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The EASY way to unlock the Battlefield Hardline DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN

Hi guys FOG of GAMING here and today we are
going to show you the easy way to unlock the Double Barrel Shotgun. We broke down all the
requirements to unlock this Shotgun and we made an easy to follow guide so that you can
unlock this weapon in no time. Let’s get started. Your first task is to
unlock the Enforcer Assignment 1. Once you have done this you will have to kill 10 people
with a shotgun or a battle rifle and you need to resupply 10 teammates. Now, you probably
did this already a long time ago so forget about this thing straight away. The reward
for this is the Enforcer Assignment 1 patch. So let’s call this the end of the very short
step 1. For step two you will need to complete the
pre-requirements for Enforcer Assignment 2. You already completed Enforcer Assignment
1, so the only thing left to do is to unlock Enforcer Bronze Service Star 7. This means
7 of those stars, since will have a few of those already it won’t take that long to
get to 7. I will give a full explanation how to get a lot of points for the Enforcer class
later on in this movie. Once you have 7 Bronze service stars you can
start with the actual requirements. So this is step 3, you will need 25 shotgun or battle
rifle kills and 250 points of damage deflected with the shield. I don’t think that you
will have any problems with the kills, you know how to do this. I personally prefer the
SCAR-H for the Cops and the SA-58 for the Criminals. It is actually pretty easy to deflect
250 points of damage with the shield, but it might get you a few unnecessary deaths
if you do this the wrong way. Your enemy is usually smart enough not to shoot at your
shield, at least under normal circumstances. But as soon as they get under a little bit
of pressure, they will all start to shoot at everything that moves, so use this to your
advantage. For example, let’s say that you are playing heist as a criminal. As soon as
one of your teammates enter that extraction zone with that cash, the entire enemy team
will become headless chickens. So as soon as there is a little bit of time pressure,
most of them will start doing things they normally wouldn’t do. So, select your Ballistic
Shield at the beginning of the round and help your teammate get the cash into the extraction
zone. Make sure that the first thing the enemy see is you when they are running to the extraction
zone. Equip your shield and slightly move left and right. They will all start shooting
at you thinking that you are the one who is carrying the cash. Your team will win the
round because nobody is shooting at the guy who is carrying the cash and you will be completing
Enforcer Assignment 2. We have an even greater tip for you ballistic shield but we will show
that one later in this movie. The rewards for completing this assignment are the Enforcer
Assignment 2 patch and the Bald Eagle. This is an awesome handgun. It’s perfect to finish
somebody off if your other weapons didn’t do the job. You probably damaged the guy enough
with your primary weapon so you will only need one Bald Eagle shot to put him down.
Use it once and you will love it forever. Step 4 are the pre-requirements for the Enforcer
Syndicate and for this you need to complete Enforcer Assignment 2, which you just did.
You need to purchase 10 specific guns and or gadgets for your Enforcer class which you
can do straight away. Just select your loadout and buy the cheapest stuff for the Enforcer.
Keep buying one until you see this requirement fulfilled. The last thing that you have to
do is to unlock Enforcer Gold Service Star 1. This is going to take some time, but we
will help you get there faster. You first need to get 10 Bronze service stars because
this will give you access to the silver stars. You will need 10 of those as well. And then
you will be able to go for your gold star. So in total you have to get another 210000
points. Don’t get disappointed by this, you will earn this in only a few hours. The
easiest and fastest way to do this is to play hotwire of course. Make sure that you have
an ammo box and breaching charges. At the beginning of the round, spawn into one of
those cars that you have equipped with the anti-armor upgrade. And as soon as you spawn,
get out of the car and take the RPG out of the trunk. If you see another empty car standing
there then get into that car. This way you will have one RPG in your hands and you will
have another one ready in the trunk. Everything depends on that map that you play but try
to go to a place where you can kill a lot of vehicles, especially those marked cars.
Focus on killing as many vehicles as you possibly can at the beginning of the round, and use
your RPG and breaching charges. And at the right time switch to hotwiring one of those
marked cars yourself. Before you do that place 3 breaching charges on a busy road somewhere.
Then place an ammo box on that car that you will be hotwiring and then start driving it.
This ammo box will resupply anyone spawning into your car which will earn you a lot more
points, but more importantly it will also resupply yourself. You could continue to drive
that car yourself but you will earn more point if you can force the other guy to drive that
