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The Best Concealed Carry Holster | Episode #16

Alright, one of the biggest things our
students ask us is which holster should I get? People come to class and they have holsters that are horrendous and we won’t even let them
use them because they are dangerous. Because they are not for their gun. They picked it up at a gun show and it
just looked cool and they did even know what they were buying. So today Sang and I are going to talk
about, what’s the best holster for concealed carry and why. We are going to demonstrate a variety of holsters. We are going talk about materials. Pros and Cons for sure. Where to carry it on your body. Sang’s a appendix guy. I’m a four o’clock
kinda guy. Part of it is like God gave us different things in different places. I
don’t have anymore room up front to put a gun if you follow me. So, let’s get right to it. I’m gonna run my
kydex holster. You can run it appendix or at the 4 O’Clock. 4:30, 5 O’Clock. Whatever they want to call it. Because it’s inside the waistband it blends. It won’t print as much as outside the waist band. We are going to do inside the waistband Kydex holster with a Glock 19. Alright, so we have a kydex inside the waistband holster. What we like about these is they are as sleek as possible. So you are taking
up his little real estate insider pants as possible. Simple retention control
right here. Tighten the screw. Loosen the screw. This clips over the belt. You can
move this thing from the 4 o’clock position to the appendix position or
anywhere in between. Being Kydex it’s pretty much indestructible except for
high-heat. Body sweat. Things like that are not going to affect it. This is a
failure point and most of these holsters. This is the clip. This happens to be a very
good one Sang choose to use on here. Alright, so now I’m going to use the Serpa, Glock 19 outside the waistband at the 3 o’clock position. As you see, it’s not as concealable. It prints a lot more, then inside the waist band. This is the famous Serpa from Blackhawk.
This is your retention. We are calling this type of holster, Level 2
Retention. In order to release a weapon from this you need to place your finger onto the toggle. This actually puts your finger right in the proper index point as
the gun is removed from the holster. You can get these with the pancake. You can get them with the belt loops. You can get on with all different kinds of attachments. Very
popular in law enforcement circles. Safariland ALS, outside the waistband. With my lite jacket on I think it does a pretty good job of concealing. Although if the jacket was to tighten up, or if I was to bend over it might expose it. This has thumb retention. Glock 19, here we go. Safariland ALS. We have a thumb catch that needs to be depressed. The firearm is secure until we depress that thumb lever. It actually puts your thumb in a good position for a master grip when the gun is drawn. This particular one has a mimic suede material on the inside which is nice. The rest of the holster is manufactured from a very heavy ABS plastic, but I could be incorrect on that. Now running a neoprene
inside the waistband holster for a 38 Special. Got this in the appendix position.
So, with my jacket on it does a fairly good job of concealing. Here’s the problem. How do I get it back in there. I’m not going to do it. That’s the problem with these things. One of our scariest holsters. This is just a simple neoprene cloth holster. Sorry Blackhawk, we know that you sell these. The problem with these in order to get the gun in an out you have to physically be holding it. If this thing is inside your waistband, it’s clamped shut, so you’re pointing a loaded gun at your hand to get the gun in.
We have cleared all these weapons before hand. This is about as simple and cheap as it gets. I believe they belong in the garbage. Now the opposite. I’ve got a Kydex, inside
the waistband, for the same revolver. Does a very good job in the appendix
position. And I can re-holster. Kydex holster. This is from our friend at Vedder’s, down in Florida. Wonderful people. If you go on there website there is a discount. “CarryTrainer” is the code. They will provide you a holster.
I believe a 10% discount. This has the same features as the other Kydex we talked about. Meaning its durability. Retention screws here because this is a
revolver. Vedder’s has since change the belt clip on this to a newer model made out of another type of hard durable plastic.
What we like about vs. that neoprene though is it allows us a one hand holster. Which is imperative for concealed carry. Now we’re running a Kydex Speed Rig. This can be used for IDPA USPSA competitions. Also has good retention so there’s no reason you could not use this in and
outside the waist band capacity under a long shirt, jacket like I’m doing here. Does a
pretty good job. The nice thing about this is it’s very fast. And you can re-holster. The pros and cons with this The retention is held by two screws that you have to set on your own. There’s no retention device. There’s no thumb. There’s no ALS. There’s no hood on it. So it’s really quick. This is a competition style rig.
This one is from Bladetech. Very limited retention. It can be set pretty tight. I’ve had this on where I can do jumping jacks and skip rope and it will hold. This is a straight drop holster.
Got the paddle you put inside your pants so your not having to take your belt on and off. This is actually a great holster for classes and such, but as you know we like
to tell you to carry in train with the same holster. Don’t go to class or to
shoot with holster and then carry another. It doesn’t make sense. These are a
very nice tight fit. If you have a sport coat on this baby gets up nice and tight. Again, all of the benefits of plastic. 4 O’Clock carry got good concealment here. Re-holster Beautiful leather inside the waistband
holster. This is from my friends down at Pure Kustom in Arizona.
