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The Combat Shotgun Has Become TOO DOMINANT… (Fortnite Shotgun Tips & Tricks)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing why the combat shotgun is the most dominant weapon in all of Fortnite,
and probably more dominant than the pump shotgun ever was. I’ll be the first person to admit that I was
totally wrong about the combat shotgun. I bet some of you guys remember that the first
few weeks after it was added into the game, the community as a whole viewed it as basically
a joke of a weapon. Now, that was probably due to some combination
of players being mad that it replaced the pump, and also not really understanding how
to properly use the weapon yet. But, as it stands right now, I think the community
realizes how wrong we were. I wanna make it clear that when I describe
the combat as “most dominant” that necessarily doesn’t mean most overpowered. What I mean by that is basically this: If
you were to ask a bunch of really good or even pro-level Fortnite players to pick one
weapon they were guaranteed to get every single game, it’s a safe bet that the vast majority
of them would say any rarity of the combat shotgun. And throughout the video we’ll get into more
detail about why that’s the case, and definitely the correct choice. So without further ado let’s get right into
it. So, at the beginning of this video I called
the combat shotgun the most dominant weapon in the game, but not the most overpowered
weapon in the game. I’m sure at least some of you either disagreed
with that entirely, or didn’t really understand how it would be possible for a weapon to be
the most dominant but not the most overpowered. To understand that, you need to first understand
the role that the combat shotgun plays in the current state of Fortnite. As I’ve stated a few times before on this
channel, shotguns have always been, and are always going to be the most important weapon
category in all of Fortnite. Even average players build to protect themselves
almost instantly now, therefore to consistently get kills, you’re gonna need to engage enemies
in close range fights, and hit high damage shots. Right now, we’re in a very unbalanced shotgun
meta. I really tried to stay positive as much as
possible by attempting to convince myself that the Tac shotgun could hang with the combat
shotgun, but I’ve now realized that isn’t the case. And the main reason why that isn’t the case,
is a mix between how well the combat counters the tac, and how poorly the tac actually fits
the role of what a shotgun should be in Fortnite. The combat shotgun is a weapon that at least
in my opinion, is most powerful at what I’d describe as “medium-close range”, which is
maybe roughly 5-10 meters away. At that range, you’ll still hit for very close
to the combat’s max damage per shot, while also having enough space to comfortably line
up you shots, and even ADS a lot of the time. That’s so incredibly important because the
tac shotgun on the other hand, is absolutely useless from that “medium-close range” distance. It really doesn’t matter what rarity of the
tac you have, if you shoot it from anything other than point blank range, good luck hitting
for more than maybe 20 damage per shot. Now this really wouldn’t even be any kind
of major problem if the tac was really good at point blank range. It would actually make for really interesting
1v1 battles, where the player with the combat is trying to create distance between himself
and the enemy, while the tac shotgun player is gonna do all he can to turn it into a point
blank range fight. But, the fact of the matter is, the tac simply
isn’t good enough, even at it’s ideal range for that be a reality. Seriously, even when you just absolutely barrel
stuff someone with the tac, it seems rare that you hit for anything over 100 or so damage. This means that if you’re going against a
player with a combat shotgun, he can probably absorb a shot or two even at point blank range,
turtle, heal, disengage a little, and then just dominate you from that golden 5-10 meter
range. I truly believe that even though the combat
definitely is a very good weapon, there’s really no debating that, it really isn’t overpowered. It only seems overpowered because the weapon
it’s most commonly fighting against is the incredibly underpowered tac shotgun. But, as I’m sure most of you guys can remember,
this definitely isn’t the first time that a shotgun has been considerably better than
the only other option in the shotgun weapon category. From the end of season 7 to the beginning
of season 9, there were only two shotguns in Fortnite, the pump and the tac. And just like we’re seeing with the combat
right now, the pump absolutely dominated the tac in every possible way. But there’s one major difference between when
it was pump-tac and what we’re currently seeing now that it’s combat tac, and that difference
is rarity. Back in season 8, it wasn’t a super huge deal
that the tac was so bad, because in the majority of games, you’d be able to find a pump very
early. A lot of the times it’d be in the first building
you loot, and if not, you’d almost be guaranteed to have once before you left your starting
area. So even if you got lucky enough to find a
purple or gold pump right off the rip, it’d definitely be nice. But almost every body else would have a pump
as well, so the advantage you’d have wouldn’t be anything crazy. With the combat shotgun, as I’m sure a lot
of you guys are aware, that simply isn’t the case. You’ll almost never find a combat shotgun
in the first building you land at, and even if you land in populated towns with a lot
of loot, it’s maybe 50/50 if you’ll have one when leaving that starting town. I actually saw a post online that gained a
ton of popularity a few weeks ago, where someone opened 1000 normal chests in creative mode,
any only got something like 11 or 12 total combat shotguns. I think we can all agree on how insane that
is. Now, we did get that change in patch 9.21
a few days ago that increased the spawn rate of shotguns. But like I mentioned in that video, the way
they worded that change was a little concerning, because they never gave specifics of how much
each individual shotgun’s spawn rate was increased. And based on my experience playing the game
since that update, I’m definitely finding more white and green tacs, but the combat
still seems to be just as rare as ever. That crazy rarity, is absolutely one of the
biggest factors that makes the combat shotgun the most dominant weapon in the entire game
right now. If you’re lucky enough to get one early, you
should be able to kill all the players rushing you with white and green tacs relatively easily. The final thing that makes the combat shotgun
so dominant, is it’s insane versatility. The combat shotgun is pretty much the first
shotgun in Fortnite history that doesn’t require you to carry an SMG with it. Most shotguns either need an SMG to spray
down weak enemies, or in the case of shotguns like the tac and double barrel, for fights
where the enemy is slightly out of the shotgun’s range. But since the combat has the same effective
range as most SMGS and a fast enough fire rate to where there isn’t a significant delay
between shots, it’s almost like a shotgun and an SMG combined into one weapon. Now in public matches especially, a lot of
players will still prefer the comfort of an SMG with their combat. But in competitive, I’ve seen some pro-level
players running around with some pretty absurd looking inventories that are only possible
because of the versatility of the combat. A 5-slot inventory of combat shotgun – mini
shields – slurp juice – shadow bombs – and a rift-to-go is totally viable, especially
in end game situations. Even when the pump shotgun was at it’s absolute
best, I don’t think you could ever get away with using it as your only weapon, it simply
didn’t have the range or spray ability. So at the end of the day, I truly believe
that If Fortnite were to add either the pump, heavy, or even the double barrel back into
the game, the combat would be nowhere near as dominant as it is right now. That’s because all 3 of those shotguns would
be able to outclass the combat in point blank range fights relatively easily. The combat definitely isn’t horrible at that
range, but you gotta remember that the weapon has a super small crosshair, which is a major
disadvantage at point blank range, and the gold rarity version of the weapon can only
deal a maximum of 137 damage in a single shot. Most rarities of the pump can hit for 200+
damage, the heavy shotguns can hit for around 190, and with the double barrel you can easily
hit 2 120 damage body shots within about 1 second. The combat is just lucky enough to exist in
a state of Fortnite where it’s weaknesses aren’t able to be punished by any other weapon. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Do you agree or disagree with the statement
that the combat shotgun is the most dominant weapon in Fortnite? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I will catch
you guys next time.

