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The Carcano M41 Rifle

(bolt sliding) (rifle firing) – [Voiceover] Hey guys,
it’s Alex C. With TFBTV, and today we’re shooting
an Italian Carcano M41 rifle, chambered in 6.5 by 52mm. Or simply 6.5 Carcano. The Carcano family of
rifles has a long and storied history, they
were produced for over 50 years in a variety of configurations, were used in both World Wars,
and perhaps most famously, a variant was used to
assassinate President Kennedy. Cue the conspiracy theorists. Anyways, the M41 is interesting, as it is the result of a failed experiment. Italy had tried to switch to
a 7.35 caliber cartridge in the late 1930s, but supply and logistical constraints caused by the
outbreak of World War II caused Italy to ditch
their new cartridge and go back to the old 6.5. Anyways, the Carcano
is a relatively simple cock unopened design, and the safety is actuated by the user’s right
thumb with relative ease. The sights are kind of
a throwback to the old Vetterli rifle, and are adjustable
from 300 to 1000 meters. Although you can flip it
forward and it reveals a different V notch to serve
as a 200 meter battle sight. You can see the bolt is
a little bit difficult to actuate, and it is removed
by pulling the trigger, unlike on a Mauser where
you pull the ejector box. That’s not a feature I like
in a bolt action rifle. It does have one of the simplest bolts of any military bolt action
rifles, aside from maybe the Moss 36 and the Arisaka. Two horizontally opposed lugs
with a simple hook extractor, and the bolt handle
serves as the safety lug. These rifles do take in
block, Mannlicher style clips, and that’s why they’re
erroneously sometimes referred to as Mannlicher Carcanos. They are loaded quite
easily, and you’ll find these clips either brass
or in kind of a black finished simple metal clip. It does hold six rounds
as well, instead of the usual five in these types of systems. To load them, you simply
depress the clip into the magazine, and bolt forward,
and you’re ready to go. (bolt sliding)
(rifle firing) So a few notes on the Carcano system. I really do like how
easy they are to load, as I experienced when I did a run and gun with this rifle, loading
it was extremely quick. Also, the recoil is very
low, the 6.5 by 52mm cartridge doesn’t kick
that much, but as you can see here, I’m really
struggling to work the bolt. My biggest gripe about the
Carcano is that primary extraction doesn’t begin
until the bolt is almost turned up 90 degrees,
so you don’t get that nice camming action of the
bolt handle interacting with the rear receiver
bridge like you do on a Mauser 98 system, or
something like that. They’re just not smooth
to operate, and that makes shooting them kind of a
pain, it’s almost as bad as a crudely made M9130,
I know crudely made M9130 is a bit redundant, but it’s just the way these rifles are, and
they’re a bit difficult to shoot and handle quickly as a result. (bolt sliding) (rifle firing) I hope you guys enjoyed this quick look at the Carcano, I would like
to do an in depth accuracy test with one of these rifles, however, most of the ammunition
produced by manufacturers has an improper bullet size. The Carcano bullet diameter
is actually slightly different than every other
6.5 that’s ever been made, so most manufacturers
just take that shortcut. Anyways, guys, hope
you enjoyed this video, special thanks to Ventura Munitions.

100 thoughts on “The Carcano M41 Rifle

  1. Thing about the Carcano is that its not the best rifle in the world, in fact its somewhere in the middle, where exactly depends on how you feel about it. But what is indisputable is that the Carcano was something that Italy's industrial capability could handle and produce reliably and effectively as well as being a simple rifle that uneducated conscripts could easily handle. It's not the rifle Italy wanted, at least by WWII, but it was the one they needed.

  2. LOL crudely made 91/30 dude you need to go to a gun smith or just use the original M91 Mosin Nagant those are of higher quality

  3. I hate watching people pull the bolt like this. They hang up all the time using even a curved handle. Its atrocious.

  4. Outstanding review! Huge fan of classic military rifles especially bolt action and you knocked it out of the park on this one. Thanks again for the review.

  5. TFB TV why did you told such a bullshit that Carcano's aren' accurate ? Carcanos are cheap and pretty accurate rifles and thats the reason why over 3-4 Mio numbers were produced

  6. I think we can all agree the Mosin Nagant action is superior to the carcano and definitely has seen much more use from ww1 to modern day Syria and Afghanistan

  7. I really wish a gun company would come out that dedicated itself on making new WWI and WII bolt action battle rifles.

  8. Yes, the loading system is great. Six rounds is nice too. I've always wondered how much crud gets through the opening in the bottom of the mag under field conditions, especially if it's dusty or muddy. Heaven forbid u are prone or low in the mud. I may have to get one just for historical interest. I believe Hornady and Prvi both make ammo. I think i heard somewhere that the bullet diameter is .267" rather than the common .264". Glad u reminded everyone in the video.

  9. My great uncle who has now passed due to cancer brought one of these back from Sicily during ww2 I now have it

  10. Its really hard to judge 100 year old technology and compare it to AR-15's. The carcano fought many wars and used to this day!

  11. Not really sure about the Carcano. I've only shot one in my life, and it sucked. But it's a game of hit or miss when it comes to surplus rifles, so I'm not gonna judge the rifle on that experience alone.