Good guys. Great holster. Not cheap but you get what you pay for very form fitting. Fits nicely. He has a
system that he’s able to keep the leather very stiff. It’s got a totally different
feeling than Kydex. It wraps to your body very nicely. The problem is over
time these things absorb all kinds of oils and sweat. It depends on your
preference Kydex has kinda taken over the world,
but I’m still a bit old school and enjoy the leather. Outside the waistband kydex holster. These pancake holsters, very popular these days they’re tight to the body. They allow
good concealment. There is a lot of material with these things though. So think about
it before you buy one. They take up a lot of real estate on the outside but they do allow for good conceal-ability. And a good draw stroke. And of course because they are Kydex, they stay wide open for a good re-holster. These things were hugely popular for a few years. Everybody bending Kydex in
the world started making these things and we’re not huge fans of them. This is a outside the waistband rig. There’s just so much extra material that we don’t feel needs to be there. You’ve got all this extra plastic on you versus what we were showing you with the inside the waistband, but again, it depends on
your mode of carry. And then we got all kinds of hybrid holsters on the market. These were trying to fill a void, between the leather guys and the Kydex guys and I personally don’t see the need. When we looked at the other inside the waistband holsters there’s just a lot less material. I tried to carry these. What I find is they’re
almost too close to your body where your not able to get a good master grip. I’m sure the
manufacturers of these and argue. but you just have all of this material contacting your body versus those smaller inside the waistband holsters that we showed you. This is about as simplistic as it gets. This is a outside the waistband holster. A friend of mine, a deputy. This is a holster that he carried for a long time. About as minimal as you can possibly
get. What don’t I like about this? The muzzles exposed. Your firearm can
actually be pushed out of the holster. See that? I just use my index finger and was able to push the gun out of the holster. You have to be very cognizant of your
weapon. If you sit down in a chair that exposed muzzle can be pushed right out of the holster. Also, your muzzle is exposed to dings and dirt. If you hurt the crown of the barrel, you and really injure the gun and affect its accuracy. Your sites exposed so
that could get knocked out of alignment. Depending on what you do though, if your in a suit all day long and you’re not doing a lot of sitting, this is a very minimal way to carry. We’ve got one more of these minimalistic outside the waistband leather holsters. Again, in this one has a thumb strap on it. So you now have the issue solved of the exposed muzzle pushing the gun out of the holster, but you still have the other issues of the exposed muzzle getting
smacked into things and such. You get thumb break on here. So you have a little bit of retention to keep the gun locked in. With a 1911 it’s actually a level of safety because now
your impeding the hammer from forward movement with that thumb strap. So we showed you the holsters on the range. We showed you how we draw from them.
The different body placements. There’s others. You’ve got shoulder rigs. You’ve got a ankle rigs. Both of those are going to be far more experienced guys, wouldn’t you think. Very
specialty situations. Most of what you’re going to see is gonna be a waistband
holster. Especially if you’re new to this. Don’t start out shoving a holster in
your ankle. Don’t start out carrying something your armpit or bra. We want you
to learn how to work these things from a good safe location where we’re not pointing things behind you and all over the place to get a holstered. We covered that you
need to be able to re-holster, right? Sang, what do we think about a situation where you had to deploy the weapon you now need to reupholster. Why is it important? You don’t want to be using two hands to re-holster. If you have a collapsible, for example some of these. They will collapse on you when they’re in the pants. You don’t want to it’s a dangerous
thing. What about when the cops show up if you can’t put that gun back in a holster. Yeah.
First, we don’t do any speed re-holstering. The last thing you want to do if the police show up is make quick movements. And you want to be able to do it with one hand, without making a lot of quick motions and hurting yourself. Imagine if your holding a child in your hand and the gun in the other. And you’ve got one of these holsters that you need to be able to spread open. We
want a holster that we can safely put our pistol back in the holster.
After this video shoot I noticed we’ve got a bunch of these. A lot of these students that come to our class and they realize that the holster
that they bought is a piece of *#$&! That is not usable usable for street use. So we thought we’d show you where we’re going to put these. And this is it right here. All of these are kinda just useless Sorry to manufacturers. I think what they’re doing is trying to fill a void for cheap product that they know people don’t know
what they need and want to buy the stuff and they’re downright dangerous. And this
is your life, or the life of your loved ones. Don’t skimp out. Don’t. Even if you’re
talking fifty to a hundred bucks for a good holster. You’ve already spent four five
six seven hundred bucks on a gun. Another fifty or a hundred bucks for
quality holster is well worth it. This is Mickey and Sang from Like our videos subscribe to them. We really want you to forward design to
your friends that care about the same things we care about. We want to get this
information in front of as many people as possible, so we stop having people
showing up on the range with crap like this. stay safe ,train hard

