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I don’t see any vehicle I only see a buggy Teammate: There is a guy above me Teammate: Flying to red marker I will get this buggy first Teammate: There is one team with me Teammate: Do you guys have car? Both of us have buggies Teammate: I’m retreating Teammate: There are 4 guys in the red marker Just retreat Teammate: I go to pick you up, WeiSen Teammate: Do you have a gun? Get in the car Teammate: Hurry up…f**k Teammate: What? Teammate: You’re on the ground Teammate: Really? Teammate: You’re not in the car, i see it Teammate: You looks scary Teammate: I thought that was enemy Where are they now? Teammate: They have reached Rozhok They’re already there? Teammate: Yup Nobody’s in the apartment, oh, there is Teammate: There are enemies all over there Teammate: They’re in Rozhok, red marker Teammate: There is an UMP9 guys in the fused garage You guys, go to the left side, loot there I will go to the warehouse with LiangLiang Warehouse LiangLiang, you go first, i wanna stay here for a while You go there first, i wanna stay here Where are those guys? Teammate: In the garage, one guy Teammate: I see only one guy Garage? Down the hill? Teammate: Yup Teammate: Someone is crossing the road Where is he going? Garage? Teammate: Come here Teammate: There is a guy above me in the fused garage Teammate: He’s going prone, he just moved Teammate: Inside the fused garage? Teammate: Yes, right above me Teammate: LiangLiang, don’t get down, just stay there Teammate: WeiSen could help me Teammate: Hold on Teammate: His teammate is coming for him, driving a buggy Teammate: Shoot me Teammate: QiuGe, there is a buggy on you Teammate: See that? Yes Come here and help me Both of us could eat him His teammate is not here, come here, both of us could win against him Teammate: Don’t wait, just move Teammate: There is a guy inside that red building Teammate: Can i move forward to get some loots? East Teammate: Yes, but there is a guy inside that red building There is a guy inside the building right next to me Teammate: WeiSen, come, let me pick you up Teammate: Get up here Teammate: Follow the slope He’s downstairs He just went outside He just went next door His teammates are pushing Teammate: They’re coming Teammate: Inside this house? Yes Teammate: I’m nading him There is a guy down the slope on the left side Teammate: The slope beside the road? Yup Teammate: Both of us are flanking their butts He’s nading There is one more guy inside here Inside this house Loot quickly Teammate: Let’s go Teammate: Sub machine gun, extended mag, bring it to me “Worse than me” For real? “Worse than me” that’s really worse BaoLiangGe, not bad I saw this comment the moment i read the chat Where can we loot? Let me scout for ya first Don’t we wanna Win this game? Make it fast Teammate: Can’t Seems like there is something moving in widow village Teammate: WeiSen, let’s go Seems like nobody’s in widow village Safe to go Huh? Teammate: Both of you, hurry up You guys aren’t moving? Teammate: I’m gonna pick up both of them Teammate: I have a car There are many buggies, right? I’m not sure if there is enemy in the church I don’t dare to peek I’ve got to go to the church and take look at little Pochinki Teammate: You could see it from the hill too Teammate: Just check if there is a car over there Oh my god Nobody’s in the church This spot is better than that one There are enemies There are enemies We have to take over the fused garage Nobody’s currently inside there, both of you, get inside there Teammate: On my way Teammate: Both of you go there, i stay here with QiuGe Teammate: Try to think Teammate: Where would they go next Teammate: Little Pochinki Teammate: Wow, your car is sexy Teammate: It was looted They’re driving out They’re so low on health They stop Teammate: Behind the slope Teammate: We could attack them from side Teammate: I could but i don’t have a scope Teammate: They’re moving Where? Teammate: Three guys, three guys Teammate: LiuAn, let’s move to the three-storey Teammate: Don’t let them move to the fused garage Teammate: Get up here Knock one Below me Teammate: Only two guys are left? Below me Teammate: He’s low Teammate: They’re gonna die Teammate: Knock one Below me All dead Teammate: We’re so rich now Teammate: What a great loot delivery Where is the box? There is more Cover fire Teammate: He’s down Teammate: His position Hotel LiangLiang, nope, WeiSen One of you, flank… Never mind, we just leave here Teammate: Fused garage Yes, we could take over it But once we get in there, it would be hard for us to get out Teammate: You see him? Teammate: Wall Teammate: At least three, one of them just went inside the fused garage Teammate: The guy i knocked out just now I’m smoking Teammate: Someone’s going to the fused garage Teammate: Behind Teammate: You guys could attack them from there There are less enemies behind us, let’s eat them first Yes Teammate: One guy here, three guys in the town Teammate: Two guys in the hotel Just eat him Camp on the top floor Yes Teammate: Three of us will pick up you, hurry Teammate: I’m driving buggy Teammate: Only one buggy? Teammate: I’m coming for ya Teammate: Only one guy, make it fast Another one Bro, nice drive I feel awkward Teammate: A guy just jumped down Dead Teammate: A lone player Teammate: Lone player, they’re not on the same team Teammate: Let me loot, I’ve got nothing Oh my god, your driving was awkward I was really scared that they would shoot me down and finish me off Teammate: My bad, i was too proud just now Teammate: No, you just didn’t drive properly Teammate: You could drive to the left side B-Back to church Oh my god, that was awkward Drive that car Teammate: Get in my car Teammate: Get in So awkward I suggest to smoke the buggy and get it And drive it back to the fused garage Can’t Hotel? Teammate: Hotel or manor? Teammate: Manor, second floor What?! They just moved to the hotel Just when i saw the little Pochinki Dammit Teammate: I hide this car in your spot What if someone comes from behind, bang, gone Leave one car in the fused garage I didn’t loot Teammate: I don’t have much loots They have no car Simple attack if we want to attack them Tell you this We should have camped inside that blue three-storey building They must show themselves Teammate: Are they shooting at you? Nope No, the manor next to the fused garage, front building One car has gone How many cars are there? Teammate: We lost a buggy How many cars do we have? Teammate: Two Feels bad Teammate: He’s moving to the red marker Teammate: The building behind the fused garage Have those boxes all been looted? Teammate: Yup Teammate: Only clothes is left The team which drove toward us, how many of them? Teammate: At least three I could have took out at least 2 of them while they were still in the car if i had a 3x scope They were driving straight Teammate: One car, three guys