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The 9mm Browning Hi-Power Pistol

(gun firing) – [Narrator] The Browning Hi Power, one of history’s most prolific handguns that helped popularize the double column, single feed magazine arrangement
that now rules the world. It’s a product of the
genius of both Browning and Dieudonne Saive, and
these can still be found in the hands of military and
police forces around the world. While nations like the U.K.
have officially replaced them, they still have plenty
in use and in inventory. Canada still uses them
as their primary sidearm, as does Australia, and
many other nations as well. Of course, they are still in production, and you can buy a new
one right from Browning. The gun is a hammer-fired,
single action design like the 1911, and has a
modern magazine release and mags have a springy
bit to help pop them out for manual removal by the user. Drop-free mags are now
preferred, of course. The slide release is in a
familiar location, and the safety is also intuitive,
familiar, and ambidextrous. I’ve replaced the factory
sights with night sights, replaced the trigger,
hammer, sear, mainspring, disabled the magazine
disconnect, and refinished it, and I have about $500 in the
project total at this time, including the original
purchase price of the gun. All of this has resulted
in a fine shooter, too. And I must say that I enjoy
taking it to the range. It is impressively accurate for a gun that looked like it lived
in a shipboard holster when I first got it, but
it still works perfectly. So, let’s shoot it a little bit more. (gun firing) Thanks to Ventura Munitions for providing the pistol food here, of course. While the Hi Power is showing its age, and gradually being phased
out by most major militaries, it still is a fine handgun
to own, shoot, and enjoy. With a little bit of work,
you can really improve them, and I will say that working on this was incredibly simple, and I did it all with no specialty tools or prior knowledge. What more can you say about the Hi Power that hasn’t already been said? They just work great. Thank you very much for watching, and we hope to see you next time.

100 thoughts on “The 9mm Browning Hi-Power Pistol

  1. did anyone ever tell you that your speach cadence is very reminiscent of Rowdy Yates(Clint E.)… in my, "consider", opinion, and you know how those are…

  2. I would just like to point out that the ones the Canadian army uses were built in the 1950s and have barrels so worn out that they are basically semi auto smooth bore pistols

  3. I have a blued BHP which is my favourite pistol by far. Second is my 100 yr anniversary series 80 1911. John Browning knew a thing or two.

  4. It's one of my big three; CZ75, 1911, and BHP. Of course the 1911 is my go to because it's what I shoot the best, not because I'm a fan boy who thinks it's literally the best handgun. If a high capacity 9mm is the order of the day; the CZ75 and BHP are exquisite.

  5. i want one buy brand new they cost 1000, how the fuck is that possible this gun has been made since the 1930s. it should be ak level of cheap( and I mean africa ak 100 bucks cheap)

  6. The Hi Power, like the S&W 59 series. Are among the best in the world. Both are my personal favorite. Now I wished they would modernize them, by making the rails easily replaceable, with an attachment rail, and at least 17 round magazines. I'll go either way polymer or steel frame.

  7. My grandfather had one of these. it was siezed during productiom in ww2 and was used by a German Officer until the end of the war

  8. Are you (or did you) do an article on the modifications you made to the pistol?

    I have also heard that High Powers are limited in what ammo you can use (no +P+, for example). How true is this?

  9. Very nice review. I have an Argentinian contract model I found used for $400 three years ago. I added $60 coco bolo checkered grips and bought an extra $30 dollar 13 round Medgar magazine to add to the original Argy mag. It is a fabulous shooter!

  10. A decent modernized Hi-Power mostly unheard of is the Arcus.

    It fixes many of the issues the Hi-Power had. Gets rid of the magazine safety allowing for a better stock trigger and less parts to worry about as well as making it easier to fully disassemble. Has an extended beavertail added to the frame so no more hammer bite that people complain about. The only drawbacks are the strength and longevity of the extractor so it would be wise to buy a Hi-Power one to go with it. Also the 98DA model uses extended grips so you can only use 15+ capacity mags with it. The 98DAC compact model however can use the standard 13 round mags.

  11. I still love the Hi Power. I carried one in Afghanistan alongside my machine gun. I also have one in my personal collection that is all 1944 original and it shoots flawlessly with new magazines. The only part I don't like on the BHP is the magazine safety which I removed from my personal gun.

  12. My father owns a Browning Hi-Power from 1942 (made in Belgium) and it runs like a dream besides the trigger, it's like trying to drag a piano across gravel lol

  13. Here in argentina those are still made and used by our army and some police forces. They are great, i can't wait to make the paperwork and get one!.

  14. I like my hi-power, but the way the mainspring is designed I really dislike compared to the 1911. it's a real pain in the ass by comparison. harder to replace, especially since you gotta take so much more apart.

  15. In spite of its name it is actually a Belgium pistol, based on an American design. I got to shoot this whilst serving in the Territorial Army

  16. My only gripe is from laziness on my end. I love going out with my father and throwing a box or two through but our hammer is stock as well as the web guard for the hand so every time I fire, I end up with a nice slap on the webbing between my thumb and pointer finger from the hammer. Easy fix with new grip and guard.

  17. Nice pistol, but it will not feed hollow points reliably. The feed ram is too narrow and can cause a bullet to not strip off the magazine at the correct angle for it to slip into the chamber.

  18. A Browning Hi Power and an HK MK23 are two iconic pistols I will probably never own due to the cost. Browning has stopped making Hi Powers and I predict that HK will eventually do the same with the MK23. Oh well, good guns but not worth the cost of admission imo.

  19. The Browning hi-power is unnecessarily expensive. When it first came out I could understand the high cost, it was unique. There's no reason for the Browning hi-power to be so expensive in this day and age.

  20. Used by Lt Colonel Smith in the A-Team, right?Heard it was discontinued last year.Wondering what is gonna replace it

  21. More uncle used it as primary sidearm! since he passed , I'm using it as primary sidearm!

  22. with all other 'upgrading ' you've done on that piece..why not just convert it to .45? and convert magazine to single stack?

  23. My go to sidearm for 17 years and counting. My Hi Power has gotten me out of a lot of trouble over the years and saved my life more than once.

  24. I have a mark3 that’s currently out of production. The mags don’t drop free, trigger is about 200 lbs and the sights are plastic. I blew 1.3k on it.

  25. Simply put, the best handgun of the Second World War! Is it really a surprise the Germans preferred these to their own Luger or P38?

  26. my favorite gun,i want it so bad,but i live in indonesia,guns are very restricted if you just store the gun in your house,and,your neighbor report you to police,you will be arrested for 20 years

  27. My Belgian made Hi power is the Jewel of my collection… The way it handles, points, and feels in your hand in something I almost can't explain. It's like a extension of the body. All the new polymer wonders are great, reliable handguns, I own a M&P 2.0, and it's a great gun. But it lacks the Soul my Hi power has. These guns are timeless, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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