99 thoughts on “The Best Concealed Carry Holster | Episode #16

  1. Outstanding presentation along with the reasons why one holster is better than the other.
    I don't think there is a comparable video on YouTube that has done as good a job.

    Would love to see more of this quality video.  Great job.

    The one area that was not covered which should have been mentioned especially with the Ruger revolver.  And that is front and back pocket carry.

    We're seeing a lot of these Ruger and J frame type of guns with larger grips giving you a three finger grip option.

    I use the compact grip with a two finger hold. Obviously, such a large grip gives you much better control of the firearm, but the downside is a loss of concealability. 

    In addition, with todays standard pocket sizes, the larger grips do not actually hide the gun.

    I recently had to send a DeSantis Pocket holster back because it did not fit the pocket. That was a bummer.

    What I found is that the DeSantis was made to fit guns like the Model 640 S &W J frame, which has a 2 1/8 inch barrel.  This is just a little too large for the average Jean pocket.

    My EDC is a 1 7/8 inch J frame.  Yes, the 1/4 inch makes all the difference in the world between concealability and printing.

  2. Great job on the video guys. I love how you incorporate basic firearm safety as well as the "Break and search" at the end of your standard defensive response.

  3. Deep conceal: I prefer Alien Gear IWB with steel clips (Boltaron instead of Kydex- basically the same physical characteristics but supposedly more durable.) Once you've chosen the angle of the holster and the "hold" pressure, I recommend a drop of blue Loctite on the screws. Alien Gear holsters rival the best, if they're not the best. Prices are less expensive than most and customer service is above the best. For less concealment or open carry, I prefer a Falco OWB (leather).

  4. jw…you train to shoot 2 shots then automatically drop the gun as though you're following the person to the ground…what happens when they don't drop in 2 shots? let me tell you, you will start to drop the gun out of muscle memory. training to follow the target to the ground after a specific amount of shots will get you killed

  5. This is an excellent video, I know a few people that shot themselves using them cheap holsters . What is your opinion on hybrid holsters like the crossbreed king tuck or n82 tactical holsters?

  6. good video on different holster but saying not to use 2 different holsters is moronic. Train with every holster you use, I'm not going to run a iwb conceal carry holster at a competition or vice versa.

