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The Continental Review 2 in 1 Auto Rifle

Hi Swaye here and today we are going to review
the vanguard vendor roll auto rifle the continental. First of all you might be wondering why are
we reviewing this , what is so special about the gun? Too be honest the gun does not stick out in
any particular category, but what makes it interesting though is that the vendor continental
is basically a 2 in 1 gun. Before I go into the details we will first
need to go through the perks of the vendor roll. This gun has the
Red dot ORA SteadyHand IS
And the OEG scope Focused Fire
Eye of the storm Perfect balance
Rifled Barrel And hidden hand The Continental falls into the mid-impact
auto rifle category, and this is basically mini version of the Monte Carlo with less
range. Take a look at the perks and you will notice
why this is a 2 in 1 gun. The perks are working very well together which
makes this gun suitable for both Pvp and PVE. Focused fire slows down the rate of fire but
increases the amount of damage which will work very well on this gun for pve type of
play where the slower rate of fire will make it easier for you to control the recoil and
thus be more accurate to put as much damage as possible to your enemies. Most of the time in pve you want to keep your
distance so rifled barrel will help a lot to keep your damage up while being safe from
a longer distance. So these two perks works really well together
for PVE. For pvp play you want to switch it up and
use eye of the storm instead together with perfect balance. You want to use eye of the storm here because
focused fire actually slows down your time to kill , and perfect balance will be needed
to keep your auto rifle as stable as possible as this is highly needed with the original
rate of fire without the focused fire perk. With this setup you will have a mini monte
carlo , but then with less range. To top it off Hidden Hand and SteadyHand IS
are great all round perks that will make you as accurate as possible. So basically this gun is well suited for both
PVE and PVP, if you are a new player and you are looking for your first gun to buy I can
highly recommend this. The Vendor Continental is a fantastic starter
gun which can help you go through the story missions and play some casual crucible. For most of the players you will probably
already have better guns for both pvp and pve, but if you want to mess around with some
guns like I always do, do give it a try , it is really a fun gun. If you got the continental as a vanguard drop
here is an overview of the possible perks for the gun. Personally I would choose, crowd control,
Rifled Barrel and hidden hand. Crowd control will make you more lethal after
a kill and rifled barrel will help you minimize the damage fall off from medium to long ranges,
and the reload speed is already relatively high so the slower reload will not hurt you
that much, also a pair of auto rifle reload gauntlet can help you negate that as well. And Hidden hand again will help you with hitting
the target more easily. Let me know what perks you would recommend
and how you find this gun. Put in the comments below what gun you want
me to review next and I might make a video about it. Subscribe to stay up to date on my latest
videos, and as always i will see you in the next video guardians.

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