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The Battle Against Gun Control I-1639

Today’s video is here by popular
request and the topic is Washington’s I- 1639. Full disclaimer, this video has been
requested for a while and I kind of just didn’t want to cover it because I am
just so sick and tired of these “assault weapons” bills on how flat-out misguided
misinformed and f-ing stupid they are. I would be happy, in more ways than one,
to never see another “assault weapons ban” bill ever again. But unfortunately at
this point it seems like they are spreading like wildfire just because
some feel-good politicians want to get reelected and continue to gain control
over everyday citizens in any and every way possible. (deep breath) As a resident in a state
with a full assault weapons ban since 2004, this subject is a little touchy. I’m
literally shaking right now! Initiative 1639, right in the
introduction it claims that the gun control it proposes is needed because “more than 208,000 students attending at least 212
schools have experienced a shooting on campus since the Columbine mass shooting
in 1999.” I already find this suspect because it doesn’t say where these
numbers come from and it’s pretty contrary to every other
study I’ve seen of school shootings – which I cover in my video, “the truth
about school shootings,” shameless plug. Not that I’m surprised that lawmakers
intentions are suspicious – being shady is kind of part of the job description.
“ideas, policies, morals – these are things I don’t need. What I need is two billion
dollars.” The Public Safety and Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle Act, as it’s
titled, is “for the children” and includes enhanced background checks, waiting
periods, a new and still incorrect definition of “assault rifle,” creates a
registry, and more. For example, the law requires all FFLs to keep records of
every gun purchase, a along with the buyer’s name and license
numbers, a written statement of eligibility from both the buyer and the
FFL, proof of having attended an eligible firearms training course, and a full
application with all kinds of identifying information that the FFL has
to hand deliver to the Chief of Police at the end of every business day and all
of this information is to be kept on file for six years. Additionally it
appoints the police as the ones that are supposed to be doing the NICS check and
also orders them to look at mental health records until the state can
create its own system, after which the police are supposed to use all three. By
the way, to cover the cost of all this new paper-pushing, your friendly
neighborhood FFL is supposed to charge you an extra $25 for every assault rifle
you buy – with the new definition that we’ll get to in a minute. IIf you’re then
approved to be able to purchase the pistol or rifle you have to wait 10
business days or if you’re not a Washington state resident that goes up
to 60 days. This is the process whether you have a concealed carry license or
not. And all of that is just section 3 – this initiative is 30 pages long
and there’s 18 more sections where that one came from. The initiative also
includes a whole bunch of new disqualifiers, such as having a warrant
for a misdemeanor, which is typically a non-violent crime and includes things
like prostitution. Other disqualifiers include being under the age of 21 – in
fact if you are 19 and legally bought or were given a gun before the start of
this law, you’re now committing a crime – congratulations! Also bonus points if you haven’t stored
your firearms to the proper specifications unspecified by the state –
this gets you the brand-new charge of “community endangerment” which could be
a felony or a gross demeanor depending on who gets a hold of said firearms and
what they do with them. Really nobody knows. Also the people
rallied around this thing and pushing it through are a bit of a strange bunch:
according to these Seattle Times, the measure was backed by ex New York Mayor
Bloomberg and his Everytown for Gun Safety, and the i-16 39 campaign got 3.6
million dollars from a Microsoft co-founder and a former Microsoft CEO,
and got 4.6 million dollars from the Alliance for Gun Responsibility – an
organization that has a strangely high proportion of Amazon developers and
managers as employees. This group also has connections to Bloomberg, Everytown,
Uber, and the King County Prosecutor. That feels kind of sketchy to me. If the bill
is ultimately successful it’s rumored that Bloomberg is going to get his
cronies to introduce a similar bill in 15 other states. Being that California,
Massachusetts, and New York already have some pretty similar laws, I have no idea
where this thing could be going I don’t really want to think about it. If
anything at all could sum up this bill in a few words and capture how
simultaneously ridiculous and ominous it is, check out just this one phrase from