  7. Agreed that one should spend at least 50-100 on a good holster. Sometimes 30-40 with todays Holster market being so wide base.

  8. I am not a fire arms instructor nor will I say I am a fire arm expert but I did serve in the military for 21 years and been through specialized weapons classes and schools. Can someone please tell me what the over acting is when they are done shooting. I started laughing When the guy shot, brought the gun down and then started looking around. My military buddies and I see these guys on the range and just laugh our asses off. They are trying to look cool but they can't shoot for shit.

  9. Is amazing how guns changes the personality of individuals. It is displayed thru body language. I am retired US Army and I was a Sniper and Drill Sargent where I trained young soldiers in the use of weapons. Please tone it down. Your body language is a giveaway of having a concealed weapon in you. Be safe!!!

  10. Love the Vedder Holster! I carry a Sig P320 in 9mm at the 4:00 position. Comfortable, fits the weapon perfectly and it is easy to draw and re-holster one handed. Good tips, like your channel!

  11. When are you guys gonna do a video for the made2carry holsters? Love mine! Seriously, one of the most comfortable IWB I've worn. I've tried 5 different types. The Vedder and Made2Carry holsters are the 2 at the top of my list!

  12. I disagree with your comments about the Neoprene IWB Holster (at 4:15). I have one for a smaller firearm and there are zero issues getting a firearm in or out of it. It also stays put thanks to the material "sticking" to other materials.

  13. the guy is complaining about some soft holster and putting his hand in front of a loaded gun but is ok with pointing the same loaded gun at his leg? (femoral artery you know the thing that kills you quickly when gushing blood)

  14. why be that worried about a slightly damaged muzzle crown when pistols are for primarily 15 yards or less in self defense situations?

  15. Why is there always some kind of flawed logic with "gun guys" when they think a certain product is garbage?

    For instance, the neoprene holster.

    I don't "run" one (like they would say lol) but I know a few ppl who do and they love them. Not as hard and bulky as the plastic ones and also adds a layer of cushion between you and the gun.

    Their "reason" for calling neoprene holsters garbage? "Because when you go to re-holster the gun, you have to use two hands, which means you'll have a loaded weapon pointed at your hand hurr durr"



    1) Why would you EVER put a loaded gun back in your waistband?? Darwin much?

    2) If for some reason you have some kind of bullshit "tactical" reason for re-holstering a gun with one in the pipe, even if you do it one handed………YOU STILL HAVE A LOADED GUN POINTED AT YOUR DICK OR LEG!

    3) I'm willing to bet money they did not form this opinion on their own. I bet they either read it in a gun magazine article, somewhere online or heard one of their gun buddies say it and took it as the gospel.

    If on the sliim chance you ever get into a situation where you have to use your gun, do yourself a favor. When the dust settles, clear the last round out of the chamber before you re-holster it.

  16. First you need to know the law for the state your in some let you open carry but it's got to be unloaded and the mag in another part on your body ( top pocket ) or mag holster on the other side of your body .draw your gun then install the mag so it is important to know the law of the state your in and that goes for conseal carry to I found out the hard way

  17. I've been using an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 1 for years. Yes it's a bit on the large side but it's so comfortable that the size doesn't bother me. I always wear a tucked in undershirt so the leather never really touches my skin. I know lots of people hate on Alien Gear but it really is a good IWB holster. My other holsters are both OWB, one came with my XD-9 and the other is a Bianchi I use when I carry my 1911. The Bianchi and Alien Gear are both good choices in my opinion but I never use the holster that came with my XD.

  18. You lost me when you imaginatively followed your target to the ground, then checked your surroundings. Are you f***ing kidding me? You're doing a review, not training with navy seals. I love seeing retards at the range doing this like it's just a natural part of shooting.

  19. Hey just passing through, wanted to let my fellow concealed carry gun owners know of a cool holster I found a couple days ago. It's called the Brave Response Holster and its a lot more cost efficient and worth it than a lot of others out there. Honestly really good in my opinion, would recommend.