100 thoughts on “The Combat Shotgun Has Become TOO DOMINANT… (Fortnite Shotgun Tips & Tricks)

  1. I completely agree with this. The reason the combat shotgun is dominant right now isn’t because it’s op, it’s because the tac is too weak. Here’s what i think a good solution is:
    Remove the grey/green variants of the tac, add purple/gold variants. Then make the tacs do about 75/80/85 dmg, but they have extreme dmg drop off. That way, the tac is superior at point blank range against a combat but the combat is much better if you’re even just a few meters away. That way, instead of the fight being based on who just got the better shotgun, it’s based on who can push better into the right situations. And neither would be overpowered because they’re both 2-shot kills.

  2. You should really wait for updates before you post these videos and then post a video on the changes but then again you couldn't see the change was coming 😅

  3. I think epic should vault the tax and bring the pump so there’s a close range high damaging weapon and a mid short range lower damaging shotgun,
    If that made sense

  4. I seriously think that the heavy, pump, and combat shotgun should be re-added/stay in game, and have the tac removed. Also wth epic, why vault dualies

  5. What if they increased the tac damage to structures so that it can one shot wood that is relatively newly placed so that it truly excels at point blank range and perhaps buff the damage

  6. Thoughts on the nerfing of range to the combat. Should make it much less dominant. Depends on the close range effectiveness of the new drum shotgun.