car, this way you can multitask. You can also multitask when you are driving the car yourself
but it takes some time getting used to this so make it easy for yourself and swap to a
passenger seat. This way you will be earning points for hotwiring this car, but you will
also be earning points for taking down other cars. So select your breaching charges and
focus on your map. Blow up the first enemy marked car that you see driving over your
breaching charges. You can do this while you have your map selected on the PC. But you
can’t do this on the Playstation or the XBOX. So for those guys you will have to be
a little bit better at timing. So you will have to deselect your map first and then you
can blow your breaching charges. Now by this time you will have 3 new breaching charges
thanks to your ammo box. So hang out of the car and try to place another one in the middle
of the road. Use the same technique as before to blow up a marked car that drives over your
breaching charge. If you see an enemy car chasing you, then do the same thing. Hang
out of the window, place a charge and blow up the car behind you. If it is a normal car
that is chasing you then try to spot him first, this way you will see him on the minimap and
it will make your life a lot easier to take him down. I have always been able to get more
points with the Enforcer class compared to all the other classes when I was playing hotwire.
And this is because you are be able to multitask like this, so you will be earning your Gold
Service Star in no time. And finally you can start working on your
award requirements for the Enforcer Syndicate. This is step 5 and you will need to get 200
kills with your shotgun or battle rifle, you will need to unlock the Enforcer’s tier
4 reputation track 10 times in different matches, you will need 15 ammo resupply coins and 15
ballistic shield coins. Try to multitask as much as possible except for your ballistic
shield coins. Make sure that this is the first thing or the last thing that you do. I will
explain why in a minute. You know how to get 200 kills so in the meantime earn your ammo
resupply coins. To get one coin you need to earn 8 resupply bonuses. Don’t worry about
this, just drop an ammo box where you would normally drop them and you will be earning
these coins faster than you can get 200 kills. Most of you know already how you can unlock
tier 4 because we gave some great tips and trick in our other movies. To give a quick
review, there are 2 easy ways to do this. You can ask you friend to become a hacker
for a few seconds, and ask him to give the Squad Upgrade to your squad at the right time.
This will unlock tier 4 for you. The other way is to join a hotwire server with only
a few players in the server and drive one of those marked cars to unlock tier 4. This
will take you a certain amount of time, a lot of time actually. But we developed a way
to reduce the time needed by 50%! This is only possible if you want to unlock
2 different weapons, in other words if you plan to complete 2 syndicate assignments.
If this is the case then join a hotwire server that has only a few players in it and make
sure that this server has 20 minute rounds. Start the round with your Enforcer class for
example and apply a 50% reputation boost. This way you will get your tier 4 in less
than 8 minutes by hotwiring one of those cars. As soon as you reach tier 4, redeploy as another
class and use a 25% reputation boost. You will be earning the second tier 4 before the
end of the round. This will reduce the time in half that you would otherwise have to spend
to unlock the tier 4 for both of these classes! The only thing that you still have to do is
to get your 15 ballistic shield coins. Don’t bother trying to get all 15 of them in a proper
game, it will take ages. So forget about this, don’t even try. We tried it ourselves for
you but we didn’t like the result. However we found a much easier way to get these coins.
For the record, we are in favor of getting all the assignments done in game, the way
it is meant be played. But for this one we are going to make one exception. To get 1
ballistic shield coin you will have to deflect 100 points of damage with your shield. Just
go on any server, and use the chat. Just ask if there are any guys who want to go for those
ballistic shield coins and they will all come running. They is always somebody who wants
to do this. Arrange an area to meet and do what you have to do. The shotgun is way too
slow for this, it doesn’t do enough damage. A helicopter works too, but it will only inflict
damage at a medium rate. Again, this isn’t fast enough. You need a rifle. The higher
the rate of fire, the faster you will earn your coins. But why only use a heli when you
can have an enforcer, a helicopter gunner and a dinosaur shooting at you? Pretty funny
he. They were even lining up at some point waiting for me to shoot them. You will earn
a lot of those coins in just a few minutes, compared to a few very frustrating hours if
you try to get them in a proper game. And finally, you will be completing the Enforcer
Syndicate. The rewards for this are a gold battle pack, the Enforcer Syndicate Patch
and of course the Double Barrel Shotgun. Let us know in the comments what you think about
this shotgun. Subscribe or like the movie if it helped you. This was FOG of GAMING,
thanks for watching and see you on the Battlefield.

