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The Firearms Experience from the Youth Perspective w/ Izzy

Hey guys this is Avery with the Skips
Tactical Solutions podcast I’m back today with a great guest
my guess is Izzy and her podcast is called Reporting Live and this week I
will be talking to a it’s going to be kind of different she’s a child so we’re
going to get things from a child’s perspective today so Izzy with Reporting
Live podcast is with us today welcome Izzy hi thank you for having me thanks
for joining us Izzy so I met Izzy about almost two weeks ago right yeah okay
so we were at pop fest which is a multimedia Expo in Orlando Florida and I
saw Izzy and her and her Dad recognize who I was because they had saw a video
of me so is he I want you to tell the audience
a little bit about yourself so I’m 10 years old and I my dad I grew
up with my dad that’s a veteran and sometimes when I’m out in public he’ll
try to embarrass me like with um yelling cadence and I’ll yell at him stop it and
I’m in fifth grade I love to sing and I just started a fast nice so today me and
Izzy are gonna talk a little bit about gun safety so as you guys know gun
safety is something that’s very important to everyone it’s not just
important to grownups is important to kids as well right Izzy yeah okay
so is his dad showed her a video of me do you remember what I was doing in the
video is he um I don’t know I forgot it was a long time ago so he shared her
video and it was kind of an interview that I did with someone and they were
just talking to me about what I did and as his dad showed her the video and kind
of introduced her to that whole gun safety female doing
and from there they went to the range right yeah okay so when your dad asked
you to go to the range after watching that video how did you feel I was
excited because I saw my like my dad kept saying when you’re eight I’ll get
your own gun when you’re nine I’ll get you your own gun and so finally that day
I’m like yes I’ll go that’s great so you guys went to the range were you nervous
at all um a little bit it’s totally normal to be nervous and how did you
feel while you were at the range I felt excited excited so was it everything
that you thought it was gonna be or was it not as bad as you thought it was
gonna be um it was sort of in the middle and it was like most at the end I’m like
I can’t do it it’s so hard like if the trigger is so hard to pull and so when
you’re shooting the gun um have you ever you know how when you watch a movie and
everything seems so simple or on the I don’t know if you play video games I
have boys and they play video games and on the video games you know it’s not
really hard right you’re just pressing a button so the video game version of
having a gun and having a gun in real life where it’s totally different right
yes did you think it was going to be different a little bit yeah okay so you
went to the range and you shot and of course over time you know your hands and
your arms get tired right but yeah I feel good once you love yes I don’t like
um I got knowledge like a different type from my dad being a marine and my dad
taught me a lot of about the gun safety for and how to pick it up and how to
always be pointing it down when you’re carrying it and you’re on the trigger
off the trigger you’re fine okay so your dad taught you some really good things
right you think that you could share the things that your dad taught you with
other kids yes how do you think it is for you to share
those things with other kids I think it’s very important because some kids
don’t understand how important it is to have a gun it keeps you safe it’s a
protection and as veterans you can you haven’t it’s a whole new perspective
like because you’ve done it for how I don’t know how many years how however
you been in it and you know how to do it yes so I really I’m so proud of me Izzy
because you learned a new skill right you went you learned a new skill and now
you’re gonna educate other people on your skill so do you feel good about
that yes I feel very good you should feel very good so you did something that
you may have thought was hard before but you overcame it right yeah my dad gave
me his my mom and him went shooting one time as like a date and so I got my
mom’s pink glasses to shield it from the brass I think that’s what it was yeah so
you know that whenever you go shooting you need to always protect your eyes and
your ears cause you can never get new eyes or ears no so when it comes to guns
what do you think about them are they bad I don’t think they’re bad I just
think of them as like a force field short sorta and um it’s like the newer
version of a sword and but there’s no shield or anything yeah and so guns are
just objects right you know just like your microphone that you have vicious an
object and good they don’t do things by themselves they have to be in the hands
of someone else they don’t just walk around and say hey I’m gonna hurt you
yeah but they have to be in the hands of a person in order to do something yeah
so when it comes to other kids is there any advice that you would give other
kids about gun safety um probably don’t don’t be afraid to try it but always
have an adult around you and keep your finger
