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The ‘Blossom’ With The Gun-Toting Student And Alcoholic Clown

(melodic music) – [Narrator] Blossom hasn’t
seen her dear friend Jimmy in a while. He’s been mysteriously absent. – Anyway, I’m back now right? – [Narrator] That’s all
I need to hear Jimbo, no further question. – What’s your name again? – [Narrator] It’s Blossom, Jimmy, the only fucking person named Blossom. Jimmy got a gun. Say hello to my very little friend. He brought it to scare someone, mission accomplished. Blossom is about to shit
in her Oshkosh B’gosh. Jimmy tells her to keep things quiet. Six got detention, a kid
tagged a teachers desk and when nobody ratted the
whole class got in trouble. Blossom leaps at the chance to complain about this awful no-snitch culture. Six explains, people don’t tattle because they’re afraid. – Fear of kids on dope, fear of gangs, fear of getting beat up. – [Narrator] Only two of those are scary, you numerically named narc. Blossom sings about Jimmy’s heater then swears Six to secrecy because these gals have
such a strong track record in that department thus far. – It wasn’t just like a toy or a bar of soap or something was it? – [Narrator] Yeah Blossom,
was that gun a bar of soap? Blossom has the anonymous
betrayal hotline memorized. – That way you don’t have
to worry about getting shot on your way to biology. (audience laughs) Unless, of course, he figures
it out and gets another gun. In which case, our whole class gets off a half day
early for your funeral. – [Narrator] Wow, half days
every time there’s a shooting? The 90’s were luxurious. Blossom will feel guilty
if GI Jimmy’s expelled but not as guilty as she’d
feel if Jimmy expels a cap in someones ass behind the library. Blossom is rehearse-snitching, work shopping voices, making a real meal out of it. But does she really want to
piss off a guy with a gun? Sure, why not. Vinny says Blossom did the right thing. Debatable. And, she has nothing to worry about. A god damn lie because when the fuzz comes knocking they don’t find that blicky. Jimmy is a free man, a free man with a weapon who knows Blossom dropped dime. – You’ll get yours kid. I promise. – [Narrator] He still
doesn’t know her name. That should make her easier to murder. Meanwhile, Joey’s watching TV. ♪ Ding dong. ♪ This clown needs directions
to Blueberry Lane and asks to come inside. – You’re not going to
steal anything are you? – That depends, do you
have any midget firemen? – [Narrator] Joey you can’t afford to not let this guy inside this instant. Joey knows him, he’s Frosty, he did Joey’s sixth birthday. Speaking of birthdays Frosty is late for some kids party. Joey points him that direction but a slurring Frosty is disoriented. – Are you a little drunk? – I was a little drunk this morning, now I’m big time drunk. – [Narrator] Frosty’s still got it. Joey volunteers to drive this hammered, costumed jokester to a
house full of children. – [Joey] I hope one of these is the car. – No, they’re all keys. – STILL. GOT IT. Blossom tells her dad
about the snitch-uation. Daddy wants to run it up the
old suburban snitch ladder to the police. Blossom defends Jimmy, a job his pistol already
has more than covered. Joey is driving Frosty in the
sad van he probably lives in while he sips hooch from a giant bottle. Frosty wants to pull over
to the side of the canyon to take a leak. – [Frosty] Ahhh! – [Narrator] No! Frosty! Frosty is fine, he just wanted
to behold the City of Angels and scream-piss all over it. The la-la land we deserve. Joey was worried this
alcoholic clown offed himself, you know, with the yelling and sad drinking and what not. Frosty’s thought about it, he’s thought about it a lot. His brain is like a tiny car and thoughts of suicide
just keep jumping out. Joey offers to get Frosty some help. Tony tells Blossom how much he loves AA, he always sees some pathetic loser and it makes him feel
great about his shitty life by comparison. Then today is your lucky day Tony. Joey introduces the gang to Frosty, the alcoholic, suicidal clown. Joey wants Tony to bring him to a meeting. Tony is reluctant, I mean
it’s already anonymous, you don’t exactly need full face makeup. – Don’t worry, you’ll
be just as funny sober. – But you folks won’t be. (audience laughs) – Say goodnight Frosty. – Goodnight Frosty. – [Narrator] Still got it. God damn, this clown is good. Blossom bumps into Vinny who tells her the good news. She’s safe! Jimmy had an accident
with his gun last night. Let’s just say five out of five dentists do not recommend using
one as a toothbrush. And we never see Frosty again, he probably fucking killed himself. So, what did we learn today? Piss off gun owners at your own risk because they might kill you and just because you’re an alcoholic, suicidal disaster, doesn’t mean you can’t still be hilarious. And, life is often overwhelming but you’ll get through
it if you accept help and if your enemies blow
their own brains out. See ya next time on
a very special episode.