99 thoughts on “The EASY way to unlock the Battlefield Hardline DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN

  1. LOL Guys I got 17 ballistic shield coins in 1 match in Downtown by just standing at the door near the helipad,people just come through the stairway and they keep shooting at your shield.P.S.Remember to crouch,otherwise they will shoot you in the legs.

  2. Guys let me know if helped! I found SUPEARLY easy way to get bal shield coins ! If u cant doit den wtf is wrong with u ! U equip it and u run into players and push em its fuckin dumb i know but it works i got almost 38 coins ! Hilarious

  3. Can anyone help me out on syndicate assigments??  I  need help..  I will help you if you help me..  Add me on psn :   shqiiptarii1988

  4. Trust me on this! Blood money with a no killing server is the best way! Put on a boost, I'm earning 17,000 points each game because of this method. Blowing up hotwire cars is too risky and takes to much time. But hey if it works for you that's fine, this is just my personal opinion

  5. All I need is the teir 4 and the ballistic coin if anyone can help me out on xb1 ismael360pop and I have a Mic

  6. i complete all enforcer assignments and the pre-requires syndicate but when i finish all the pre-requires the syndicate still locked! any suggestions?

  7. Can nobody help me? I have done all prerequisites for enforcer syndicate yet the reward requirements are still locked? Which is a bit annoying cos I actually managed to get my ballistic shield coins without knowing it was still locked

  8. Ballistic Shield  go on The Block a side alley or road does not matter what game mode got 14 shield awaards in 12 minutes

  9. FOG of GAMING, wtf is pdidequawayamints? @ 2:54, rofl, u silly goofy kid, don't even talk in english dude, hahaha

  10. if u cant find anyone to give u riot shield coins go into the block on a 64 player conquest server and just push into enemy lines they will always shoot u i got 98 coins in 1 game like this hope i helps

  11. What's weird is that whenever I'm playing online and check the Enforcer Syndicate Prerequisites and Rewards, they're all in question marks; I'm guessing I should just continue to work on the objectives and hopefully they'll just pop up?

  12. for resupply coins ,look for camping snipers and drop a ammo crate infront of them when their aiming. got 7 coins in 5 minutes

  13. Easiest Way. Get friends, Get hotwire , get to teir 3. Get a hacker upgrade. Kills and other coins are quite simple

  14. Good way to get ammo coins is in blood money lay your ammo box next the cash pile everyone dropping cash will auto take your ammo.

  15. An easier method is to find a hacker who is Gold Service Star.They can upgrade you to tier 4 in 10 minutes.

  16. Please respond, if I get the tier 4 reputation while working on the Golden Service Star, is it gonna count on the progress or do I have to re earn it once I get to the actual assignment??

  17. I literally just unlocked this this evening, I love the doublr barrel. I got lucky though, I had a friend who rented a blood money no kill server and let everyone boost. so my tier 4 came without an issue, the shield coins were fun so I multi tasked as well for my sword and board assignment. the 200 kills wasn't bad because I love the HCAR. and I already had it unlocked for both factions. and the resupply I had already gotten. all that's left for me to unlock is the mammoth gun, sadly I don't know anyone who has an open server to just find the gun.

  18. I love the Double Barrel Shotgun, it was the first Syndicate weapon that i unlocked, i dont see the fuss about the Ballistic Shield coins though, i got 15 of them i 1 round… with no friends …I did it by playing Conquest (Large or Small) on Downtown, all i do is make sure im on the team that doesnt have the 'C' building and just go in the lifts, i make sure that im in the corner though (crouching), YOU GET IT SO FAST, but overall this gun (Double Barrel) is only good for very short ranges (smaller that 15 metres) but if you like to play close combat this gun IS WORTH IT!!!

  19. i quit playin hardline awhile back ang got rid of the game.__ then i just got it back today, and thats the only trophy i need to get platinum….. Could anyone help me with this crap ? Or does anyone even pLay this anymore???????

  20. I still don't get t and i need the double barrel shotgun as its the last trophy I need for the platinum trophy

  21. I got 120 ballistic shield coins in one game lol i was in a blood money me and someone hit each other with blastic shields

  22. For the ballistic shield coins join a no kill server, take out your shield have the enemy take out his shield and start bashing each other until you get 15 ballistic shield coins

  23. Who here still plays bfh on ps3? Add me so we can make a clan im looking for a team to play with because I'm sick of playing with randoms with no communication or teamwork

  24. I CAN'T GET TEIR 4!!!!!!!!!I got the shield it was so easy ammo easy but the teir oh my gosh I can't get it ahhhhh (plz help me)

  25. Tip to get 30+ balistic shield coins:
    You need 2 people with shield and hit each other face to face (make sure the other person is the enemy)

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