Pochinki guys, are they tired? Three guys, QingJiu And…MoYuan And…the… What team? I don’t know I feel pity for QingJiu Teammate: He was planning to leave, he was the sole survivor Little Pochinki, two of you go there first Scout The center of Pochinki Our next stop If nobody’s on the hill, we can go there Teammate: Observe first Observe first No enemy, no car Not sure if there are enemies over there Teammate: Roger Go take a look Both of you, be ready We leave here if nobody’s there Get that car If that car doesn’t get destroyed Teammate: Nobody’s here Teammate: They have gone to the red marker Teammate: Two guys No, we can’t What the heck, this guy is still there WeiSen, deflate all the car tires Don’t let them use it Rooftop Why are you getting off? We’re about to leave Nobody’s there, right? Coming Teammate: Circle is about to shrink We better stay outside Not inside the building We rely on building too much In real tournament, we wouldn’t have building to camp Teammate: Roger that Get off Let me see This spot… Nobody’s in the building on our left, left and right We can go either way Any way Teammate: Nobody Can you see if there is anybody in that house? Teammate: Pit Teammate: I don’t like pit Teammate: Behind Okay I’ve got killed here before And I remember it so well They have no car There are enemies in those houses Teammate: Gatka? Nope Blue marker, remove the red marker please Not within the range, can’t see them Place a marker on Gatka M24, big sniper Teammate: Yellow marker Teammate: M24 in Gatka Teammate: Gatka? Teammate: WeiSen, do you have 5.56? Teammate: I’ve got only 30 rounds There are enemies in the blue and red marker Teammate: M24…so rich Hold on, is there a car in front of us? Teammate: Where? Teammate: Over there Teammate: North But why is there a car there? Teammate: Huh? See that? Teammate: I don’t see it Teammate: There is Teammate: A jeep Teammate: Destroy it I’m afraid some fearless guys would come behind that slope and attack us Like, some fearless guy, say nothing but kill us first Teammate: It would be fun if someone’s car is stuck in this drain Teammate: Stuck here And we get attacked from all diretions, we then form a BaGuaZheng Catching fish in a barrel What? Teammate: Red marker building Sniper is attacking us Teammate: Red marker Let’s go, don’t stay in the pit, we would get punished for that What’s wrong…i just shaked Enemies in Gatka and red marker Place a marker on Gatka Em… Yup Put a marker on the blue marker Enemy’s there Look at this blue marker, see if there is any enemy Is it possible for this circle to move North? Teammate: I have no scope, i can’t see anything Teammate: Red marker, they’re fighting If the circle moves to the North, we We just go here Are there enemies behind them? Is there any enemy in the blue marker? Teammate: No vision Stay here Stay here Teammate: I can’t see clearly but i see no car No Blue marker We don’t need to go there but we need to find out the enemy’s whereabouts first If possible, we just go to the center What is this? Shed? Teammate: Red marker isn’t in the circle anymore Teammate: Out spot is good Yellow marker too Teammate: Red marker, they start moving Pay attention to red and yellow marker Red and yellow Teammate: Are they fighting? Look at my spot, would i get shot here? Teammate: You will Wooden house, they start moving Teammate: Bearing 50? Yup Teammate: If nobody’s behind us, we’re safe Block that shed guy Don’t come here, you would get shot Someone at bearing 150 would shoot me They’re about to move I’m out I’m out, this spot isn’t great Teammate: Gatka guy is sniping me, not a big problem Teammate: Our spot is really good Teammate: Just don’t fight Shoot what? Is there a place in front for us to stay ? Teammate: A buggy is coming Teammate: There is a guy in the drain Where are the jeep guys going? Teammate: No idea Teammate: Whose grenade? Teammate: Him Teammate: Is there any enemy behind that jeep? Don’t just stare at the drain Look outside of the safe zone We’re still in the circle Pay attention to the yellow marker, wooden shack, they might sneak up on us Teammate: It’s hard if we don’t get rid of the guy behind us first Go ahead Just don’t pay all your attention to that guy, he would die once he starts moving Don’t pay all your attention to him Teammate: Only one guy He would die when the smoke is out A car is coming Teammate: A car is coming Teammate: They just stopped, i can’t stay in the pit anymore Don’t shoot first He would nade us Do you guys still have grenade? Teammate: Nope They probably would get attacked We must be more sneaky We can’t go up there as there is still an enemy behind us Teammate: Pay attention to that guy behind us Teammate: Let me do this Grenade Teammate: They want to move You guys could move our car, pretending we’re about to leave Look up there They won’t see you if you drive that car Another car is here We could attack that car but i don’t dare Teammate: LiuAn, he is about to go up there Teammate: I know Teammate: No grenade, he just went up there Teammate: He’s already up there? Teammate: Yup Teammate: He isn’t in the circle, let me take care of him Teammate: Count on you Another car is coming The guy behind us will help us to shoot them Teammate: We hold fire Don’t shoot him until he’s close to our pit Shoot the North team, don’t shoot the field team LiuAn, shoot the North team, don’t shoot the field team You would be dead if the North team shoots you Teammate: Let’s move, move, move Teammate: One team is dead, there is another team I’m flanking right All dead Distant enemies, we could easily kill them Get down here Teammate: I’m in the circle Teammate: Watch your back All dead, the guys behind us There might be more of them, i’m not sure, here is heavily smoked Teammate: Let me loot, i have no ammo Heavy smoke behind us, be careful There are 20 seconds left, we’ve got drive and leave here Teammate: You drive here Who threw this grenade? There is an enemy behind us, he just threw a grenade at us I almost get blown up 245, many snakes Teammate: Watch our butts I’m driving, cover me Protect my car, protect my car Teammate: Two snakes Teammate: Behind us Teammate: Watch behind, throw behind There is a car Look at 255 Is there anyone on the hill? Teammate: 220 Teammate: Somewhere nearby Teammate: 220, they’re near Bro, where are you? You’re stuck? Got it Teammate: Pick me up Teammate: Okay They’re coming from behind He’s so low Save me, come to my left, cover us Save me Somebody, come here and cover us Come to my left, cover us Teammate: Beware of the car explosion Teammate: Knock one guy on our left Teammate: Don’t be hasty Teammate: They’re pushing Teammate: He’s close, behind that white… Teammate: I have no helmet How unfortunate Teammate: He’s the only survivor of his team How unfortunate Teammate: I got burned That DP28 guy didn’t die How unfortunate We could have actually won this