  20. I need a video that shows what happens while sitting or even on the pot, you do generally let pants down In a public restroom. Do gun owners never sit down? What about bending to pick up dog poo on a walk? Why is it so hard to find useful information? What about working out? What about cross body? What about someone trying to take my gun? What about campus carry? Am I the only one trying to find this? Every video shows the draw. Show me getting in and out of vehicles. Talk about where it hurts and when.

  21. Good intel. Glad you told the truth about using an all leather iwb holster.
    A couple years ago I bought 2 EMPs, 1 3" and 1 4".
    I was so enamored with them I decided a kydex wasn't worthy.
    Called Savoy Leathers and had them make me a beautiful inside/outside combo rig. Cost me almost $200.00.
    Sure enough, collapsed on me. I was so disappointed.
    Perhaps if they would've used a piece of kydex in between the layers of leather it would retain it's shape.
    My go to holsters are either AG, STITCHDEX or HUCKLEBERRY TACTICAL now.

  22. Pull firearm, pop two shots, watch the batteries drain as the gun slowly drops along with the head. Sudden insurgence of battery power comes back up, look right then left to see what the hell is going on, resume looking like a tard.

  23. Came across this video, I know it's kinda old but maybe you're still an active account.
    I have issue with several things in this video,
    1st anybody who has carried for a number of years know that those narrow single clip holsters you're pushing move around while you move through the day. Hiding a gun is easy when you're standing up but bending, twisting and just plan moving around let's those holsters shift and move . A wider holster with 2 belt attachment devices such as Alien Gear spreads the weight and holds in place much better.
    2nd yes it's good to be able to reholster but I am not putting my weapon away until the cops show up and they are going to have me place it down and step away from it so, your way over emphasized that point.
    3rd the hard part of the gun to hide is the thickness of the weapon as in the cylinder of a 6 shot revolver and the buttstock so you want a holster that rides close to the body not one that puts the buttstock away from the body. Unless you frequent really crappy neighborhood on purpose you will be carrying much more than you will be drawing your weapon so concealment is most important .
    4th yal have been watching too much of that Stolen Valor idiot on range time with your looking around like that. If you didn't check your 6 before that's a deadly mistake you're only going to make once, lateral movement that your perpetual vision tells you is safe is a much better move than standing around like an idiot looking around for more bad guys.
    I suppose you sell classes on CCW information, you really should educate yourself before attempting to educate others. Oh being over opinionated jerks doesn't impress anyone with any real knowledge on the subject.

  24. This video was very helpful. I appreciate the new info provided. I will toss those holsters you advised to not use. Thanks so much for the instruction.

  25. Ok maybe I am not looking deep enough into this video but most of these comments are just off base…room clearing WTF…I was watching this for holsters LOL not all the other stuff that is being commented on. I would recommend that irregardless of the subject/class being taken always think for yourself and if doesn’t make sense don’t do it plain and simple every instructor you will meet will have an opinion that doesn’t mean it has to be followed blindly. I must say reading them is entertaining

  26. I don't think it'd be safe with almost any appendix IWB holster to try and reholster with one hand, due to your clothing getting in the way. My thoughts are, if you needed your gun out in the first place, then maybe you should keep it out until the cops show up. They're gonna take it off you anyways after they arrest you.

  27. LOL…These 2 were the kind of kids back in the day that chased each other around in Underoos and a cape playing team superheros!!! 🤣

