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The Doubt FWC Auto Rifle | High Caliber Rounds & Snapshot!

The Doubt FWC Auto Rifle | High Caliber Rounds
& Snapshot! Hi Guardians we welcome back for another destiny
in-depth video where I review exotics and legendaries in order to give you a comprehensive
understanding of the gear so you can play this game as efficient and effective as possible. In this video we are going to review the Doubt
auto rifle that can be acquired when the faction rally is around from the Future War Cult. [The Gun] The Doubt is an adaptive frame auto rifle
that sits in the 600 RPM archetype. This means that it will kill in 1.10 second
with 11 head shots and 1 body shot or in 1.5 second with 16 body shots. This is a slightly faster Time to kill when
you compare it with the more popular 450 rpm auto rifle archetype like the Uriel’s Gift
which has an optimal time to kill of 1.2 second but if you compare it with the body shot only
time to kill the uriels gift will be slightly faster at 1.47 second. I have an in-depth comparison between the
600 and 450 rpm auto rifles, have a look at that if you want to know more about it. The Doubt comes with
The hitmark IS Red dot
And the Rifle scope Tactical mag
High caliber rounds And the signature perk snapshot I run mine with the red dot sight & high caliber
rounds. Red dot has in my opinion a good balance between
range and handling speed and high caliber rounds is the more superior choice here between
the two optional perks. Tactical mag will slightly increase stability,
reload speed and increase the mag size. You don’t really need that increase in stability
as this is already pretty good and a mag size of 42 is plenty enough. As you all know high caliber rounds is one
of the most dominating perks here and tactical mag just does not outweigh the effectiveness
of high caliber rounds. [Performance] The Doubt is a great auto rifle it has an
above average reload speed, handling , aim assist and it has high caliber rounds which
is one of the best perk to have, to top it off it also has snapshot which makes you aim
down sight faster. So the main strength of this gun is its handling,
this gun is just so snappy and agile, it is a great choice for a player with an aggressive
in your face playstyle. If you hit your headshots correctly you will
benefit from the fastest time to kill in the game. The range, as with any other 600 rpm auto
rifles is pretty low, you will be out ranged by Uriel’s Gift or the Positive outlook. So try to keep your engagement into the short
to medium range, this is really where the gun excels. I like to pair it up with a submachine gun
and I will switch it up with a scout if I am in a long range map. I like to use the gun by pre-firing this around
the corner so I can have the first shot at the enemy and let high caliber rounds do it’s
work. The big mag size of 42 allows you to do this
and still have enough bullets left for your opponent. The downside of this gun is the horrible muzzle
flash. There is this big white muzzle flash that
removes the bottom part visibility of your reticle, making it harder for you to adjust
your aim when your opponent is moving around. It might not be a problem for you but I find
the muzzle flash very annoying. And as mentioned before, in general the 600
rpm auto rifles lacks in range, and this also affects the Doubt, you won’t be able to hit
as far as an Uriel’s Gift. And not only is the damage fall off pretty
steep the ability to hit your target also goes down really badly once you are on the
longer range of the spectrum. So keep your gun fights at the short to medium
range. [Final Verdict] Other than that this is a very solid gun,
it has great perks and stats, and this is a great kinetic choice if you want to switch
it up from your better devils or antiope-d. Just dont bring this gun to any long range
engagements and if you can live with the terrible muzzle flash then you sir have a great auto
rifle. I am going to give the Doubt a B. Thank you so much for watching this video
and sticking with me when the game is trying to find
It’s place. I hope you enjoyed this video, Let me know
in the comments below which gun you want me to review next. Subscribe for more and as always I will see
you in the next video guardians.

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