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The Enfield Rifle No. 4

(rifle firing) – Enfield rifles certainly are fast and even faster in the hands of a more well acquainted man. This is a No. 4, which is much different than the old style SMLE rifles for a number of reasons. While these are a bit heavier than the older guns, the addition in weight nets the user a stronger action, much better sights, and a thicker barrel. Also, from a production standpoint, the No. 4 was a much better rifle as they were cheaper and easier to make. Less milling was required
to complete a receiver and bits of the SMLE like the nose cap were discarded altogether. The rifle is of course famous for having served with the British troops through World War II and still is technically in service with the Canadian Rangers, at least until they’re all equipped with their recently selected new rifles in the next few years. This means that the rifle has an incredibly long service history and a fine rifle it is, but let’s take a look at a few of its features. One thing that immediately
jumps out at me, personally, is the charger bridge. It’s not like the old SMLE’s rounded charger bridge at all. Not that this is bad necessarily, but it is easier to machine. It does, of course, have that lightning
fast Lee-Enfield action and optimally placed bolt handle. Also, the bolt throw is still the very short throw that it was on the old SMLE’s meaning that a user can cycle these very quickly. Especially if you place your thumb and forefinger on the bolt handle and middle finger on the trigger. The rifle can be manually cocked by grabbing the cocking piece and of course it is cocked unclosed just like the old rifles. The safety’s also actuated
by the user’s right thumb and the British were insistent that all users, like today, learn to shoot right handed
if you’re left handed. To me that seems like
a pretty good solution to the ambidexterity problem that so many designers have
to face today (laughs). The rifles feature either
a zinc alloy butt-plate or a brass butt-plate for storing your rifle’s cleaning kit. Also, the most distinguishing feature of the No. 4 is the rear sight with a peep zero to 300 yards or you can flip it up to reveal a ladder with sighting up to 1,300 yards, although I do suppose there’s a bit of optimism in actually hitting something at 1,300 yards (laughs). Now, of course, as mentioned, the nose cap of the SMLE was eliminated and you do see a bit of barrel extending beyond the front sight post. Magazines do hold ten rounds and are detachable for cleaning, but of course you are intended to load them by a charger clips through the top of the rifle. This can be a bit tricky and you can get rim lock
despite the presence of design features
intended to prevent this, but let’s shoot the rifle a little bit. (rifle firing) And here just for the hell of it, I thought I might try and shoot off 10 rounds as fast as I could. (rifle firing) That never ceases to amaze or entertain, but really a day at the range with an Enfield rifle
is always a pleasure. You can find them for decent prices as they pretty much all wound up on the surplus market. They do pop up on Proxibid quite often for a few hundred bucks and you can have yourself a very fun, very historically significant long gun that is sure to bring
you years of enjoyment and shooting pleasure. (rifle firing) Special thank you to Ventura Munitions for helping us out with the cost of ammo and we hope to see you all next time. (rifle firing)

100 thoughts on “The Enfield Rifle No. 4

  1. Comes of being old,I have lots of experience with Enfields. Pre GCA '68,I bought a No4 and a pattern 14 from Hunters Lodge,from an ad in Guns and Ammo magazine,shipped by train to PA.,for about $19 each. Ammo was cheap,so I shot the shit out of them. Foolishly traded them off in the '70's,then bought a cobbled together Mkiii with mixed parts for a lot of money in the '80's,because milsurp guns were scarce then. Now I have an Ishapore MK iii no. 1 and No 4 MK1,plus a Ishapore 2A1 in 7.62×51,one of those "tanker" models offered by importers years ago. Cut down to a 20 inch barrel,sort of a poor mans Scout rifle. Finally,Wolf is offering a cheap steel case cartridge in .303,so now I can afford to shoot the shit out of these great warhorses again.

  2. Hardware aside, the actual 303 Round is a proven game round on all species of deer in short and medium ranges (basically the same territory as the 30/06)  and still attracts a legion of dedicated users attracted to its practical ballistics and knockdown power.  Its hardly surprising to see the on-line push for Lithgow Arms to release a limited edition LA102 in 303British caliber.

  3. I have this same rifle but the action is actually very difficult compared to my Mauser rifle. Is there any solution for that?

  4. I went to a military museum and i saw an Lee Enfield rifle with the description of a M1 Garand describing about it being used during the Vietnam War. And there were no M1 Garand in the museum.

  5. "…optimism in actually hitting something at 1300 yards". 300 -1300 yard range is for section fire or area fire (as is MG fire at these ranges). If you want to know how effect and accurate it was asked the Germans who survived the Battle of Mons 1914.

