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The Fastest Production Pistol in the World (?): The $8,000 FK BRNO Field Pistol

– Hey guys, James here with TFB TV, and I have a very special
treat for you today. That is the FK BRNO Field Pistol, and 7.5 millimeter FK. There’s no other way to say it, this is a boutique, luxury pistol that shoots somewhat
of a novelty cartridge, and it costs around $7000 to $8000. Now, is it worth $7000 to $8000? Well, listen to the rest of the video, I’ll explain it to you, and if you’ve got seven or
eight grand lying around, you can decide. First thing’s first, FK BRNO, F-K B-R-N-O, yes, it almost spells (censored) Bruno. I know that’s gonna
come up in the comments, so I’m gonna hit that
right off at the pass, and we can move on! So, what is the Field Pistol? Well, the FK BRNO Field
Pistol is a top end gun that fires a very hot cartridge. The FK BRNO Field Pistol
is, quote unquote, the fastest pistol in the world, shooting a 95 grain bullet that’s roughly the size of a 380 or a very
small 9 millimeter round at about 2000 feet per second. That generates a
tremendous amount of force. You’re looking at about 850
foot pounds of pressure. Now, that’s about two times as much as the 420 to 450 foot pounds that you can expect from most hollow point 40 S&W. And speaking of 40 S&W, even though you’re looking at
twice the power of the 40 S&W, the recoil is about on part
with a standard 40 S&W, say, like a Glock 23 or a Glock 22. Now, it’s hard to tell if
that’s by virtue of the weight. Again, we’re talking
almost three pounds of gun, or if that’s a result of the
counterbalancing recoil system. As you can see here, it has
a very robust recoil system, and if you look under the
dust cover right here, you can see what appears to be a very large cylinder that
accommodates a counterweight. So, you actually have a pretty
substantial counterweight that is right now at the
muzzle end of the gun, and it works its way towards the trigger every time the gun goes into recoil. So, hypothetically speaking,
that acts as a counterweight. Does it work? I really don’t know. It’s a very simple device, and the fact of the matter is, the gun weighs three pounds. It’s gonna sap up a lot of
recoil because of the weight, and I’ll tell you this,
for a gun that hits twice as hard as a 40, again, your recoil’s going to be
about the same as the 40. Even though the Field Pistol’s
made in the Czech Republic and it looks like a CZ 75,
it smells like a CZ 75, it feels like a CZ 75, it
really is its own design, using a solid length but tilting barrel, and the aforementioned recoil system that’s unique to the gun. It weighs 46 ounces, it
has a six inch long barrel, and it has about a 10 inch sight radius. This gun is 10 inches
long, it is not small. However, the grip’s pretty slender, so you don’t have to be a hulking giant in order to operate the gun, to get your hands around the grip. As you can see here, I mean, it just feels like even thinner, especially with these thin aluminum grips, than your average CZ 75. Now let’s talk about another unique feature of the Field Pistol, and that is the butterfly sight system. As you can see here, it almost looks like a hollowed out bow tie, and then you have a very, very
small red dot front sight. I will say that the butterfly sight system allows for incredible precision. You’ve got, as you can see,
a little rear peep sight, and in that peep, you align
a very small front sight, so you don’t find yourself, especially if you’re shooting
at 100 yards or more, you’re not going to be
covering your target and it’s going to allow you
to make more precise shots. But what I discovered shooting at the St. Bernard Shooting Center, and guys, thank you for
letting me use your range to shoot the gun this morning. What we learned today is
combat-style shooting in low light, it’s not really that good. It requires a little bit too much thought, a little bit too much precision, and it’s very hard to see the front sight and align the rear sight
when you’re indoors. But fortunately, the FK BRNO
also packages the Field Pistol with a rear two dot sight, so if you don’t like the butterfly sight, you can just remove
it, and you can throw a standard combat rear
two dot sight on there, and your problem’s solved. With that said, if you really
are looking for precision, and I feel like a lot of shooters will be, then you should probably keep
the butterfly sight on there. Speaking of shooting
at 100 yards, we are on a very tight production
schedule with this gun. I wanted to be able to shoot it, I want Andrew to be able to shoot it. You’re going to be able to
see his ballistics testing of the 7.5 FK round in
the very near future. But we’re on a tight schedule, and FK BRNO, when they sent me, this is Field Pistol serial number nine, so I’ve got a very early model. It’s one that’s toured shows, and it’s been on expo floors, so it didn’t have a firing
pin when it got to me. FK BRNO had to send me the firing pin, and I installed it today, so I only got to shoot
it at 50 feet today. However, Pete with TFB did a
