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The Best Home Defense Gun

so one of the most common questions I
get is what gun to use for home defense to take care of people like this, let’s
find out let’s talk about home defense guns however before we talk about homes
defense guns I just want to say a couple of things so this thing right here is
your friend all right so if something is to happen in your house you don’t need
to be a hero you don’t need to hunt anybody down or do anything like that
what you need to do is call 911 with your cell phone and what that’s gonna do
is a couple of things for us so call 9-1-1 put it on speaker and kick it
across the room all right that way one it’s gonna keep you a
little bit calmer because you have somebody to have a conversation with to
everything is gonna be recorded all right three
you can talk to 9-1-1 and you still have both hands-free which is really
important okay you don’t want to be on the phone like
this talking and you have a gun in the other hand and you’re trying to open
doors or closed doors or whatever you’re doing you don’t want any of that
happening so call 9-1-1 and put it on speaker they will at least keep you a
little bit calmer than you would be as if you thought you were by yourself okay
so I picked four different weapons first one is a pistol I think that’s very
common I don’t think pistols are the perfect home defense gun why they could
be but most people don’t want to put the work in to become proficient with one
okay it’s you don’t learn how to shoot any gun with one lesson or one class or
by taking your fucking CCW exam or getting your fucking concealed weapon
permit it’s something that takes constant maintenance to be good at just
like any sport okay you have to get really good with it
pistols are probably the hardest ones to learn okay they’re the simplest but
they’re the hardest to actually hit what the hell you’re trying to hit alright
but if you are proficient with your pistol when it comes to home defense
one thing you want on any of your weapons is a light okay that way you can
ID what the issue is if you need to or who the bad guy is you know if you have
family members the sure’s I want to make sure you identify what the fuck you’re
about to shoot before you shoot and the only way you’re gonna be able to do that
is with the light unless you’re gonna turn every light on the house Sun which
isn’t a bad idea so doesn’t have to be a Glock doesn’t have to be it can be
whatever the hell you want but you need hollow points not ball ammo okay you
need a light and you need to be proficient with it okay I don’t
recommend this because most people aren’t good enough to be proficient with
it so there’s that getting ready to do some testing about the stuff we talked
about earlier I brought John Rossi from timber stone construction and none of
the forged and he made an interior exterior wall that we’re gonna do our
penetration tests with so you want to give us a little explanation on that yes so here we have an exterior wall
obviously you’re gonna have your drywall on the inside we have our 2×4 studs
which makes up the framing and then this wood area here represents an exterior
with OSB which is your next layer after that we have a little bit of plastic
which is a vapor barrier and then as a mid-range
obviously a brick house is gonna have less penetration but we went ahead and
put this Hardie siding on the backside because I assume that’s what most people
are gonna have in their home is something like that and then these two
pieces of drywall are representing an interior wall that the bullet might pass
through and then get to the exterior wall as well so one more time for those
of us who aren’t construction people interior wall exterior wall this is a
person on the other side there’s the bad guy that is in your house so we’re gonna
shoot through Bob into the wall through this wall and see if the ground is gonna
injure an innocent no shoo okay and basically essentially what we’re doing
is a bullet penetration test all right so we’re gonna start up with the ar-15
just like I said earlier green tip is fucking bullshit so we’re using Black
Hills 77 grain ammo because that has some knockdown power all right so one
round suppressed all right with clear and safe let’s go
see what we got here all right so Bob takes one through the
chest going through our interior walls both of them all right there’s the hole
right there the bullet actually broke into two and then here’s our exterior
wall all right I may have hit the stud and then if you
look back here we have no penetration and Bob’s cousin over here is safe which
actually I can’t fucking believe that just happened
so I was expecting this to go through a lot more than that so we’re gonna shoot
another one and see if what happens just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke all right
so just real quick we didn’t get any penetration I just want to make sure it
didn’t hit the studs so we’re gonna plaque another one off into Bob see if
we get full penetration here let’s go downrange check it out shot Bob
came a little higher center chest as you can see here we go through the interior
wall into the exterior right out the siding here and Bob number two Bob’s
cousin has also taken one to the chest so I think we hit the stud on that first
one so anyways it’s going through interior exterior and Bob and Bob’s
cousin so this probably is not your best bet when it comes to home protection all
right so we saw some results with the ar-15 a couple of things to keep in mind
number one round selection is extremely important especially with this thing all
right one thing that we heard a long while ago is everybody shitting their
pants because somebody’s gonna ban green tip armor-piercing rounds I am here to
tell you from experience green tip fucking sucks
we moved to 77 Green Black Hills ammunition which has a lot more
knockdown power it’s a heavier bullet and it works so if you got green tip and
there get rid of it it’s not gonna do what you think it’s actually pretty
detrimental so anyways with that being said a couple things
with the AR why do I have a suppressor on it okay if you’re gonna use this
thing inside as a home defense weapon these are loud now I know what you’re
thinking who gives a shit if it’s loud well your fucking kid might give a shit
and your wife might give a shit and it’s already a extremely stressful situation
that you’re in the quieter you can make it the calmer they’re gonna be if all
