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The CZ 452: My Favorite .22 Rifle

(insects buzzing and gun reloading) (metal ding of target being hit) (gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) – [Voiceover] Hey guys,
it’s Alex C with TFP TV. If you follow our program,
then you know that I keep a madsen m47 in
30 ot 6 in my vehicle on the ranch in case I see a coyote. But I keep a much
smaller gun in case I see a different animal like
a rabbit or a squirrel. That gun is cz 452-2e
with a threaded barrel usually equipped with a
coastal gun p22 suppressor. It’s a very light and handy 22 and it is, of course, a bolt action that can accept five
or ten round magazines and it’s actually one of
my favorite guns to shoot. Who doesn’t like ringing
steel with a 22 rifle all day? The cz 452’s receiver is made
from a single steel billet and sports a hammer forge 16 inch barrel. The trigger’s adjustable
to the shooter’s taste and it can accept five
or ten round magazines. Although I prefer the
flush fit five rounder. While the barrel’s thread
pitch was half by 20, I bought a half by 28
adapter for 20 dollars so I could run my 22 suppressor. With an overall length
of just over 33 inches, it sure is a handy little thing. I put on a pretty big optic
for a rather small 22, a Nikon p22 two to seven
by 32; it’s served me well. The radical’s very nice with clear marks for drop compensation at fixed distances. But let’s shoot it a bit. (gun loading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (gun shooting a blank) (metal ding and gun reloading in distance) (metal ding and gun reloading in distance) (metal ding and gun reloading in distance) Shooting steel with a suppressed 22 never ceases to entertain. It always blows my mind how much louder the bullet impact in the steel is than the actual report of the rifle. It’s also a great way
to teach new shooters. The rifle isn’t very intimidating because it doesn’t make too much noise. (birds chirping) (gun loading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) So obviously the number
one, most important factor to look for in a 22 or any rifle you’re going to use to hunt
small game with is accuracy. A squirrel or rabbit
is a very small target. And if I’ve learned
one thing while hunting these animals, it’s that you can’t expect the animal to sit there and
wait for you while you shoot it. (gun firing) The cz-452 is a great option
for most of our viewers and I say that with some
confidence because being a bolt action, it’s
not only 50 state legal but it’s also legal in
restrictive countries like Australia, New
Zealand, the UK, Canada and so on and so forth,
pretty much anywhere you can get a fire arm, you can get some sort of bolt action 22. That’s probably the least restricted fire arm in the world, that
and shot guns, of course. That being said, there’s
other variants of this gun. And there’s also the cz-455
which is somewhat similar. I’m just a little biased because I’m so familiar with the 452 and having a lot of trigger time with this example, I just know that it’s a great gun. I really like shooting it; it’s fantastic. And thing is how it’s so
popular around the world. I’ve seen lots of videos
of people in the UK using a variant of this gun. There’s gonna be parts
availability all over the place. While the ruger 10/22
is kind of, obviously, the most popular 22 in the United States, semi automatics are more
restricted in places like Australia, so this is an option for our Australian viewers to look at. It’s a great rifle; you don’t have to wear the cowboy hat while
shooting one either. So that was test at about
80 to 85 yards right there. And it grouped the first group of five rounds was about an inch. And the second one was much less. I almost same holed with every single one with wolf ammunition,
which is good ammunition. Really guys, this was kind
of a self indulgent video. I just wanted to showcase
one of my favorite rifles, my favorite 22 for sure
and hope you enjoyed it. Special thank you for watching and hope to see you next time. (gun fires and reloads)

100 thoughts on “The CZ 452: My Favorite .22 Rifle

  1. In New Zealand you can get most of the guns that are avaliable in the states, there's just real strict licencing.

  2. I recently picked up a CZ 512 in .22LR. I need to get it out to the range to try it out, but generally if it's CZ, it's brilliant.

  3. My favorite .22, too!  I've the older model 2E with the 'bulb-flare' at the end of the front grip.  But no difference otherwise.  GREAT gun that has served me well lo these many years.  It has sent many a nutria to giant rat Hell.  Most are unfamiliar with it, though everyone seems to have heard of the 455.

  4. Cz quality has gone to shite get the cz 452 and 550s before they're all gone and replaced with the cheaper to make and lesser 455 and 557

  5. Great video! I want one of these in 17HMR SO BAD! They only make it in LH, and anyone who has a RH one never wants to sell. Great guns.

  6. Can't say your choice of opticts too bold! 🙂
    I have the same gun – a CZ 452 2E, admittedly rebuilt to whoel-barrel silencer, but on top I have a Bushnell Elite 6-30×50 with mildot reticle.
    Fantastic gun!

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  8. It almost sounds like you edited out the gun fire noise from each shot. All I can really hear is the echo coming back.

  9. nice video. Have just bought my first CZ 452 for my son and I here in Australia. Just wondering about the Wolf Ammo you were using ? haven't heard of it here so far ? how does it compare to Winchester Power point 40 grain ?