  6. I don't like the rear sights but everything else is great. I've shot the no4 mk2 and the mk1 both and I do prefer the bolt speed on both an the mk3

  7. I’m from the UK and non firing replicas of this rifle are more expensive than real ones over in the US and Canada 😕

  8. The 1300 yard marking (or higher if you habe the precision sight instead of that ladder) is for volley fire.

  9. I'm no gun expert, but the Lee Enfield leaves a lil bit of an exit wound if it hits you. Than again all I know about the weapon is what I saw on the History channel and playing Call of Duty 2.

  10. With their renowned recoil that is very impressive fast shooting there, particularly so with your right arm not in the usual position for such shooting. You must have impressive 'isometric' strength. 🙂

  11. There's a story from the Battle of Mons in WWI (I can't remember the source so feel free to take this with a pinch of salt) about the SMLE that really shows off a) the standard of British Marksmanship in that era, and b) just how fast the SMLE was.

    The story goes that a company of BEF troops were making an attack over around 1,000 yards of no-man's land, and they made it with hardly a shot fired in response. When the captured Germans were questioned, they said that anyone who bothered sticking their Pickelhaube up to fire a shot back caught one right in the head, and that they thought they were under attack from a new slow-firing machine gun.

    Really shows you what these old rifles could do!

  12. My Dad bought 2 dozen No.4's when I was a youngster. They were all in excellent condition and we converted them into "sporters." I loved my old .303 for plinking and I harvested 1 whitetail with it. My Dad sold 22 of them. My older brother kept one and I kept one.


    Edit:why does all the gun sound different? Like someone shot a lee rifle and another guy shot a lee enfield and it somehow sound different is the engineering or the way how it was built?

  14. We have 600 rounds of .303 British and we don’t even own an Enfield, wondering where we could find one

  15. been hunting with one of these before my dad borrowed it for me cause i just hit 25 at that time and i didnt even know there is a safety feature…..but the gun was mediocre casue every time i want to load the clip just got stuck so had to switch mags everytime

  16. The way that he shoots this lee enfield at the beginning of this video could have been the way Lee Harvey Oswald could have shot jfk so fast

  17. I see some fools are having a go a British Army.Yanks mostly,. The seem to forget that they got their arses handed to them on a plate from the brave Vietnamese!!. You Know the Vietnamese,? those hill farmers without a Navy or an Air force.!!Yes Britain got kicked out of Europe and had to evacuate at Dunkirk. But the British Army fell to the brilliant tactics and firepower of the greatest Army in the world at that time.

  18. That stacking swivel at 0:29 on the front barrel band (upper band) does not belong to a No4 rifle. It's for the No1mkIII SMLE.

  19. I can’t tell you how so nice it is to see someone not break their stock weld every time they cycle the bolt well done

  20. I have a .315 rifle of Indian ordinance factory roughly copied from lee einfield for civilians uses 8mm i think that's what it says on the back of cartridge "8mm".

  21. German Infantry in WWI swore that they were facing machine guns. In fact they were facing soldiers who were trained in rapid fire using the Lee-Enfield.

  22. I used one when we went hunting wild pigs it would spin a 360 lb pig around at 400yards killing it instantly in my opinoin its the best boltaction ever made

  23. Which model is this? I went into a store today which they listed a no4 MK1 but it looked nothing like the pictures I viewed online and saw this video and this was the one they had. What model is this? I can’t review the weapon correctly in store. What mk is it? I don’t think it’s MK1?

  24. My late old man was in the Royal Engineers (Attached to the 8th Army)from 1939-45 and used the Enfield in North Africa and Burma. He told me was more like a mad 2 minutes unless you had the knack

  25. I know it's not very accurate but could you imagine encountering a British squad that decided they needed to either scare the daylights or get the heads down of an enemy unit by cranking out as many rounds as they can work the bolt

    I'm certain they used such a method during world war II to deal with an enemy or enemies hold up in a building which would be an interesting way to either get them out of the building or to Swiss cheese them

  26. Proud owner of a No. 4 Mk. 1/2 Fazakerley and soon to be owner of a No. 1 Mk. 3* SMLE GRI of Ishapore 1948! Only problem is that I can't ever let them go 😉 great shooting by the way

  27. Not so fast my friend – I have a faster semi auto!
    Also your accuracy was bad as all your so called fast shots are off target. It’s obvious you were flinching when shooting
    Sorry it’s a failure my friend

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