they hear is you know gunfire gunfire gunfire and it’s the loudest in
you have ever heard that everybody’s gonna shit their pants so as stupid as
it sounds if you can keep it quieter then your family just might be a little
bit calmer and you know what – probably the worst scenario that you’ve ever been
in so that’s why I do that also what do we got here a light just like I
mentioned before the red dot is great why because put the thing on the target
pull the trigger and it hits whatever it’s on for the most part okay this is
really easy for women and children to shoot because there’s damn near zero
recoil okay you saw the results down there they weren’t bad still would be my
choice but that’s all you got it so be it now let’s go back outside
and give the MPX a little test run all right so now we’re gonna do the sig MPX
nine-millimeter we’re using gold dot hollow points all right same round as
the pistol as we talked about you know earlier so doesn’t matter really whether
it’s a pistol or a rifle the whole point is it’s nine millimeter and it’s hollow
point Roger that all right we’re clear let’s go check it
out and so Center chest stand a little high so we had downward angle see it
went through both it went through the interior wall here’s the exit hole right
down here you can see the bullet kind of expanding our exterior wall right here
and we did not penetrate the other side of the exterior wall so and it
definitely didn’t hit a stud it’s all hollow in here actually you can see the
bullet right here where it stopped here it is gold dot does exactly what we
want it to do so pretty cool there it is so it’s going to go through an interior
wall and then it stops at three pieces of drywall which and you can be accurate
with it pretty cool okay so we just tested the MPX this would be my
recommendation there’s very minimal recoil very easy to shoot all right once
again I have the cannon why because it just keeps everybody just a little bit
calmer okay got the flashlight we already talked
about that we got the red dot easy day put the red dot on the target pull the
trigger okay very easy very quiet very light
especially for women and children this is this is like if you can teach
somebody to take this thing off safety point the red dot at something and pull
the trigger they’re fine well and worked alike all right that we saw the
penetration power down there doesn’t get much better than that so pistol caliber
rifle platforms or the perfect home defense weapon do you really want a
politician that begs for table scraps Griffin has not paid his taxes in 77 dog
years Griffin has been seen chasing tail all
over the states Griffin has been known to take bribes from lobbyists
Shawn Ryan please his taxes and only has one tail vote Shawn Ryan this coming
election and show your support by shopping at vigilance elite comm I’m
Shawn Ryan and I approve this message all right so moving on to 12-gauge we
got 15 pellets double-aught buck here okay
think this is three inch shells so this is like the mother lode right under the
slug so I know we talked about a pump upstairs but I just fucking like a
side-by-side so I want to break it in oh I want to shoot it so this is what we’re
gonna do all right so this will probably be Bob’s last round to the chest fucking Clint Eastwood style Roger that let’s go check it out looks like we got
a pretty solid hit on Bob’s chest and went through the interior wall as you
can see then here’s the first portion of the exterior wall and actually with one
two three four five six seven pellets made it through the other side of the
exterior of the wall and Bob got super fucked up Bob’s cousin
so that’s actually a shocker I didn’t think that was gonna happen either so I
think that was a pretty damn good test probably the best one I’ve ever seen so
I’m gonna stick with my original my original thoughts on nine-millimeter
hollow point for home security alright so we just went and you saw the results
I was actually pretty surprised myself but didn’t think there was any way that
day that round coming out of the shotgun was gonna have that much penetration
power but even if we go with the lighter load I still wouldn’t recommend it why
yes we point we shoot it hits anything in its path
ba ba ba that’s all great but what in the fuck are you going to do if your
family member your child your wife your son your grandma whoever is standing
right next to your threat are you gonna pull that trigger because you’re gonna
fucking hit both of them all right so I take that very seriously which is why I
don’t recommend this the positive the only positive I can see which was what
everybody says is everybody knows exactly what the fuck
that sound is right so you do that maybe you scare them off maybe you don’t once
again I got a flashlight right here so that I can ID my threat another negative
to this thing they aren’t fun to shoot there’s a shit
ton of recoil nobody likes shooting this thing I don’t I don’t like shooting it’s
got too much recoil and I can tell you right now your wife probably isn’t gonna
like to shoot it your daughter probably isn’t it like to
shoot it you’re some probably will like to shooting it but women and children
99.9 percent of them unless you’re dating Xena probably doesn’t want to
deal with this fucking thing okay it’s heavy it’s the heaviest of all of them
it’s got the most recoil of all of them and unfortunately just can’t be that
accurate with it so I would not recommend the shotgun okay so we just
tested out a couple of different weapons there again the pistol and the MPX
should at the exact same around 9 millimeter I would recommend the end MPX
I hope you guys got something out of that it’s a really common question I
think I went into about as much detail as I can go on them and keep in mind I
had no budget I’m not gonna put a budget on it
you can’t put a budget on home protection so I will see you next week all right even though we didn’t talk
about this earlier this is for you a que nerds out there all right so 7.62 by 39
is it worth this shit for home defense Claire
all right let’s go have a look Bob takes another one to the chest unfortunately
here we have entry penetrated Det went through the exterior down here low
and actually looks like it’s just fragmented after that and looks like
Bob’s cousin over here may have taken some shrapnel to the groin so yeah so
maybe not as bad as I thought it would have been but it definitely went through
both walls all right and it did fragment the cousin
so ak-47 there it is

