100 thoughts on “THE BEST SNIPER EVER! (Call of Duty Mobile)

  1. You can use ur specialist weapons that’s how I got my 1st nuke and dom. on Raif was the best game mode and map for me at least to get a nuke

  2. To get a nuke you have to be level 20 and get a 20 gunstreak and that includes all weapons and specialist but not score streaks this is from a level 113

  3. I think quads on other maps than Killhouse are definitely more impressive. If you want fixed spawns though, play Frontline

  4. Nice video and gameplay 🙂 I've also tried playing on pc but for some reason i enjoy playing on my phone more. Btw I also made some videos about cod mobile, if anyone wants to check them out goto my channel 😃

  5. I think we need more call of duty youtubers like this. That’s why I’m trying to follow the footsteps of merk because he inspired me to make my own cod videos

  6. Really? I used to love merk… But now he thinks he's so good shitting on kids playing on mobile while he's on PC? Like seriously man stop ruining the game for everyone

  7. I get kind of annoyed at this it’s the same as if ur on console and someone xim’s or and uses keyboard and mouse. Just let mobile be on mobile, what happinesses do u get out of shitting on people that r using 2 fingers on a 5×1 mobile screen

  8. Nuke doesn’t have a level cap I believe, by its 20 gun kills with a primary or secondary, and specialists DO count 😊

  9. im glad to see after ignoring your channel for like 2 years i was able to come back and get the exact same content i wanted

  10. To all the people wondering, if you are using an Emulator you will be matched against Emulator users too!
    I tried to team up with with an alt account on a phone while the other on an emulator. The account on the emulator can't even get inside the game
    just saw many people on the comments thinking that if you use M & K, you will be matched against mobile users

  11. guy who play on PC will never win in esport tournament. to master in mobile take a lot of hour, practice with hacker (when your level elite and above) and customize button layout. not to mention your hand-phone screen over heat. don't talk game was easy when play on PC.

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