Vox: “initiative 1639 will raise the legal age to buy a semi-automatic rifles –
widely described as assault rifles” widely described this way by who, the
tooth fairy? Because “this ain’t it chief.” Though unfortunately Vox isn’t wrong – the new definition of
assault rifle under this law is “any rifle which utilizes a portion of the
energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fired cartridge case and chamber the
next round which requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each
cartridge.” So basically any rifle without a bolt or lever. Now
according to Wiki the first-ever gas operated gun was patented back in 1884,
so I guess leftists are taking us back to the technology of the Wild West which
is ironic since they always accuse us gun owners of being the ones
that want to go back there. A bit critical much? Anyway according to the
Columbia Basin Herald 59% of Washington voters approved the initiative back in
November of 2018 so we’re talking about 59% of voters voting to take the rights
away from the other 41% and calling it fair because that’s democracy. The age
restriction started on January 1st and the rest of the law is taking effect
July 1st. The whole thing has been mired in controversy since the day the
votes were cast. In some counties, 75% of voters voted no and have been protesting
by filling out criminal complaints against the state. Sheriffs in Spokane,
Chelan, Stevens, Douglas, Benton, Adams, and Lewis counties all said that they
wouldn’t be enforcing the law and the police chief over in Republic has been
floating the idea of turning the city into a second amendment sanctuary city.
The Seattle Times reported 13 counties refusing the law all together while the
Chinook Observer put that number at 20. Washington only has 39 counties so that
means more than half of them are giving the middle finger to this clown show.
Their main argument is that the law is unconstitutional on a number of fronts – a
violation of the Second Amendment for sure but also that the requirements for
safe storage and safe storage checks violate the Fourth Amendment – that’s
the one about unreasonable searches and seizures. Attorney General Bob Ferguson
fired back with an open letter saying that until a court rules the law is
unconstitutional, it is presumed constitutional – which is a sh-t argument.
His other argument is that law enforcement get to have their opinions
but that it’s their job to enforce laws whether said law enforcement thinks
those laws are constitutional or not, which is not
I think it’s supposed to work. But not doing so, according to Ferguso,n will
jeopardize public safety and ensure that criminals get those assault rifles that
aren’t actually assault rifles and will be held liable for every transferred
firearm that is then used in a crime – which I imagine would be very few and
far between. My favorite part is this line: “all Washingtonians, including those
of us in government, are equally subject to the law.” Which is convenient because
that’s never the case with anything else. He then finishes it up with a touching
story about how he’s personally against the death penalty but continued to
support the death penalty, and fight for the death penalty in court, and continue
to fight back against inmates filing appeals, because that’s the law. It’s kind
of ironic, because if someone’s in danger and prevented from defending themselves
by having to twiddle their thumbs during a waiting period, it’s also kind of like
giving them the death penalty. Finally, Ferguson says if you don’t like it,
file a lawsuit – and so that’s exactly what happened. The NRA and Second
Amendment Foundation have filed a federal lawsuit to overturn the law. The
suit has hit a few snags along the way and so there’s a GoFundMe set up, linked
down in the description, to help out the plaintiffs with their legal costs. Hat
tip to the Yankee Marshall and his is I-1639 challenge – he’s donated, I have
donated, Guns and Gadgets has donated, and a whole bunch of other people are really
helping out. As for the suit itself, the current lawsuit is the second one that
the NRA and SAF have filed and argues that I 1639 “drastically rewrites
statutes governing purchase, sale, and ownership of firearms in common use in
the state of Washington. It thereby infringes on the plaintiffs’ rights under
the Commerce Clause and the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the United
States Constitution.” The state has moved to get the lawsuit dismissed but the
motion was blocked by a federal judge in late May, allowing the lawsuit to move
forward – and where it lands, nobody knows! So that is your Second Amendment and
firearm news for the week; please don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe, and
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100 thoughts on “The Battle Against Gun Control I-1639