100 thoughts on “The Best Home Defense Gun

  1. I liked your option. I have faith with #4 or #6 at short distance in a 20 gauge youth pump, due to shorter stock for those that can't yet afford the MPX yet. O Yes—of course—with a light! Thanks for your service!

  2. response time in my neighborhood makes calling 911 all but irrelevant. Just leave the home invaders bodies for pickup on the front lawn. I think my lawyer would be on site before the police ever leave the station.

  3. This dude is the best, I actually never thought about the consequences of shooting my side by side at an intruder in my underwear! Shawn Ryan, you’s a bad mother fucker. I’ll vote for this guy

  4. what stops you from complete hearing loss shooting a weapon without ear pro? i always grew up shooting on base so it was a requirement but i have been curious

  5. Any intruder coming into my house gotta know one thing. I'm stingy, and bullets are expensive. If you ever saw what a pig does to a chicken, just know, I got 10 pigs.

  6. No it’s not, it’s fucking stupid calling 911 the call can be used as evidence against you if you kill someone and you go to court. The 911 operator will tell you to stay in your room don’t do that and you will have it brought up in court. You phone 911 after or if you think you can’t handle the number of people etc

  7. I don't know why people are so surprised at 00 buck going through everything — it's what it does. Other than what you recommend, I think the best home defense is a 12 gauge with heavy game #6 shot. You should try it out in a video

  8. I have a 4 bedroom house and there is a firearm in every room, but my main go to is my 12ga Mossberg w/pressure switch surefire taclight and loaded with birdshot. I have birdshot loaded mainly because i live in an urban neighborhood and tests shown that bird shot doesnt over penetrate drywall and exterior house walls. Backup is my 357 revolver 🙂

  9. Wow! I hadn't thought of what's on the other side of a wall before in the scenarios I've played through my head… Even as obvious as it is… Things to think about.