more detailed written review. He got to shoot 12 inch
plates at 100 yards, and he said he was dingin’ ’em all day, and I believe it, because
not only does that butterfly sight system allow
for that sort of precision, but it’s a very flat-shooting round. That 95 grain all copper
round is still moving at 1600 feet per second
whenever it reaches 100 yards, and that’s much more powerful than a 45 cal round from the muzzle. FK BRNO guarantees that
the Field Pistol will shoot tighter than a four
inch group at 100 yards. So why’d FK BRNO make the Field Pistol? It’s a very easy answer, and that’s. (sighing) Seriously, I don’t know what purpose the FK BRNO Field Pistol
is supposed to serve, but who cares, because when you look at those raw numbers, you’re talking 850 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle, and around 450 or 500 foot
pounds of energy at 100 yards in a package that you can fit in a holster on your waistband, and by the way, they do package it with a really nice leather holster, and in a really nice waterproof case. You can use your imagination. You can use this, I suppose,
for personal defense, target shooting, hunting, whatever. If you need a lot of power
in a flat shooting round in a low recoiling platform, then give the Field Pistol a hard look. And looking at this pistol,
for seven or eight grand, as you would expect, it
absolutely drips with quality. Very nice, slim, anodized aluminum grips. It’s got a full-length rail system, similar to the CZ 75. You’ve got the rails and the slide riding below and fully within
the rails of the frame. The trigger on this gun is incredible. You’re looking at four to
four and a half pounds. You’ve got a little bit of take up, like a couple millimeters of take up, and then once you hit that wall, all it takes is about
four pounds of pressure to put it over. Everything on this gun is like
baby oil on a stripper pole. Very smooth, very slick. It just feels good to wrack this slide. Assembly and disassembly showed me there are no machining marks whatsoever. This gun is very precise, I
mean, down to the millimeter. The tolerances are very tight, but performance was fantastic. Guys, this is a screamer of a round. Listen to this (censored) reverberation whenever I shot it indoors at the St. Bernard Indoor Shooting Center. That’s crazy, right? But we were shooting very quick, very casual offhand groups within two and a half, three
inch circles at 50 feet. This really is an impressive gun. As I said, it comes in this really nice Pelican-style case with
two 15 round magazines. Now, Pete couldn’t stuff more than 12 rounds in his magazines. I could get in about 14. That’s to be expected because
Pete is a tremendous pussy, so I could stuff a couple extra rounds, but I couldn’t get that
15th one in there myself. It’s got a beveled and
flared magazine well, magazine changes are very easy, the mechanics are good,
the ergonomics are good, it fits in your hand well. As far as the ammunition goes, made in the United States. You’re looking at a buck a round, which is expensive, but frankly a little bit less than I anticipated for what is a novelty
boutique cartridge like this, especially with this type of performance. So, 50 bucks a box, but
look at it this way, if you’re driving a Ferrari, you’re gonna have to put premium in it. If you wanna run with the big dogs with a $7000 or $8000 gun, (barking) then you’re gonna pay for the ammo, let’s be honest with ourselves. So, final thoughts on
the FK BRNO Field Pistol. I thought this gun was (censored) awesome. However, it’s also a $7000 to $8000 gun. Would I ever buy one personally? Absolutely not, but you might. Again, look at the numbers. There’s nothing else like
it on the market today. Not only is it a premium gun, and it works well, and it
has a fantastic trigger, but it shoots a very interesting and very powerful cartridge, so in my opinion, that in and of itself is going to generate a lot of buzz, and even if the Field Pistol itself doesn’t necessarily take off, I could certainly see more platforms being introduced to
accept the 7.5 FK round. So, all in all, gun good,
performance good, price bad. Would I buy, no, would you
buy, maybe, I don’t know. But anyways, I thought it was cool. Thank you so much to FK
BRNO for sending me this gun and all the ammo. I wish them the best of luck, because this is truly
an innovative new gun, and I hope it really catches on. I’m a little pessimistic, again, when you’re approaching $10,000 for the FK BRNO Field Pistol
and, say, a case of ammo, then it looks a little dicey. But really I hope it does well. Thank you, as usual, to Proxibid. I’m not sure that there
are FK BRNO pistols on Proxibid just yet, but
keep your eyes peeled, and maybe if they do
take off, they will be. As usual, thank you guys
so much for watching. Thank you to our Patreon
supporters especially. Guys, please get on
Patreon and support us, even if it’s just a buck a
month, it helps tremendously. I will see you next week. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “The Fastest Production Pistol in the World (?): The $8,000 FK BRNO Field Pistol