  1. Auto-demonetized AGAIN. 😡
    My tags are literally "gun control," "gun law," and "Second Amendment." These were all relatively safe six months ago.

  2. I sure like to take home my CZ p10 compact but first I got to wait for the department of social and health services to comb through my medical records.

  3. So now police have to enforce the law? Except when it comes to illegal immigration. Funny how the left can pick and choose what the police enforce.

  4. All ballots are stopped being counted 3 to 4 hours after the election so there for only puget sound cities are counted this is how they stay in power and our voices and vote are not heard or validated ! See how they cheat! We need a few days so all votes in rual areas are counted ! If this was the way it was supposed to be we wouldnt have that law

  5. I-1639 supporters should be stripped of their citizenship, and forfeit all their property and sold off as a slave to another country.

  6. As a Washington resident, I find it very troubling that 85% of the state voted against I-1639 but yet it still passed with an overwhelming amount of votes for it, hmmmm. Just saying

  7. Politicians don’t like it when they are wrong and It GENUINELY OFFENDS them when you try to educate them about things they don’t know.

  8. Hey young hunters, don't forget to take your shotguns,& rifles out of your vehicles before going on school property, you might have it taken away if you are charged with this offence

  9. Big 2nd amend supporter in TX. Carry daily. Also big proponent of strong training requirements, background checks. Very easy to access records via internet and cost effective. Even for private family transfers. Maybe even more so for family /private transfers. Responsible gun ownership is key to protecting 2nd amendment. Anyone who doesn't grasp that maybe isn't smart enough or responsible enough to have a gun. Blanket gun registration is not necessary, but we need to make sure those that acquire guns know how to use them safely & responsibly and are otherwise legally & mentally sound enough. That's a no brainer and if you're one of those who can't understand, well that's why the word "stupid" was created.

  10. My wife is from Seattle (Federal Way to be precise). Seattle was a nice place in the mid-70s. You could not pay me enough to move to the liberal, leftist, elitist state.

  11. I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

  12. Don'tcha just LOVE how the Washington AG says The Sheriffs must enforce ALL laws ? Never mind that they are literally hamstrung by "sanctuary " policies that prohibit the Leos from cooperating with ICE…🙄

  13. It is widely understood in state legislatures that passing a law that is patently unconstitutional is an effective strategy of imposing otherwise unconstitutional laws in the state pending a court ruling it unconstitutional, which can span years.

  14. If you love your family, you don't want them to be victimized
    by armed intruders. So let them own an AK pistol or rifle
    for home defense. Let them be & their weapon better than
    their attackers. Let themselves be heroes, so they will be happy
    instead of sufferings for the rest of their lives.

  15. I work at a sporting goods store in Pierce County WA, and with the passing of i1639 everything has become such a headache; so many people are ignorant of it, and throw a fit when they now have a waiting period for handguns and semi auto rifles, when just a few months before they didn't have to wait if they have a concealed carry license. Sales of lever action rifles and shotguns of all types have been steady though, so people are still getting plenty of guns; the type of guns purchased has just started to shift a little bit.

  16. Until these anti-gun people send out sentries to stand outside my house everyday and all night to protect me from the fucking asshole who killed two of my cats, raped me, and injured my dog, they can go fuck themselves if they think I will give up the only thing that gives me a chance of survival against a man who is 100 pounds heavier than me and has 30 years of kung fu. Did I mention he is friends with all local law enforcement, since he trained some of them? I'll go to prison before I let that dirty bastard put me in the morgue.

  17. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this video together, as people in other states need to know what's coming their way (or so it seems).

  18. 2A doesn't give citizens jack shit, what it is – is instructions to the government …read it again in the context that its telling government You will not infringe on the citizens rights to own/have arms. …does any gun control at all sound legal under 2A ? Nah. Twist 2A anyhow the left wants, but its still instructions to government not citizens. Maybe they need to read it louder and slower.

  19. Law makers are really dumb. When it comes to children you are obligated to pay child support, but on the other hand your wife/girlfriend can kill her unborn child legally. It’s only fair that I get to pump and dump then leave you for dead. Yeah sure that’s a scummy thing to do but so is killing your child.

  20. Does anyone know if spoken and Chelan will sell me a lower for an AR 15 I live in pierce county and I’m 23 but I would make the Drive if that’s the case.

  21. The Constitution is there, to limit government overreach!! And, the Government decides the scope of these restrictions??? WTF??? Conflict of Interests…. much???

  22. I got my first gun (22 long rifle) for my birthday when I turned 12 years old. Bought a shotgun when I was still in elementary school. I was hunting when I was like 8. Ppl have lost their minds today.

  23. So, we own several semi-automatic shotguns and long rifles, one of which is a Remington 740. It's a 4 round .308 hunting rifle. It's not an assault rifle. People are dumb and I rest my case.