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  1. هاذ لعبهم روم بس يلعبون على رهان من الفلوس لذالك حته الصيني خايف ايموت الي ليفوز يربح

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  4. Dude the last battle was really good. I swear I never seen this type of battle in life not even global tournament.

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  7. اخر واحد ذبح ثلاثة من تيم الصيني قويي جدا ياليت نعرف تفاصيل عنه

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  10. وانا كل ضني محترفين طلعو هاكات
    انتبهو لرقم 4 بالدقيقة 23/24 شون يرمي مشغل سيت سكوب يعني يده تصير طويلة ويرمي م̷ـــِْن ورا حيط او كفر 😂😂

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    بيلعب بالجيروسكوب

  12. هذه هو اللعب الأسطوري
    مو مثل يوتيوبريتنه ينزل تقييمه ذهب ويستخدم ايباد وهاك ويلعب ويكول شوفو ردة الفعل مالتي

  13. فريق اللاعب الصيني 9986 وبي لاعبين كثار كانو ضدو ونفس الاسم كمان

  14. هذا المعنى الحقيقي للعبة ببجي مبايل . احتراف . تكتيك . سرعة . ذكاء . . شكد محترفين بهذا الكيم الي الاعب الصيني يلعب بهيج حذر وتأني مو درعمه . والدليل الي تواجه وياهم الايم مالهم مو طبيعي عبالك كلهم الاعب الصيني … والي يقهرك ويشكك يجي واحد ارول مخربط يكول الاعب الصيني اذا نزل بسيرفر اوربا يبلع طاوات . ياعمي شوف هالمقطع وانته تعرف شنو ببجي مبايل واحتراف ….

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  16. The chinese version is so nicee. The overcoat moves while running. The details is like pc version. Why did tencent do this on global version.

  17. وينهم جماعه الكفو اللوكيه مال احمد البياتي وغيره خلي يجون يشوفون اللعب واحمد البياتي يدخل بتقيم ناصي حتى ميواجه اقوياء ومخلي زعاطيط اشاهد وتكله كفو

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