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The FN Five-seveN Pistol (5.7x28mm)

(gunshots) – [Voiceover] The FN Five-Seven Pistol, a perfect companion to
the P90 personal defense weapon system that is
popular all around the world. The Five-Seven fires the wonderful 5.7 by 28 millimeter cartridge, a round that weighs about
half as much as 9 millimeter, and that FN claims
generates 30% less recoil. The pistol itself is also
a brilliant one to shoot. But let’s go over a few
features of the Five-Seven. First you’ll notice that
it is a very large pistol with some good striations
on the rear of the slide so you can get a very positive grip to chamber the round in the magazine. It’s also quite comfortable
for people with large hands. The rear sight is a simple two dot system and the front side is a single dot post. Nothing really special or fancy here. There’s also a front
mounted picatinny rail for attaching a pistol
bayonet or a flashlight. The safety is also ambidextrous which is a feature that
I actually quite like, I’m sure left handed users
would appreciate this as well. The standard capacity is 20 rounds and the magazines are loaded
a lot like an AR-15 magazine. Instead of individually
loading rounds from the front and pushing into the
back like most pistols, you simply push them into the top. I rather like this about this gun. There’s nothing unique
about the slide release, it’s pretty standard and
actuated by the user’s thumb. One thing I do not like
about the Five-Seven is the magazine disconnect,
without the magazine in there the gun cannot fire. I never like this in any firearm and I’ve even gone so far as to disable it in some firearms like
my Browning Hi-Power. This gun is also threaded
to attach a suppressor, but as a suppressor
host it’s quite terrible and the amount of blowback out the back is very noteworthy, but
let’s shoot it some more. (gunshots) (gunshots) The claim of 30% less recoil
definitely seems to be true when you shoot one of these handguns. Notice that there’s also
very little muzzle flip and double taps are very easy to make. That said the trigger while not terrible is by no means crisp, it’s lighter than most service pistol triggers, but a bit less predictable
and provides you with less feedback upon
a reset than some others. Also if you find that 20 rounds is not an adequate amount
of ammunition in your pistol you can get a 10 round magazine extension so you can carry a full
30 rounds in your pistol. These are tremendously fun guns to shoot, if you’d like to purchase one you can check out Proxibid,
they have online auctions where these pop up all the time. Also big thanks to Ventura Munitions for helping us out with the cost of ammo. We hope you guys enjoyed
this quick overview of the FN Five-Seven Pistol, and we hope to see you next week. (gunshots)

100 thoughts on “The FN Five-seveN Pistol (5.7x28mm)

  1. Dammit, I was about to go looking online for a pistol bayonet. I was buying some blinker fluid and needed to get to at least $50 to get free shipping…

  2. I would love it if they had a conversion kit which snaps a stock and fore grip right on to the pistol to make a carbine.

  3. I have nothing bad to say about this pistol myself after shooting one. Ammo is expensive, you can’t find it just sitting on a Walmart shelf for sure, it’s definitely fat in the hands, and is somewhat expensive to shoot. Other than that it’s ballistically a pistol sized version of an AR, has a large mag capacity, and recoil is very manageable. You even have a variety in ammo types with the ballistic tip.

  4. i dont get the problem with magazine disconnects, like, yeah its a pretty useless feature but its not really annoying as well, like in which scenario would this actually be a problem?

  5. They should make 5.7mm Glock or Sig pistols, cause the Five-seveN itself goes for $1100 and up. Just a thought.

  6. Did this retard really say the front rails are for a flashlight or PISTOL BAYONET??!!! Not for a laser or anything else but a dumbass PISTOL BAYONET that is USELESS!!!!

  7. Ash : I want a sidearm !

    UBI: 21 rounds

    No one :

    UBI: 35 DAMAGE

    No one : ok ubi calm down

    Ubi : 10 shots to kill defender


  8. You can compare this to the Kel-Tec PMR-30 and you find near identical ballistics from a 30 round capable firearm that’s a very similar size. The 30 is however rimfire (22WMR) which while not thought to be as reliable as centerfire with modern ammo and defensive loads however reliability goes up drastically. While I wouldn’t necessarily carry it defensively it’s fun as heck at the range and much cheaper to should than the 57.

  9. My brother has one. It's a great pistol, but ammo is pricey. Also, he removed the +10 extension on the one mag that was so equipped. It gave constant feeding issues.

  10. The one question I have for every potential firearm I want/need happens to be “Is it California legal?”

  11. This is in serious need of a Roni or similar carbine kit . No we're no longer allowed P90s here but Roni and similar are, and I think P90s are ugly anyway.

  12. Um………. you can pretty much push all the rounds in the top on pistol mags. Its just easier to load and push down from the front

  13. If you watch the video in 0.25x you will see that the bullet sound comes before pulling the trigger😥😕

  14. We must keep our guns we have a tyrannical government that wishes to strip our second amendment away from us. We can not allow this keep your guns as I will keep mine. Alot of these mass shootings that are taking place are CIA operated

  15. Know as the cop killer in Mexico 🇲🇽 they say it can penetrate bulletproof vest so criminals love it down there.
    Can you try the myth ? please and thank you love your videos

  16. Overpriced .22mag
    In the us you cant even get the same loads the military uses so you are basically shooting a $1500 .22wmag

  17. Fun gun to shoot, I don't own one. Can't bring myself to pay $1,000 to $1,300 for something that sucks as a home defense or personal defense weapon unless the target is wearing body armor.

    I heard a story about a police department that thought of switching to the FN 5.7 as a duty weapon so they took it on a trial run. During said trial run, officers were forced to shoot a suspect. The suspect was shot 10 times and all he ever did was say "ow" because the rounds were zipping right through him and not causing much damage. Unsure of the validity of this story and of course heart or head shots would still put him down. With all that said, still an awesome firearm and still fun to shoot.

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