  24. The cool thing about black powder is the lead bullit or shot so if you wound them they will die from lead poisoning 😂 so they break in you shoot them they will be tramatised torchered by lead poisoning then die & burn in hell 😀. It can be a pain but hey you may only get one but one will die unless you have a six shooter or a double barrel shot gun

  25. This farce will spread like a disease in gun friendly states because leftists gain control of the largest cities and those cities have the majority votes to swing all laws I 1639 was passed by 2 counties because of the city's population seattle and tacoma

  26. You recently made a video without the garish makeup and your hair down. Till then I hadn't realized what a pretty girl you are. It was a wonderful look I prefer.

  27. You hear the term, our democracy, from politicians and citizens alike. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. It was created thus to prevent 99 percent from running rough shod over the other 1%. We elect (OUR SERVANTS) representatives, in a democratic fashion. Were this nation a Democracy, the minority groups in this country would have been done away with long ago. It is the Republic and the laws based upon those ideals that have preserved them. Banning guns for the kid sake, killing kids for the mothers sake. There is no consistency. Maybe we should ban sex to prevent abortion. It makes about as much sense as banning guns because a few choose to inappropriately use them, not all, just a few. That should be enough, right?

  28. So wait, they can go to war at 18 and use a fully automatic weapon to kill, but you cant have a semi auto Rifle till you turn 21 when you start drinking? Makes sense.

  29. Let's wonder …..
    How many ghost Ar's And how many handguns have been machined and made in a garage ? a whole bunch ! without a serial # and without registration ? A ton ! YES ! Some families I know they got an Ar for every member of the family ! I go to the range with them ! NOW , who can take away or confiscate something that doesnt exist ? Imagine the whole nation ? Including my friends friends and relatives relatives in other states ?
    Wow ! …….Now …..Let's Pray….🙏 for those to keep and make more of what they love !

  30. This is straight tyranny, it’s unconstitutional, period! Btw, I’m still waiting for her to check her bra again for a man part, lol. J/k love ya doll.

  31. when all guns are taken away from law breaker talk to us about gun control not before you take away their guns before you take the honest person

  32. I live in Washington state and i have to say when a anti gun Billionaire comes slithering in from another states and starts picking apart my 2nd ammendment , it really feels like this is why James Madison proposed the 2nd ammendment to begin with , to stop powerful entities from coming in and taking over because without the 2nd ammendment the rest aren't safe . a retired Marine Corp Veteran that lives in New York , in a dangerous neighborhood with a Wife and 3 little ones , just after a man was shot dead on his front lawn. Then the retired Marine decided to get him a sidearm and his concealed carry permit to protect his family and neighbors. 6 months after putting in for his Concealed weapons permit he was denied the CWP and the reason stated was he didn't prove there was a true threat to himself so that he would need a firearm to protect himself ? So a man that faught for his Country comes home and is denied his natural right to bear arms , a retired God damn Marine. But that's not all theres more to this wonderful story wile this Marine was being denied his right to bear arms . A radio shock jock named Howard Stern put in for his Concealed weapons Permit and in 2 weeks he received his CWP for New York no problem at all because he knows Bloomberg , it's a proven fact that if your wealthy or a entertainer and know Bloomberg you get your CWP . isn't that great and this slime ball slithered across America to my hometown in Washington state. a State that I've lived my entire life 47 years a wife and 2 sons that I love more then life itself . I've concealed carried every day religiously for over 15 years . Every year I take the Washington state firearms test just to qualify at 50 yards . At the end of any class every year I can take my paper work to any job in Washington state that you carry a pistol it just gives me that m

  33. As both a tech and firearms enthusiast I find it immensely annoying that the two industries I give the most money to are trying to take away my other hobby… Do you think when you take away my video games all my money will be for guns, or vice versa? And both major political parties with whom I can agree on some points but never all, are involved in either one or the other. Bunch of fuckwits the lot of em.

  34. Thank you, dear. I love your channel & presentations.
    Always very professional
    video. And, just darn great
    Classy American virtue!
    Thank you again 🇺🇸🥰🇺🇸

  35. Ever wonder why the motto, "to protect and serve", has changed to "to serve and protect" in many cities?
    Think about it. It's significant when asking why police will be ordered to enforce this law against the people's will.

  36. Yes because signing legislation to make millions of Americans Class 4 Felons overnight is TOTALLY not in any way of tyranny. I like how we think that its all well and good to send you to war and potentially die the very day you turn 18, and are old enough to vote, but are not old enough to have full rights of the laws they vote for for an entity of 3 years where said laws can be changed well before that. You are allowed to fight and die for your freedom, but you are not allowed to have that said freedom you risk your life for if you come home alive….