    Also, my 130lb wife kills me every time when we go blast clays with the shotties. Her choice? An 870 12ga. I've seen her squeeze off 6ea 3 1/2 nitro loads through it in 30 seconds. I have no clue if she was accurate or not, but the flame leaving the muzzle was insane.

    Good shit. Love your vids.

  10. Forget your wife and kids; your eardrums will give a shit that 5.56 out of a carbine, indoors, is loud. You might not care in the moment, but you'll care the next day when you can't hear shit and you find out your hearing is permanently, badly damaged.

  11. Is there anything like a "low penetration round" in .223 that would be able to stop a human threat but not over penetrate walls etc?

  12. That test only means of Bob's cousin has a 50/50 chance of being hit by 5.56, assuming Bob is unlucky. He didn't seem to broken up about it, so he probably didn't like Bob's cousin much anyway.

  13. shit, now I have to buy a new PCC, unless there is a 300AAC round that doesn't overpenetrate. (sub-sonic, suppressed or not) I was surprised the BH 77gr (SMK?) retained mass & energy the way it did, although that was at very close range. The main take-away is that suppressors should not require NFA registration.

  14. Thank you for pointing out the AR platform as being the most woman- and child-friendly platform. It shows how, by going after the AR-style guns, the Gun Control creeps on the Left don't want women and children to be able to defend themselves, even more than they don't want husbands and fathers to defend their families, because… well, you know… traditional families just aren't "in style" anymore, thanks to them.

  15. 17:20
    This guy just broke into your house. Clearly, his decision making skills could use some help. Do you really think shuck, shuck is going to help him make better decisions?

  16. Shotguns are best- everyone knows that. Get an assault rifle and shoot through ur walls, neighbors walls, kill or shoot someone else besides the intruder and get sued to death. It isn’t like tv..

  17. I prefer my shotgun & my dogs as a deterrent. If someone is behind a wall or door, it's a intruder. I live alone in the woods.

  18. So question on 5.56 ammo. You mentioned 77gr black hills ammo. So one problem with the M855 steel core from what I heard was the core could be off balance making the round inaccurate. Accuracy tests M855 vs XM193 show the 193 is a far more accurate round. What about accuracy of this 77gr black hills ammo vs XM193? Thanks for the info.

  19. Great vid, great advice on the 911 call and pistol cal in a rifle platform, but I think you should of mention the wide variation of self/home protection laws in each state. I would like your opinion on the use of a person protection dog or even just a barker in home protection. I personally like my wheel gun and 1911 along with my bite trained K9. My thought is while the intruder is dealing with "ButterCup" it gives me more time to grab the phone and the revolver.

  20. one other thought, the "BE AWARE OF DOG" and the home security service signs in the front yard would suggest to criminals that you are not an easy mark. Motion detector lights are cheap as phouque now and easy to install

  21. a .45 caliber bullet (ball ammo) shot at the same distance as the rest of the guns this dude tested out, would leave a softball size hole in your chest. You don't need a hollow point when it comes to a .45. Aim for the chest and you'll drop your threat like a sack of potatoes.

  22. I much prefer a 12 guage street sweeper with #4 shot for home defense.
    Plenty of stopping power for head shots without risk of a stray projectile hitting a neighbor.
    I am always aware of what is behind the target and home invaders are not always going to stand where you need them to.

  23. So when I was in the Navy in the mid 80’s I stood roving security on Frigates with a flashlight and a .45. I was always told to keep the flashlight up and out from me because anybody shooting back would aim for the light and if it’s in front of me I’m toast (this was long before pistol mounted lights). Wouldn’t the same issue occur with a pistol or rifle mounted light? Asking for a friend……an Air Force friend…..jes sayin…..