the trigger and they’re not a toy so don’t like pretend oh don’t do that
absolutely that’s some really good advice is they make sure that you always
keep your finger off the trigger and make sure that you have an adult with
you if you’re going to touch them so if you’re ever out and about and there’s
different places where you where a child can encounter a gun so if your parents
don’t have a gun in their house there’s always other places that you can
encounter a gun it could be you could be sleeping over at someone else’s house or
it could be at school or you could just be at the park and it’s a random gun
sitting somewhere and you know you never touch it you have to run away and tell
an adult mm-hmm yes all right so another thing that I want to talk about today is
just that at least 40% of homes in the United States have guns in them so when
it comes to being a responsible gun owner it is each gun owners
responsibility to properly store their firearm that’s not something that you
say oh don’t touch it you make sure that you properly educate your children on
what they can and cannot do and if you have other guests that are in your home
as well it is your responsibility as a gun owner to properly store your
firearms from unauthorized individuals so unauthorized could be an adult it
could be a cousin that’s visiting it could be anyone so guns are not toys we
need to make sure that we keep them properly stored and we just need to get
out and educate others when it comes to guns and gun safety because as he went
to the range with her dad she had a great time right yes and I’ve been to
the range I take my kids to the range with me sometimes and they have fun too
they want to keep their target and they want to put it in their room and it’s a
it’s a way to just spend good quality time together right yes yes is there
anything else that you want to talk to to the audience about gun safety or
things that you like what do you like to do um I mostly
like to go sing I like singing a lot and when I’m in the car with my dad like
I’ll sing like to the songs on the on on his playlist cuz I know most of them and
sometimes when Oh my dad went to this convention for the Marines birthday and
that he saw lots of people they did a walk and they shouted they they chanted
cadence like he does to me and when we’re in the car we see some like like
an old man like wearing a hat from the military my dad’s like when I’m 40 I’m
gonna be wearing that all where I go that’s funny so you have a sister too
right yeah has she been shooting no not yet
does she want to go she said that she was jealous and she’s still holding on
to this fishing thing but she’s sorta wants to go she mostly just like hangs
out inside her room okay sure is she older nope younger okay my
kids my youngest is about your age and they like to hang out in their rooms too
much they think mom’s not cool anymore but I’m cool right Izzy yes you pay
alright so I wanted to bring Izzy on today so that we could talk about the
importance of gun safety and talking to your children about gun safety it is
something that a lot of us really think that our kids are not ready for the
conversations but I’m here to tell you that your kid even if it’s just someone
in your neighborhood that you just want to properly educate on things because
they may not be getting that education within their home you need to make sure
that you’re properly educating children on gun safety you don’t want to wait
until it’s too late and say oh well this accident happened and I coulda shoulda
woulda right so there’s a lot of things that are going on with kids and guns and
you just don’t know what you don’t know so as adults it
is our job it’s our duty to properly educate children and I thought it would
be great for me to bring Izzy on for her to talk about her experience because
not only is she a child but she’s a female and she went to the range she had
a great time right yes and so something else that I want to bring up though is
that not every time that you go to right every time it’s not gonna be great
sometimes I go to the range and I don’t really shoot that good but you want to
know what it’s done and over with and next time I come I’ll shoot better right
yeah all right so easy thank you so much for joining us today it was a pleasure
talking to you and I’m so glad that you were able to go shooting with your dad
thank you for having me and I also want to thank you for being a veteran too
thank you so much Izzy and where can the Skips Tactical Solutions podcast
family find you at so you can find me on facebook at Reporting Live podcast or on
instagram Reporting underscore Live underscore podcast great and one last
thing that I want to add is I really want to thank Izzy Dad for properly
educating her on gun safety it is something that a lot of people lack and
he is obviously doing something right because he is raising a fine young
woman right yeah she is embracing things and she’s getting out of her comfort
zone I don’t know about you guys but when I was 10 I definitely didn’t have a
podcast and Izzy doing a lot of good things so thanks for joining us Izzy
and we’ll probably try to have you on again yeah then it’d be fun all right
talk to you guys later bye

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