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The 4 Rules of Firearm Safety

hey guys we’re gonna go over the four
rules of firearms safety first one is that every gun is always loaded what
that means is that someone hands you a gun check out my gun I’m gonna make sure
first for myself that it is in fact unloaded. rule number two never ever let
the muzzle of your gun cover anything that you are not willing to destroy
check out my gun yeah cool look. woah. don’t do that. rule number three keep your
finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot- like this. then
move it on to the trigger. number four be sure of your target and when is beyond
it. so you’re not going to shoot through a door because you can’t see what it is
that’s behind that door always make sure exactly what it is that
you’re shooting. be safe. if you liked this video please like comment and
subscribe and remember shoot straight shoot safe

2 thoughts on “The 4 Rules of Firearm Safety

  1. HEY,,,,, Gat Girl wowwwwwww so cool il be watching your channel YOUR FRIEND ALWAYS SO COOL IAM HAPPY FOR YOU

  2. Thanks for sharing these safety tips! I think it’s so important for everyone to know these rules!

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