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The Air Arms Galahad: The Ultimate Hunting Bullpup Air Rifle

What started out as a nice relaxing walk
in one of our concessions has turned into a bit of a snowstorm. I don’t think
we’re gonna be seeing many squirrels or pigeons today, but at least it gives us
the opportunity to run down the Air Arms Galahad that I have with me. The Air Arms
Galahad is part of the new range of sport pup compact rifle from Air Arms
there’s a variety of different options available. Carbine version, which is about
27 and a half inches. The rifle in version which is 4 inches longer. The
main difference between the two there’s a shoot capacity, it also come with three
different stock options this as you can see has a soft touch black finish,
there’s also walnut and beech. One of the great things about Galahad is its
compact dimensions, it’s still a full power full capability sporting rifle, but
dimensions are very, very compact making it more maneuverable but it also means
that the center of gravity is center of balance is much closer to the body. So, if
you’re taking a lot of elevated or free-handed shots it means that that
weight isn’t over the muzzled. This is the high power version, which it has
about 30 shots in .22, about similar in .177. The .22 is shooting 30 foot
pounds in .177 so in about 20. There is a power adjustment external power
adjustment here I tend to leave it on full power, but if you want to turn it
down to give you additional shot capacity and also for shooting in and
around buildings where high power isn’t as necessary that can be done on the fly.
But it is a pretty unique looking rifle, it has all of the features you’d expect
from an Air Arms rifle, great finish high quality engineering, good shot to
shot consistency and outstanding accuracy with Air Arms 33 years now of
making high-power precision rifles you should come to expect that. Nothing is
left to chance a match grade low Woathar barrel as you can see it’s
nice and shrouded here not only does that provide additional sound deadening
it also aesthetically looks a lot more pleasing. The barrel itself has a clamp
at the top here a barrel support which allows the bar to be fully floating and
this also has a moderator fitted now if you’re shooting a high-power rifle all
of that additional air that’s coming from the cylinder to drive the pellet
forward does make a noise and it comes out of the barrel obviously so that
makes a big difference in terms of keep the sound muffled. Directly underneath
that there’s a slide forward now where the Air Arms philip probe goes in keeps
it nice and clean and there’s a manometer at the end there so you know
exactly how much power you have available. The Galahad is an ambidextrous rifle which means it can be adjusted for both left and right-handed shooters, the
cocking lever which is forward here a unique system very fast cycling once you
get used to it that lever can be mounted on the left
hand side if you’re a right-handed shooter or very easily adjusted to the
right hand side if you’re left-handed shooter. The magazine is Air Arms
standard 10 shot rotary self indexing magazine, it’s a great system it’s been
around for a long time I personally had no trouble with feed. The sport pup rifle
isn’t to everybody’s taste I think Air Arms have created a pretty
good example of one here, a lot of sport or bullpup rifles tend to be
sporter actions and have just been shortened down and and moved back into
the stock. Whereas Air Arms designed this from the ground up with this purpose
specifically in mind. As you would expect, there are a lot of additional features and functionality underneath here in the fore end there is an accessory rail where you can put a sling stud, you can also fit a bipod with shorter rifles it is quite
handy to have a bipod or a way of fixing one for taking shots I tend to use
the the sling so just to carry the rifle. The ambidextrous stock, soft touch stock
here has got areas of stippling for additional grip. It’s got a very big
ergonomically shaped a pistol grip as well allowing you lots of different positions
when you’re shooting elevated shots straight or even if you’re taking
decline shots so it offers a lot more flexibility than a standard thumb hole
or a sport to stock. It’s also beautifully sculptured, it’s got nice
lines there considering a lot of bull pups can be a little ugly this one I’d
say it’s pretty attractive in terms of the way that the action has been
sculpted from aluminium and the stock has nice flowing lines. The butt pad is
adjustable, I like rifles that have lots of different planes of adjustment so you
can customize your fit it’s pretty important when you’re shooting a sporter
rifle that as soon as it comes to the shoulder it feels very instinctive, it
goes straight into the shoulder and your eye falls nicely behind the scope.
Because of the bullpup nature of the rifle the 11 mil dovetail rail does sit
quite high, which means there’s quite a gap between the center of the scope from
the center of the barrel while also on the subject you can fit a Picatinny
style rail 15ml rail not just for scopes but other sorts of sighting devices
laser rangefinders and so on and so forth. The rail does sit quite forward I
have a Hawke Sidewinder 8.5×25 by 42 scope which is quite long as it benefits
from having that longer rail. This scope I think is ideally suited to this type of
rifle, external quarter MOA target style adjustment turrets size focus and you
get this handy wheel and which is good for adjusting the focus with gloved
hands. Side rheostat adjustment on the illumination, there are five brightness
settings both red and green and both the objective and the eyepiece are threaded
for accessories including sky caps sun shades and the like. It’s a high
precision long-range target star scope which i think is perfectly suited to the
Galahad package this is a extremely accurate rifle. Pellet on pallet at 40
metres this morning when I zeroed it up I was hoping to come out here and take
some long-range shots pigeons or squirrels, but unfortunately conditions aren’t in our favour. But, when they are and we do get the opportunity I think this is a
great package for long-range hunting with an air gun. So, all in all it’s a
uniquely designed rifle, it’s very attractive, it’s ergonomic it can shoot
both left and right handed it’s got the same level of accuracy you come to
expect from Air Arms rifles and for me it’s ideally suited to a hunting
environment, whether that be shooting in around farm buildings where you have
little space or when you’re out in the woods you need to be ducking in between
branches and bushes so whether it’s your taste or not, the Air Arms Galahad is
undoubtedly a classic Air arms rifle. Well built, well engineered and with
incredible accuracy. What more could you want?

9 thoughts on “The Air Arms Galahad: The Ultimate Hunting Bullpup Air Rifle

  1. My next gun… been watching and wanting one for some time now. Paying off one gun in a month and buying this. I really like the video which was shot in the woods and in the snow. My way of squirrel hunting in mid new york state in the dead of winter….. great looking gun..

  2. I agree it is getting better looking the more i see it but i can’t help but think that if they lost that gap and used a normal side lever then it would be a best seller

  3. Watched twice as i am going to buy one. Excellent review…will be used for pest control.
    Already got TX200 and S510 😉

  4. The AA Galahad is one beautiful looking rifle, I think it falls more into the "semi bullpup" category than a full on bullpup, which in all honesty in my opinion makes it a better rifle really as handling characteristics while in the aim (reload etc) is far easier as controls are slightly more forward, which when you are in the prone (especially when hunting) can be rather contortionistic if you have a full on bullpup. I have the Compatto which again is a semi bullpup and is probably the most practical rifle I have ever owned, compact, ergonomically spot on and deadly accurate. I have not had the pleasure of using the Galahad but I must admit I would definitely consider one if I could afford one,

  5. You need a smaller mag scope I made that mistake but when ratting in buildings with night vision you need more field of view . Excellent rifle I love it

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