляць выглядит отлично похуй што сто годов назад придуман самый каеф за пояс ткнуть и не боятца хулеганов ёпты

  20. ignorant as you are you don't even know where Belgium is. and the problem is that you talk, but in the end you are an ignorant jerk.

  21. 1910s and 1922s are bargains in today's collectors market. The 1922 was a military expedient and generally acts like it. The 1910 is an incredibly delightful pocket pistol. I have an FN 1910 .32 ACP and a Browning Model 1955 .380 (same gun but for the markings) and LOVE them both. I do not recommend them as practical CC handguns…you can get lighter, cheaper and more durable .380s for that, but they are classics and enjoyable to shoot. I use the Browning 1955 as one of my "tuxedo guns" for CC to formal occasions (since I retired, that means any soiree where I have to wear socks) when polymer and sprayed on finishes are just too…well, offensive. When only a classic will do…the Browning Model 1910 is an excellent choice. You could use a PPK, but …everyone does! Go your own way! Dare to be different!

  22. I recently became the proud owner of an FN Model 1922, & really love it. Nice shooting little .32. I plan to make it my EDC pistol this fall, they are a little too long in the grips to carry just under a shirt without printing, at least with the holster I got. I might try a different holster that allows it to ride lower & see if that makes a difference. I like the fact the magazines can hold nine rounds though.

  23. Cette arme est extrêmement sympa, la détente est un petit peu sec elle gratte un peu mais c’est plutôt sympa.

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