100 thoughts on “The ‘Blossom’ With The Gun-Toting Student And Alcoholic Clown

  1. Do the episode of Moesha where she outs a young Gay man before he's ready and it's treated as a virtuous thing to do

  2. Did she really just ask blossom "you sure the gun wasn't a bar of soap?" Like really?? I know Six was the Cole, the Waldo, the Jazz, the shawn(boy meets world), the Moe(smart guy) of the show but come on now, a bar of soap?

  3. Look : it's the Amy farafowler character off the episodes of the show, the big bang theory

  4. I never saw an episode of “blossom” but that’s fricking Dick Martin- comedy legend of Rowan and Martin’s laugh in!
    That guy is one of the people responsible for American tv sketch comedy…
    sweet cheeses!
    Put THAT in your funk and Wagnels!

  5. Please explain to me why Brian from My So Called Life has a gun at school the same as Rickie does at their high school?!? Weird!

  6. Hardly ever saw this show but I do remember later on six and blossom got into it because six was " putting out "and blossom was still a virgin

  7. The moral about guns and snitching might leave (arguable) room for satire, but the moral about alcoholism does not !! The only reason Frosty's still funny is because he's a clown; it doesn't reflect alcoholics collectively.

  8. "Frosty" is played by Dick Martin, once famous, now totally forgotten. The "Say 'good night', Frosty"/"Goodnight, Frosty" is a salute (a pathetic salute) to the ending of the once Number 1 show in America, "Rowan & Martin's Laugh In"–"Say 'good night', Dick"/"Goodnight, Dick" (doubly funny because "Dick"). Nobody cares, of course, but all you smart-ass kids are going to die too and no one will care about you either. Ha, Ha, Ha!

  9. Wait a character actually killed himself and you still made the joke about never seeing a character again because they probably killed themself. 😂 fucking glorious!!!

  10. Holy shooty mcnooty i realized that dude with the gun is Brian Krakow from My So Called Life, man he really hit a curb

  11. "Those aren't condoms Mr. Russo! They're balloons! For a party!! hehehehe" -Sara Gilbert as Six (SNL c. 1993)

  12. The kid with the gun actually ran into frosty. Turns out that while he was harassing him, he discovered that frosty is actually a Master of Drunken style Kung Fu. He disarms the kid and empties the gun into his head. Then he puts a red nose on the body and honks it. He's still got it.

  13. With Dick Martin as the clown! Did anybody else notice the "Laugh-In" in-joke at the end of this? "Say goodnight Frosty." "Goodnight Frosty!" Also, Don Reo was one of the writers on "Laugh-In" and went on to create "Blossom."

  14. Wow this time one of the one-off characters actually might've killed himself, and the other one actually did!

  15. and show was done in 90s school security and others mean should of taken place what then no school shootings 2019

  16. “Blossom will feel guilty if G.I. Jimmy’s expelled, but not as guilty as she’d feel if Jimmy expels a cap in someone’s ass behind the library.” 💀💀💀💀

    Thank you for making these. They are phenomenal, truly.

  17. Damn you really missed the opportunity to say "and we never see Jimmy again because he actually fucking killed himself"

  18. If there is not a shooting in your high school you don't have the complete experience of going to high school in USA.

  19. wow half days for a shooting at the school? these kids in the 90s had it good. now the kids don't even get the day off because they'd have to make up school all summer

  20. Unfortunately I only knew Six from THE PARKERS I was aware she was on this show but never watched.
    That clown deserves his own movie

  21. I'll bet that Zack Morris was the guy this kid brought a gun to school to scare. Is there no end to Morris's evil?
    /Zack Morris is trash

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