100 thoughts on “The Deadliest Steampunk Pistol Ever?

  1. Joerg should move to Texas, buy lands there. There are still many Germans there , he will feel at home amongst hunters and guns wackos of all kinds.

    He own experience family land in Germany but in Texas he could guy land big like Germany, everything is bigger in Texas, but am sure that Joerg got big balls like most Texans.

  2. You try robbing this man and the last thing you will here is let me show you my lil friend and its features than that taughting laugh 😂😂😂

  3. Was uns Männer verbindet ist dies: ein Trieb zum gefährlichen Gerät. Ich koche beispielsweise meine Gemüsesuppe ausschließlich mit dem Drucktopf (unter permanenter Aufsicht, versteht sich).

  4. Just think with this guy would’ve invented if he lived in America and could have real guns. this air gun of his is incredible , I want one Just wish I had the skills to make one maybe he will be really kind and put together a list of items needed and an exact how to video

  5. Sir, i had long been your follower on this channel …but Alas…you cant make one for me even when im ready to pay….and i cant copy your work..its hard

  6. WOW 😯 you are amazing ! I love 💕 your video’s !!! I live in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and it is really BORING on this island 🌴 so I have fun watching your videos because you are a fascinating person ! Sometimes I go into the forest and just shoot my heavy duty bow and arrows at soda 🥤 cans or rocks but my aim is not as good as yours but I am improving every day !!! I want to be ready for when those Zombies 🧟‍♀️ come :). Once again, thank you for sharing your great videos !!! ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍😍😍😍💋💋💋😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕💗💗💗😊😊😊😃😃😃

  7. I enjoyed his video crack me i had to read the comments on this one !! I wouldn't want to be trespassing on his property you'll have a big old dart sticking out your ass

  8. Propane tank copper pipe coil clicker from electric propane barbecue starter. Design it to prime a little pop propane when you pull back on the trigger then shut off then a full pull on trigger activates the electric clicker igniting the propane that shots around the coil out the other end forcing an arrow forward. Night arrows chemical light's on none pointy arrows with a little parachute to slowly float down to the ground has you play weird sounds on a loud speaker to freak out the neighbors. Alien invasion! 🥴👍

  9. The man who invented this weapon is a genius. How does this weapon work because I do not understand the English language and I want to clarify somebody how this wonderful weapon works.

  10. 4:17 Thats what we call something else my friend! Also why do you use commas rather than periods on your information charts? like FPS for the steel bolt said 82,20. I was confused and thought it did between 82 and 20 fps which confused me even further cause you put the big number first. Can you use periods? 82.2 fps makes waaaay more sense. That way I know its not a range and the .2 rather than the redundant .20. Just a polishing suggestion.

  11. hands you a frog at 6:18
    hands you a frog at 6:18
    hands you a frog at 6:18
    hands you a frog at 6:18
    hands you a frog at 6:18

  12. I can’t put a bullet in this zombie head exploding axe bomb dynamite launcher so it’s considered legal in Germany 🤟🏻🤟🏻

  13. Someday if he decides to sell his property and prospective buyers look arround "why is all this shrapnel embedded in the barn"?

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