  38. I-1639 definitely violates the US Constitution! How and why would anyone in their right mind actually vote to have their rights stripped away!! No oath-keeper would support and enforce/or this heinous bill.

  39. I can see you hate the subject but I'm glad you covered it. Leaving in Washington for 10 years and to see it take in a law like that, the last thing I want is for Washington to turn into California which where I'm originally from. I was opposed to this bill, and was pissed when heard the results of the vote. Thanks for the links on the GoFundMe I will definitely be contributing.

  40. Gun control legislation of any kind is unconstitutional. I WILL NEVER COMPLY. I WILL DEFEND MY RIGHTS TO THE END.

  41. Any idiot can tell with that law unconstitutional it is it is, is just that. Like I said any idiot can figure that out for them self. But then Washington State's Attorney General isn't just any idiot. He's in a class all by himself. Basically an idiot of the highest order at the very least an enemy of the Constitution and of the United States as well. Basically just another socialist puke. Lights be drug out in the street and publicly horsewhipped.

  42. I remember one "school shooting" turned out to be a man, after midnight, on a street, within the school zone, committed suicide (with a gun). Obviously he was alone, and this involved the school in no way, except to take advantage of it for statistical purposes.

  43. The judge determined "laws must be enforced, that are in current usage" meaning this new gun law. However it does not apply to immigration, so Second amendment sanctuary cities bad, illegal alien sanctuary cities good.

  44. Why is it when a cop is issued an AR-15 on the paperwork it is called an AR-15 Tactical and when a civilian has it it's called an assault rifle

  45. I-1094 in WA needs signatures to get in the ballot! Find one, sign it, get everyone you know to sign it, Google it, educate yourself & everyone you know to support them signing it!


  47. I live in Renton WA (which is part of King County, which includes Seattle). Here's the short run down on WA State politics. Seattle is super progressive / left leaning as is most of King County. The Cascade Mountains separate the 'eastern' and 'western' part of the state. Everything in the western 1/2 is more right leaning. HOWEVER, no one lives there 🙂 Once you get outside of King County (and Pierce County) the rest of the state is empty. Therefore when it comes to initiatives the will of Seattle pretty much controls the entire state. At the same time you have the classic urban vs rural issues as well. Seattle is a major US city, but less than 1hr away is super rural. Okanogan County as a population of 41k and is 5315 mi^2 in size!!! That's bigger than DE and RI combined!!! BUT as I said no one lives there. I worked in Okanogan for ~6wks and it's night and day compared to Seattle: population, politics, terrain, etc. But they essentially have zero representation in the capital and are at the mercy of King County…

    Hopefully it'll get over turned, will see…

  48. That's right isn't the true deffination of asulte a gun that will shoot at least 3000rounds a minute if I'm not mistaking and we the people aren't allowed possession of those kind of weapons so take care

  49. We need to scrap all the amendments and start over with the bill of rights and a 11th amendment that never allow any new amendments

  50. Hi, Liberty Doll!! Always a pleasure to listen to your commentary, love the print on your T-shirt, by the way. I like it when you use potty mouth, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and the reference to The Yankee Marshall was really cool as I too am a grown-ass man!!! Keep up the great work, love you! 🤓

  51. I just bought a Mossberg 590a1, and I haven't bought anything in Washington state since I moved here from NM in mid-2018. I was flabbergasted at how much information they wanted… for a damn shotgun. I hate this state, I miss NM. I did do a bit more research on the 'safe storage' part of this law. The only thing it really requires is for you to have locked your door while you are away, and to report it to the police if you/your guns were robbed, unless you have kids, then they are to be locked up while you aren't there to supervise your kids around them.

  52. Another issue from this I-1639 the Federal Courtesy Background Checks for pistol purchasers with a CPL, so a card holder can take the pistol home the same day if they pass the check ended July 2019. So now it goes to the local police with an up to 10 day wait. So why is there a wait if I have a CPL, most likely every CPL holder already has handguns?

  53. Why oh why, do some of my friends 'carry' yet they still vote Dem? I donn know. I guess I'm simple minded. I see a group trying their best to take away my rights, I refuse to vote for them.

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