  1. My best guess is that this gun is aimed at the European market as a means to have something of rifle performance in a handgun package because European gun laws are in many cases very hostile to semi auto rifles but in some cases are far less so toward pistols. It's unique cartridge is aimed at getting around "military cartridge" laws in Europe. Many countries in Europe and around the world ban any cartridge that has ever been officially adopted by any country's military.

  2. Is it a modern safari pistol?

    $8,000 seriously? They should put walnut grips on it and let Holland & Holland distribute it.

  3. I wouldn’t buy that gun for $1000. A 10mm with a 6+” barrel is going to give you similar power at a waaaaay better price. That thing looks like the type of gun that someone would pick out who before 5 minutes prior didn’t even know what a gun was.

  4. Eight grand for a semi-auto range-gun that's hopelessly not "faster" than any dozenteen revolvers, such as an out-of-the-box S&W .460 firing Walmart ammo bullets with three times the mass? CZ design though… If only I had more money than sense, I might be tempted.

  5. Really enjoyed the presentation, you've really hit your stride… As to the gun, EVEN if I weren't British, the price is a shocker. I wonder how many of these will be bought by people who hope the company stops production fast so they have a instant collectable?

  6. My 9×25 Dillon glock shoots a 90 grain Underwood/Lehigh Defense bullet out at 2000 FPS (faster if I shoot from a longer barrel in my Lone Wolf long slide). Pretty accurate (with LW barrels) too: 4" groups at 100 yards are typical, and at that velocity, highpoint at around 50 yards is only 2-3 high — I'll admit I was surprised. And a LOT less than $8K. With my Trijicon RMR and streamlight tlr 2 hl g it makes a great truck gun.

  7. What happened to the ballistic test?
    And they made it for the same reason a dog licks its own balls. Because they can.

  8. Tim on MAC mentioned it was built for some spec ops forces. Didn't say who, but was meant as a weapon to cover the gap between a rifle, and a standard 9mm handgun.

  9. I like this gun. I like almost everything about this gun – except it’s price or proprietary ammo from a single manufacturer. Sadly, those are show stoppers. Unless someone gives me one, I’ll never own one…

  10. get a desert eagle.. more fun more power.. cheaper.. it wont work.. people aint dumb.7500$ nope
    the price will kill the gun.

  11. You know the one dude who drives a Ferrari and just found out about this pistol is thinking of clicking the purchase button. "Oooooh, I need that."

  12. if I had the money to spend like that Id buy one … why not … Id like to have all guns just need Donald Trump money that's all

  13. "Everything on this gun is like baby oil on a stripper pole"
    "…which is to be expected because Pete is a tremendous pussy"

    This guy is hilarious.

  14. It's not the fastest handgun in the world. There are 9mm and .40 liberty rounds that go faster than 2000fps. You can also load 10mm ammo to fire 100 – 150 grains, faster than 2000fps out of a stock 10mm glock.

  15. I remember them guys bringing them $5,000 -$10,000 target pistols to the pistol competitions and they sure would get pissed off after I beat them all with a $200 browning buck mark LOL

    Believe me when I tell you that it is not the cost of the firearm that makes the x ring hits as only the person shooting the firearm can do that and nothing else

  16. why all the sexism ???? the man does a good review….. period…. keep your sex preferences to your self or go to xxx sex vid. and beat off………

  17. James, I know you don't like 1911 so much but consider Demoing Jessie James firearms 1911, please.
    As for $7,5oo FK Brno Thanks but no thanks.

  18. I've read articles and watched videos on it since it was just a concept still haven't seen it in person yet

  19. "foot pounds of pressure" ?
    has a "counter weight" ?

    somebody didn't finish high school. i can't get past half way through the video.

  20. i would say no just get the ttc 7.62×25 it is around 150 and its going 1700 fps and a box of 50 is under 20$

  21. If they ever make it to Death Wish 3 in the new series with Bruce Willis, this is what I imagine he'll be carrying in the gang shootout scene to replace Bronson's Wildey Survivor.

  22. Been there, done that. Get any 10 mm Auto (except a 1911, sorry it will blow up) and then change barrels to a 9 mm Dillon with a 6 inch barrel. 90 gr. pill, 2100 fps, 880 foot pounds. Some loads with a 85 gr. pill are even higher. There is loaded ammo available. Cost may be $650 plus new barrel. $7,500 not needed. Yes it will kick ass or may be shoulders and arms. Oh, and they have been doing this since 1988. Yes, 1988. Good ole USA!!!

  23. I read on American Rifleman that there FK BRNO is working on a 10mm with same design so average Joe’s like me can afford it.

    I guess it’ll still be out of my price range. Probably around 1,500-2000+ 😒

  24. I want one. the purpose of that pistol is to hit something in the head over 100yrds away. I will never have one because it's a waist of $ at 8g lol I'll buy a g40 if I need to reach out and split a head. or a 44 mag with 10" brl. but I want one because without the retarded price it's AWESOME.

  25. What is the purpose of buying so expensive gun when there r many good guns in normal range just difference of corteges better buy dessert Eagle

  26. Actually baby oil on a stripper pole would be horrible. Strippers need to use grip and friction to hold them selves up onto the pole. When strippers are doing those complex effortless spins and twist, it's because the entire pole is on ball bearing letting it spin in place. You add baby oil to that, and nobody would be able to grab onto it, and hold themselves in place.

  27. FN 5.7x28mm
    The FN Five-seveN pistol uses the 5.7x28mm round. FN's full power SS198LF round (28 grain bullet) exceeds 2,000 fps in the 4.8" barrel of this pistol, while the T6B round (27 grain bullet) from Elite Ammunition is rated at 2,350 from this pistol (2,800fps from the 10.4" barrel of the P90).!/T6B/p/139748066/category=13357850

  28. How much would it cost to pay a tool maker/machine shop to make an exact same copy . $1000. I have to say it's a bad ass gun, too bad Charles Bronson has died or he would have had this on his ankle holster in death wish 9.

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