  12. something about shooting a old milsurp, cheap or rare, it is more gratifying than shooting a ar15 any day of the week

  13. I love the show but I do believe that you are too hard on the humble Mosin Nagant and specifically the Mosin M91/30 variant of that system. The Mosin works and it worked well enough through two world wars, the Winter War and many other conflicts. I would take a Mosin over a Carcano any day.

  14. wow, that's a pretty nice gun. I'm looking to buy my first gun and this might be the one. Plus I think it has a nice firing sound!

  15. I have an M41 Carcano and the bolt will ride right over the last round in the clip, almost like the magazine follower isn't pushing it up all the way. If anyone knows what the problem might be please respond.

  16. Some one gave me this rifle. Couldn't find the serial numbers or anything at all to help find what kind it was. Till today that I grabbed a clip decided to type the letters that are on the clip and matched them to the rifle. I'm so glad I found what caliber and rifle I have. Can't wait to shoot it.

  17. Hornady makes a match bullet for the .268 caliber carcano, hand load for it as I believe that rcns makes dies for it

  18. Italians never made anything good in ww2.
    Their guns sucked ass, their tanks were tin cans, their planes were slow, their navy lacked ammunitions, their generals were the worst tacticals ever…

  19. Anyone know where you can get one? I’m looking for one for my WW2 rifle collection but I can’t find them anywhere. Gunbroker has a couple of m38’s but I want this one.

  20. Conspiracy: Kennedy was killed by an assassin with either a SMLE or a Mosin Nagant, but the fanboys of the rifle in question (who secretly controlled the government at the time) decided that this wouldn't do and so they blamed it on the humble Carcano.

  21. I always thought it as some big "Fuck you Truth" that they claimed it was a single Guy with a Carcano who shot Kennedy…like they wanted to have the most ridiculous version….. but when you think about it… they did the same again with "the jet fuel melted the steel"…….

  22. Privi partisan makes the right round for the 6.5×52 carcano. They are very accurate. I have 3 of them however 1 was stolen from me. All 3 of them are extremely accurate out to 400 yards and beyond. 400 yards is the farthest I have been able to shoot them. I'd like to see how they perform at longer distances though.

  23. Even I can recognize that the Carcano was obsolete by WW2, and I usually defend basically all Italian small arms, because they never get the recognition they deserve.

  24. The JFK Assassination rifle because of Lee Harvey Oswald buying one of Klein's Sporting Goods a chicago-based company

  25. Bad rifle? I don't know but do know a guy using it killed JFK with it in 1963.
    PS: Suuuuure! Oswald didn't do it. It was Elvis & Col Sanders of KFC hiding in the grassy knoll shooting at JFK.

  26. This rifle is very long. Considering most Italians were not exactly tall at the time, balance and was most probably bad. And it is heavy.

  27. The Carcano is basically the Italian Mosin. Like Mosins, cheap to produce, somewhat reliable, and just a decently rounded rifle. Not the best but not bad.

  28. It’s kinda unfair to showcase a Carcano but then showing the M41 aka the worst version. M38 is undisputedly the best version.

  29. I've been to the Texas school book dispository and it's a VERY easy shot with a bolt action rifle with a scope. Looked to be about 75 yds and with a rifle no problem

  30. I can't hate on the carcano. In fact it has more character than other rifles of it's time. It does what it is intended to do which is to go bang and send brass down the battlefield. For a little country like Italy it got the job done and didn't dent the bank.

  31. Everyone complains about the bolt and how difficult it is to work, but just get used to it and it will be fine. You just need to use a little bit more strenght than on a "normal" rifle.

  32. I changed trigger spring. Very simple design. Simply took a glock firing pin spring trimmed to same length. Stock trigger pull was 5.5 lbs and hard to cycle. Now 3.5lbs and cycles much easier. I also did a lot of research and found that the Italians designed the rifle so that you could interchange the bolt with other Carcano models with out supposedly changing head space. So I bought a turn down bolt from Numrich and changed that as well. Both changes didn’t require any modifications to the rifle. Twenty minutes of work and now I have a very fun rifle to shoot. Did slug my barrel. Found a seller on gunbroker who sells lead bullets that are sized to .269. With target loads rifle is dead on. With jacket bullets from Buffalo arms it shoots a foot low. Was all over the place with factory ammunition. ( Anyone considering any changes to their rifle should consult with a gunsmith.)

  33. I just got a m38 in 7.35 carcano. It has the mark that it went to finland. I find these very fascinating and underrated. The bolt isnt the smoothest. Had the italians switched earlier to the m38 and the 7.35 i feel like they would have faired better and the round would be more popular today

  34. I'm Italian and a gun enthusiast too, but I think the Carcano is one of the ugliest rifles ever… is just dull

  35. And their was a gun with the sound Boom click boom click click! and their were three shots fired right above us and we were on the fifth floor!

  36. Fun fact
    Attack on Titan chapter 97 spoiler warning

    This the rifle Reiner uses when he's contemplating suicide

  37. Historically, the Carcano rifle was average and an adequate service rifle. The Russian Mosin-Nagant was also adequate. Neither was outstanding. But somehow the Mosin-Nagant is widely considered to be better than it was. The Carcanos are relegated to a trash tier with Arisakas. This is not accurate and unduly harsh. While not great rifles, they did the job. The Italian logistics issues didn't help.

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