  28. I have heard many people say neoprene holsters are garbage but I appendix carry hands have not only found them useful for my own personal use as I have to often take my firearm off often I can stick it between my center console and passenger seat when I'm not caring on body for quick access depending the potential threat level of the area I'm may be in. It allows me to take it off fairly easily and keep the trigger guard cover. I not only found a way to safely train draw for concealment with mine and have survived two self-defense situations where I had to use my firearm using those same holsters. I found out in a real life situations that reholstering your firearm is not as important as deployment. You can also place your firearm on the ground or some way out of reach when officers arrived to your situation. My incident happen literally a half a block less than 2 minutes away from the police station and I had plenty of time to use both of my hands to be hosting my firearm if needed. Most officers won't be that close to respond you have time. I'm sure you guys have experience with people with very little coordination or skill coming to classes trying to train with such holsters but that doesn't mean it's not a fit for everyone. For now these have fit and been the best option of holsters I've tried. My awareness should be at the level where I shouldn't be at a situation where I'm holding a child and not being able to use both of my hands. I worked hands on with thieves and criminals for 10 years doing security one year doing personal security bodyguard and bouncing work, mostly of that unarmed verbally descalating situations.

  29. I wear a gun 8 to 10 hours a day. All those iwb holster they showed with no backing and a clip are the most uncomfortable holsters made. Okay for a quick run to the store but they suck for all day carry.
    Something padded and broad like stealth gear, alien gear, or crossbreed is the only way to go.
    I prefer to not know it’s there instead of a painful constant reminder.

  30. FYI : Not sure if you guys ever heard of Kirkpatrick Holsters, They make some awesome leather ones..
    They have one called the (Texas Cross Draw), its for people that sit a lot .. It rides high and it sits between 9:30 and 10:00 o'clock(for right handed shooters) so its not digging into your leg or ribs..It looks to me that its canted just right.
    I just ordered one for my 1911 and its $98.00 buckaroo's…. They told me that there about 4 weeks out with backorders..

  31. Reholstering in a life or death self defense event is the last thing you will be concerned about. Choose the most comfortable functional holster that you will wear everyday.

  32. Great video as ALWAYS. Because I have to train mostly at an indoor range, I forget to execute the "follow the threat down to the ground" maneuver. I will set up my dry fire targets at home so that I'll be reminded to keep my sights and my eyes on the threat to make certain it has been nullified. THANK YOU, MICKEY.

  33. Don't mean to sound like a troll but aiming a gun at the ground when done shooting is just silly. Yes, I understand that it's meant to simulate following the target that fell to the ground in case you have to shoot him again but… the target didn't fall to the ground… it's still hanging. MAYBE when you shoot somoene they won't fall to the ground but instead limp to the side. So IMO there's nothing wrong with practicing scanning left and right but unless you use targets that really fall to the ground when shot it's just silly to do it on your own

  34. the Serpa holster is terrible and nobody should use it, law enforcement has stopped using them in many cases due to people discharging the firearm when retrieving it out the holster. Nobody should use that holster

  35. I never understood the importance of reholstering UNLESS you are taking a class which will require you to perform that movement countless times. In a real life situation that 99% of us will most probably never experience ,when you draw in a life and death situation the last thing you will or should be worrying about is reholstering. IMHO the whole subject is like requiring an airline passenger to learn how to use a parachute in order to fly. Just my two cents on a puzzling subject for me.

  36. Mickey, I have a g22 and don't shoot it as much as my 9mm handguns. Would a 40 cal to 9mm conversion barrel be dependable if I change magazines?

  37. I wonder if people train to draw without lifting their shirt first? Ya know, cause in a surprise attack you are probably using your other hand to control/grab/push the person.

  38. Haha! You were so tatiCOOL in these older videos, Mick. I enjoy your current videos so much more now that you've gone solo. Still a great video though

  39. Best holster comparison video I've ever seen, and this is 3 years after the fact.
    BTW, keep the beard. You wear it well, and it suits you much better, like a good holster does.😂
    Keep up the good work, as you already have. Subbed!👍

  40. I am not sure if you know about the TENICOR VELO holster for IWB? I am looking into buying one. Looks good, but crazy expensive.. Was just wondering what your thoughts might be on it.

  41. any thoughts on Alien Gear holsters, I got a 4 holster core pack the offers 2 OWB and IWB. I got them for my Springfield XDS Mod 2 9mm 3.3in

  42. Good thing about OWB, even with a shirt over it, no judge in his right mind would ever say you "took steps to conceal the weapon from view"

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