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  1. Used by old time Australian spec ops unit ie commandos z unit ect by all accounts they liked them and they were very cheap to produce

  2. my father had 1 during ww2 in borneo, it fired when he droped it and put a bullet through his arm, even though the safety was on.

  3. Still waiting for the legendary Ian to do a full length historical overview and takedown of the venerable Owen Machine Carbine… Agh why must you make us wait so long? I am considering becoming a Patreon member soon so I can support this noble endeavor.

  4. my pop trained in egypt in late ww2 and said that this gun was so durable you could drown it in sand or mud and it would still fire when needed!

  5. Please tell me about the shock-trigger mechanism of this submachine gun. It seems to me when setting the mode: "single fire", if you weakly press the trigger, then there will be a burst of bursts, I feel the trigger mechanism is not very reliable, and you?

  6. Back in the war days the Australian soldiers loved that gun, and could never be talked into swapping it for any other gun. You would have to break his fingers to get it away from him, even if he was dead. They appreciated the vertical magazine for moving between closely spaced trees so it would not snag. A modern version was produced after the war.

  7. used to see an example of this in the Melbourne museum, till the new girls took over, and now unpleasant aspects of history, like guns and vehicles plus body armour are consigned to some secret vault. now dumb bimbos can bring their children without awkward questions arising. The New museum is simply a biological guide to earth history, not human history. bravo to the feminazis; if you pretend, the last ,2000 years never happened.

  8. i am ex army 1958 to 1986 used the owen a lot an american tanker in viet nam wanted to swap me for his grease gun and also offered to buy it.great little gun easy to strip and clean, very simple blow back action, accurate rugged just the gun for close quarters.

  9. I imagine they'd use the semi-auto position if putting sporadic fire down range. Not directly attempting to engage the enemy, just trying to suppress the foe while advancing and conserving some ammo for when it's needed.
    Despite it's rough looks I like it. Actually seems pretty advanced in some ways with a semi-auto position and vertical foregrip. Can't imagine it jams often and it would be easy enough to fire even when prone.

  10. It was known as "the digger's darling". (Digger has been the nick-name of the Australian soldier since Gallipoli, when the British commander told the Australians who had a toehold on ANZAC Cove and were overlooked by the Turks on the high ground, "All you have to do is dig, dig, dig until you are safe.")

  11. Strange looking gun but having used the bren I like the design. Looks like a 9mm gun and probably very reliable cerainly more so than thr sten.

  12. Plenty of these in the sea west of Rottnest Island,stripped and thrown overboard to dispose of them.Good reliable carbine. [ Owen Machine Carbine]

  13. single shot was handy to zero the weapon in, easy to remove the barrel and butstock, remember to lean-in to the SMG's (carbines) when firing full auto mate

  14. Wait a minute? You and that Kirsten Joy Weiss along with R. Lee are in cahoots!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qdSLk1DQ3E

  15. I trained on the Owen back in 1967 when I was in the High School Cadet Corp. Two things I can remember were to never rap the magazine on the cap to make sure it was firmly in the gun as it would spring apart, and to always point the weapon slightly down to the right as it would always rise up and swing when you started firing. Obviously the concept was that there were always Japanese soldiers in the bushes to shoot when in combat no matter where you pointed.

  16. Q: Wonder what the sight picture looks like on this?
    A: Don't worry you wont be able to see your target.
    Q: Ah, I see. Spray and Pray.

  17. Best thing about the Owen machine gun.
    Is you could dip it in the mud.
    Then pick it up and fire it without even cleaning it.

  18. I thought I was the only person on the planet to own a set of those orange Hoppe's-branded muffs. 🙂

  19. I think we all miss the Australia that was awesome like Crocodile Dundee. Now they've gone back to their nanny-state ways instead of the wild group of criminals we all knew and loved.

  20. i use gravity to assist my feeding

    could've put a screenshot of factory painted owen into the corner of new owen video during magazine segment
    like, i didn't expect it to be painted like THIS

  21. Just came here from the video you did about a month ago "local boy becomes home town Hero"….thank you for all the great content,keep up the good work😉🔥💯

  22. the owen gun was designed and made in dapto NSW Australia nd later manufactured at the AIS (Australian I ron and Steel) plant, the steel works, nearby in port kembla in a section of the steel works thats now basically known as the pickle line. It could be sumberged in heavy mud, water etc then pulled out and used immediately without cleaning and would perform brilliantly. I t could also be fored with said environments without out any mishaps…it was truly a revolution

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