  10. i have just purchased the 455 about 1 year ago and love it !!! i got mine with a 3 barrel kit because just incase you didnt know the 455 you can change out the barrel to a different caliber! !! you can have it as 22lr , 22 magnum or 17hmr so essentially you get 3 guns for the price of 1 !!! good video and good info !! just thought id let people know some advantage of 455 compared to 452 !!! also 452 are no longer being produced !!! 455 is its replacement! !!

  11. Bought my first 452 in 1997, a 96 manufacture lux with the long bbl., tangent sights and Euro stock.  Bought 2 more 452s since then.  Great guns heirloom quality.

  12. You seriously use a 30.06 for coyotes? Overkill much? 5.56/.223, 7.62×39, or even that .22lr could take care of a coyote dude. Hell, I've even killed a few coyotes around my home with .22 magnum and .22lr.

  13. Love my 452 with full stock. All my friends that shoot it love it! Like shooting a mini Mauser and accurate as hell..

  14. Yeah CZ's are excellent. High quality and great wood. From my research last fall, i want a laminated stock one. Wouldn't mind the Lux (full length Mannlicher style stock) in 22 WMR either. I wish we could have suppressors here in Kali. It would be great for ground squirrel population control. U could get in quite a few more shots before they realize u are there. Great video.

  15. Here in australia, i will never forget the feeling of quality that overflows from holding a .22 Brno. Its just something different.

  16. the way you abuse those nice wood stock rifles, you should only buy synthetic stocks… Shameful !!!! Didnt your daddy teach you any better?

  17. I inherited my dad’s 452 Lux which has the 28” + bbl. Shooting sub sonic ammo it’s as quiet as a your suppressor. But yours looks really cool 😎

    This well built quality rifle will get handed down through many more generations.

  18. LEFT HANDED SHOOTERS, they are currently doing a left-handed bolt production run. Pick one up while they're still cheap.

  19. I just get my cz 455 ultra lux, it’s so boring… why..? cuz i hit target or anything i aim on it… aizzz … to boring….

  20. I was helping my father clean his garage and found one of these, a lil rusty and missing the mag but other then that it's good!

  21. I have no complaints except for the terrible factory packaging>>>    which lets the butt end of the stock flop in the box around unsupported, levering against the barrel tip which is held in place with a piece of syrofoam. Check to see that the screw securing the barrel in place at the muzzle end of the stock are tight, or the barrel will move around and affect your accuracy. It takes a while to get used to the long trigger pull and non adjustable tension, but then it's darn accurate.

  22. You can look for and wide there's no other 22 rifle more accurate than a CZ 452/455 these rifles will last a lifetime.

  23. I say this gun needs to have a drum mag and Howell-like piston thingy

    Because there ain't no way to make it better in a normal way

  24. We shoot both Centerfire and Smallbore F-class. Our Smallbore matches are fire at 50 and 100 yards. My left-handed CZ 452 American holds the club record of 399-25X out of a possible score of 400. This score was posted with SK Rifle Match ammo. All we did to the rifle was to perform a trigger job with the kit from DIP industries. Nothing, I repeat nothing, out-shoots a CZ 452!

  25. Good gun review but it needs more metal music drowning out the narrator and maybe an opening of you in full tacticool gear shooting an ar15 prone or something like that.

  26. Esse sim é o rifle calibre .22 dos meus sonhos, pense num rifle lindo e muito preciso a CZ é show mesmo e esse vídeo ficou ótimo demais mostrando essa arma fantástica. Parabéns

  27. A few years ago I treated myself to the best 22 bolt action for everything, that I could find. Based on experience and reputation, the choice was between cz 452 american and anschultz model 1412 I think it was. The heavy barrel anschultz was same price as sporter barrel but both were over twice the price of cz. I had the money for either. There just wasn't any comparison in class of design and so I walked out with the CZ 452! I know anschultz makes an accurate rifle but their is built like a 22 rim fire with a man sized stock. Simple, tubular action and pinned in barrel, whereas the workmanship that went into cz's rifle is FAR superior. Even barrel finish on anschutz was kinda matte, but cz was high quality blue. Both are incredibly accurate with high quality ammo (I've owned anschultz on 64 action before), but the CZ is built like a centerfire in 22 lr. The anschultz, at least their 64 action, is just a bigger 22 rim fire. Anschultz barrel (inside) and the way they cut their chambers, is where they get their reputation. Cz however, has a very good reputation for making highly accurate 22's too! I'm very satisfied with my choice. With cci standard velocity (not even target ammo in the class of German made target 22 lr!), I get 1/2 groups at 50 yrs and 3/4 to 1 inch at 100 yrs, all day long!

  28. You think 22 LR is boring to shoot?..Im.hoping to get a 455 22 wmr thumbhole for bit more kerblam to practice with

  29. That’s the best .22 or rifle ever . One guy can shoot out to 100 yard a golf ball without a scope. That makes me buy this rifle. .

  30. Waiting for my Irish gun license to get a Brno Model 2 which is what the older version of this was called. The say made in Czechoslovakia instead of the Czech Republic

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