  24. My most vulnerable first story window is over my kitchen sink. So I put a row of glass figurines on the window seal. So if someone came threw the window the glass would hit the sink making a loud noise. Intruders came threw that exact window his leg knocked everything into the sink; I heard it,pulled my glock17 on em but he was a teenager I didn’t hv the heart to shoot. He jumped back threw the window and hauled butt. Life always has surprises shooting a kid makes you start second guessing in that fight or flight moment, at least for me.

  25. Shawn, I’m 4 minutes into the video. What distance at the 1st range target. Was the non shooter about 8’ back from the exterior wall? I’m gonna set up a duplicate scenario so I’d appreciate your input
    Vigilance Elite is my “ go to” for more than 1 reason brother. Thanks

  26. Wrapping my head around rearranging in the safe the 9mm carbine ahead of the 12 ga 870, though that is why I bought the pistol-cal in the first place, s’pose.. Loved the phone and illumination tips; better a live husband than a none-live hero, especially in non-Castle People’s Republic of Maryland. Bummed about the M855 review, though it jibes w/SF friend’s opinion. Shawn and Hickok45 (O.K., I admit it–Sooch, too) now tops in my rotation (though I do miss MainePrepper).

  27. I get so jealous watching gun videos from USA. I'm from Canada we are allowed to own guns. But they are in two separate classes and need a license for each. The restricted guns can only be fired at a range.

  28. # These days there's always some Clown/s gatecrashing private property without prior appointment or notice … call 911 first. Then your tools of trade for self defense in the very last case scenario.
    * Notice to clowns. Don't rob Shawn on a ' Monday ' !

  29. Dude – Shotgun test – "Bob's cousin just got super f_cked up." – lol 😉 Flippin' great dude entertainment — and solid info. Love the channel.

  30. Shawn's the first guy I ever heard make this very valid point about the downside of shotguns — what if your loved one — wife, kid, whatever — is standing right next to the bad guy (read: hostage) — you're going to hit both of them with shot. That's a real concern. If you have to make a CNS shot to take a bad guy out and their head is right next to mama-san's head, accuracy is king. MPX 9mm with HP's, all the way. Dealing with Mr. Grizzly or the ol' shootout at the OK Corral is a different story — gimme that scatter gun! But we're talking CQB home defense here…

  31. How good of a shot do you need to be  with a pistol and a 13 round magazine inside a house where there is no longer shot than fifteen feet?  I  suspect mere competence will suffice.  I myself prefer a shotgun.

  32. I like green tip. Its like a 200 yard icepick.

    I mostly like it cause I stol…err, stored it, htf am I supposed to replace like 10k rounds? That 262m0 is expensive dawg

  33. At some point you should consider a vid just educating people on what different calibers do to the section of a wall that has no stud, where it's just sheet rock on either side and insulation between. I talk to a lot of people that have seen way to many movies and they think "when they're house gets robbed" they will be able to dump a mag any direction and somehow not kill their relatives because of their in penetrable Sheetrock walls. I think a large percent of civilian population would benefit from such a video. Keep em coming love ur vids bro!

  34. I just keep a full size M&P with truglo night sights bedside that I can reach immediately without getting out of bed. I go to the range every week and and fire a few hundred rounds to keep proficient with it. I also keep a separate flashlight bedside as well. I like having a separate flashlight so that I can light things up without pointing the gun at it. An AR with a full mag is close by just in case the purge has begun.

  35. I would recommend a 9mm pistol with hollow points for home defense . It’s easy to grab and you can keep it under your pillow . Even if you’re not accurate with a pistol you fire a shot and most people will run away.

  36. Not to dis his test, but I understand Frangible in an ar15 to have pretty low overpenetration factor for indoor style self defense and multiple wound paths when it hits flesh. 30 rounds of that might be a nice option. And…is it just me, or does this guy totally sound like Jack Burton?

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