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The Best SMART PISTOL MK5 Pilot Loadout in Titanfall 2014 – Titanfall Guide

The Smart Pistol MK5 is mainly designed to
take out enemy minions, that is Grunts and Spectors. It will automatically lock onto
them and take them out when you pull the trigger. Taking out enemy Pilots is very tricky, however,
and should be done by firing from the hip. The loadout is focused on staying hidden and
finding enemy minions. Using the suppressor attachment to the Smart Pistol MK5 will let
you take out minions close to enemies without appearing on the map. Chose the Cloack Tactical Ability to stay
hidden from enemy Titans and possibly Pilots, although close up you are still easy to spot.
For the Ordnance take the Arc Grenade which distorts the vision of enemies letting you
take them out eaisly or make an escape. For the Kit chose the Run N Gun Kit alllowing
you to run whilst shooting making you harder to hit and escape easier. The Minion Detector
shows enemy minions on the map allowing you to find them easily. The Mag Launcher is the best Anti-Titan WEAPON
since you can fire it from out of sight of enemy Titans. Chose you favorite sidearm to
use when you are out of bullets in the Smart Pistol MK5’s clip. Here is the complete Smart Pistol MK5 loadout:

2 thoughts on “The Best SMART PISTOL MK5 Pilot Loadout in Titanfall 2014 – Titanfall Guide

  1. You're better off taking stim and enhanced targeting that way you can kill more minions, faster as well as utterly brutalize enemy pilots by doing extremely fast parkour to get a lock and kill them. Ive had games where I'll get a 9 kill streak doing this simply from doing parkour in a large room with enough walls to allow me to bounce from wall to wall for extended periods of time.

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