100 thoughts on “The Angstadt Arms UDP-9 -[FULL REVIEW]

  1. You can shoulder the damn thing, the whole atf saying it's illegal thing is complete and utter bullshit, it would never hold up in court let alone would charges of it ever be brought against someone.

  2. I got a grip key two years ago, still using it, no finish wear, the clip is still good, it's almost new out of the box. Plus the guys over there are top notch and provide impeccable customer service, fast delivery ahead of schedule during the Christmas season. This is a company that knows how to treat their customers.

  3. its a shame they put morons In charge of gun laws. guns could be so much more fun and less of a hassle.

  4. Wil be checking this out for sure but I got to say with stupid law I want the rifle length. Better control . If shit really hits the fan gen pistol would be awesome . But I'm a realist.

  5. So if i remanufacture my pistol into a sbr by shouldering it, then by that logic un-shouldering it will remanufacture back into a pistol.

  6. I'm a huge fan of your videos honestly I think I've watched every single one that you've ever done I was wondering if you had any plans to review the fostech origin 12 semi-auto shotgun I've seen many reviews by many different people saying that they're not able to outrun the gun and I would love to see your take on this firearm

  7. ATF Says That Shouldering Shockwave Blade is Okay!

    I just got off the phone with a very nice gentleman at ATF Tech Branch—who was fielding these calls today. (He was, understandably, very well versed on the subject—and very nice about it even though he’s been on the phone all day, repeating himself ad nauseam.) I identified myself and asked him specifically if the letter that’s making the rounds is limited to one company’s products–or if it applies to all pistol stabilizing braces. He said: “The letter covers all pistol stabilizing braces, including the Shockwave Blade.” So that settles that.

    He then gave me a bit of further guidance for our customers:

    By “permanent affixing,” ATF considers that to be adding permanent Loctite to the large set screw that secures the Blade into the dimples in the KAK tube. As long as you don’t red Loctite the set screw in place, ATF considers it to be “temporarily placed” and “perfectly okay to shoulder.” (He didn’t beat around the bush on this topic.)“Length of pull”—for lack of a better word regarding pistol braces—begins to enter a “gray area” above 13.5″. Above 13.5″ begins “to enter shoulder stock area.” (His words. I believe this has to do with the “comfortableness” aspect.) On an AR-15, the “length of pull” for the Blade is approximately 13.13″, so no issues there. But if you use the Blade on a firearm that requires a large adapter of some sort, please make sure that you only use the dimples up to the point that you remain below the 13.5″ length. Stay below 13.5″ and according to ATF, it’s okay to shoulder a Shockwave Blade.

    So there you have it. Anything you read to the contrary on a web forum, social media site, or industry blog is simple misinformation by people who are not being completely honest.

  8. It's not totally seamless! There are some significant differences between blow back and direct imp., Andrew…

  9. shockwave blade atf letter says it cannot be shouldered. the atf also said the sb brace can be shouldered.

  10. So are there like 2 of this guy? Or is he just actually ambidextrous? Noticed it in the AA12 vs Siaga video. Shot the Russian lefty, American right handed.

  11. This is the most offensive weapon ever you just triggered tons of antigun people, they hate ars and glocks

  12. I've fired the "Colt 9mm Submachine Gun." It is similar to this, as it is a 9mm AR-style platform. First time I got to shoot a fully automatic weapon.

  13. why not try bumpin the pistol with a beta? that shit would be a sweet bumper! especially with that cmc triggy

  14. I wished The pistol version was 8 inched and the rifle should be 14.5 inch barrels with pin and welded brake comp or flash hider. AA take my advice you will sell more of each!

  15. so i know this isnt related to the video but im looking to get into AR's cant seem to get answers back anywhere else but my question is is it ok to hydro dip a AR? looking to get a smith and wesson M&P 15 sport II if that helps @GY6vids

  16. as of april 25th you can shoulder arm braces and the shockwave blades as long as they are stock and factory, they cannot have any modifications to them.

  17. Does the last round bolt lock back work for the glock 9mm? I've heard a lot of people having problems with them, even the lowers that are made to lock back.

  18. I'm not American but after the ATF's Fast and Furious scandal I don't think you guys should have to listen to the them anymore

  19. Love your vids and again thank you. Personally i don't get the handgun calibers in a rifle or even a sub-rifle for that matter. Even the MP5. Much rather have a rifle caliber.

  20. Can you shoot JHP ammo on your Ar9mm ? I can't shoot with mine the ammo alway jaming in the chamber and the bullet is damage maybe because of the Hollow point? I don't know, full metal jacket are fine but JHP alway jaming I can't even shoot one round, it's because of my lower or I don't know help!! Im using spike 9mm glock lower

  21. Great vid, on top of safety and reminding everyone of the tips that come with it, sucks atf changed their minds right after the vid. Gotta say good shot saving the hostage suppressed that was cool to see!

  22. A friend bought a udp 9 recently. Only concern he had was the shell casing was trash after using it in his carbine. The shell over expanded causing the casing unreloadable.Anybody had the same experience?

  23. See? This is what I need for the house.
    Nice inexpensive ammo, nice and loud for disorienting opponent, compact, interchangeable. Awesome. Also, no one is gonna tell me how to shoot my gun, shits going to my shoulder.

  24. Wtf why would shouldering the weapon be illegal.. that seems crazy to me. Tf’s the point in even having a stock then (yes I realize you can rest it against your cheek)

  25. Underneath, everyone knows how ridiculous all this stupid semantics stuff is. Can't do this and you can't do that or you have to hold it this way or that way…..this is how far "incremental infringement" has taken us and it's our own fault.

  26. I like this for home defense more than the 15.. first it’s not as loud, I have the ammo all the time, the recoil is not a lot, I don’t have the mag tho because I’m not a glock dude. But glock mags are not expensive and We can get almost anywhere. I’m building 1. Primary arms have the strip lower for 149. And this will be a good reason to tell my wife why I’m getting a glock 😅

  27. 5" barrel at 1 ta 2 hundy no problem all day. I got into ar9 platform because of the mp5 also….both eyes on target, no sights on point….that line front ta back is key

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