100 thoughts on “THE AMAZING PISTOL SHOTGUN! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

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  2. 5:19 “we lost because we didn’t have very good teammates”

    3:20 just forgets to pick up dog tags because too focused to get kills

  3. 5:35 Adorable. They look like little kids playing pick-a-boo while camping M3rk shoots the kids NO. Yeah forget those little SH*ffns*ts. LOL

  4. I actually don’t have many problems with campers in Hardcore, maybe I’m just lucky, but when I go into core it’s nothing but campers

  5. Yea i used to play realism with pistols cause dinking headshots with a pistol while hearing rage over my mic was epic. Like they get hitmarkers and im poppin headshots

  6. I swear to god all of the kids that flew across the map in infinite warfare are campers in modern warfare

  7. I think they're going to do updates to the other stuff we want like the original Minimap down the line so there's weekly updates maybe

  8. I’m waiting the the weapon blueprints missions to register. That’s what I’m waiting for. Great video. I miss playing on PC.

  9. run the m4 with

    no stock

    458 socom ammo

    short barrel

    and a scope of your choice

    and whatever perks and secondary of your choice

  10. Hey M3RK also when you do these weird gun videos show what level your gun has to be for all the attachments in the weird gun

  11. If you ever go to a L.L. Bean and go to the camping section you will find claymores, M4s with a thermal scope and ammo re-supplies.

  12. This is a completely new style of cod. That's why none of the standard cod gamemodes are really working, which is why we need new game modes for the new way the game plays.

  13. This game is a bit iffy but i will admit the weapon selection and the amount of attachments you have are amazing

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