  7. The combat is absolutely the most op weapon in the game
    They should nerf it then get rid of it for good…. Zapatron style
    Edit-Most OP that is NOT vaulted

  8. I remember when the combat came out me and my friend practice with it then they fixed it and it was really good

  9. In the current state of fortnite, the heavy shotgun would fit perfectly. It’s basically a Tac, but 10x better. The only problem we’d have would be rarity.

  10. The original pump is probably the most dominant shotgun ever.. it could hit from across the map and do decent damage and you could also double pump and it wasn’t even fair if you were good with it

  11. “When the pump was at its best it wasn’t spray able and was bad at range”

    That’s where you’re wrong – double pump gang

  12. I have been watching you for a wilhe now and I want to say congratulations for all you've accomplished and you teach so many viable tips

  13. They pulled the pump because it was accounting for 1/4 of all kills. Well, the combat has to be higher. Their development team seems like they need help feeding themselves…just significantly stupid….. they sure as hell shouldn't be designing game mechanics.

  14. Epic doesnt like skill gaps. thats why u can hold down mouse1 on literally every gun u have. Got no aim ? Np Combat shotgun has 10 shots, we got u.

  15. in my opinion, the combat and the pump are both really good, and they're just good in different situations and aspects. and also, i just miss all my shots with the combat. really the only reason i'm here.

  16. Im having a hard time even playing this game because its literally either find a combat shotgun or die.

  17. Y'all can't never stop bitching about everything right?
    This shotgun it's actually part of the litty committee

  18. why dont they vault the tack and add the pump back the shotguns would be balanced in there abilities

    i mean in creative matches whenever my friends switched to the pump id switch to the combat and vice verse and it was still pretty even

  19. I noticed gronky puts his assault rifle first then his shotgun then smg then heals .. is it just personal preference.. or am I running my setup wrong.. I just got used to running shotgun first then Assault rifle.. I feel like this should be talked about in a vid from him because I honestly think there is something more to it

  20. Oh, because the pump wasn't. Nothing has changed .pump was op, combat is op, both were way over abundant. Shotguns are all ppl use. Its ridiculous

  21. Wow, u said things about this weapon that I didn’t even think of. I hate the current state of shotties right now, loved this vid and u earned a sub

  22. It way too much. It should be out of the game to bring variety into the game. The pump should come back.

  23. 8:52 Nah, fuck that shit. Just vault the damn thing. Still bring back the pump or better Heavy or even better both but I just want the Combat gone. I can't believe people think double shotguns (S4's to be exact) is unfair but this is

  24. In the start of season 9:
    Gronky:Pump is the most dominant shotgun in the game

    Mid Season 9:
    Gronky:Combat is the most dominant WEAPON in the game

  25. Hey hey yeah you you lnow that if u use code gronkey then shh the cops u win mor games dont tell nobody

  26. Now that the pumps in the game, overall the combats still better. If you miss a shot with the pump your dead. The fast fire rate and long range of the combat makes it more viable to have. Adding the heavy back permanently I think would bring more balance to the current shotguns

  27. I fucking hate this gun. I literally get killed by this ONLY when I literally view their inventory after death it shows usually a ar and a sniper yet they couldn't use a less inappropriate weapon? Fuck that I use tac shots over this any day it is a spammers tool and should be nerfed. And no I'm not talking combination with revolver Nerf I mean rate of fire Nerf. This shit is the plague of fortnite

  28. counter the combat shotgun. it is overpowered it kills in two shots. they need to make it a one shotgun, not a two-tap gun damn i keep getting combat shotgunned all the damn time so many scubs that have no skill use this gun i keep calling that gun the no skill gun

  29. I missed the season 1 when the best gun was the scar
    Shotguns shouldn’t be used as long range nor should have a tight reticle otherwise it’s literally a slug gun shotguns are close quarters weapons

  30. Combat is so annoying it ruins close range combat in fortnite a shotgun should not have more range than a sub machine gun

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