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The 3 Worst Sub Weapons – Splatoon 2

Hello every woomy! (Or Veemo~) Let’s talk about the three worst sub weapons in splatoon 2 – now before we start I have to point out, that this is Recording during the 3.0 update and the ordering may change depending on future upgrades. Also, these ratings can be a bit subjective. however… I did my best to use information on game mechanics from the splatoon wiki, and Other players opinions on the matter. If you agree or disagree, feel free to let me know why in the comments below. Anyways, let’s get right to it. This sub, is perhaps the most unique one of all. The sprinkler uses a hefty 60% of your ink tank, and runs on several phases. To impact the speed and range of its ink output. While sprinklers can be used as a mini shield in clutch situations, And can do some damage to an enemy standing in their radius, They’re usually used as distractions, and to charge up specials right before making a push. The best uses of a sprinkler are when they’re thrown at a platform hanging above the field to provide continued Inkage of a small area. Or to draw out enemies, for an easy splat since they’re not aiming at you. Sprinklers will keep doing their sprinkling thing, until you toss another one or die. This makes the sprinkler sound like a rather good sub weapon, So where in the world is it number three? I think the biggest drawback of the sprinkler, is that they’re very heavy on the ink consumption, And rely on you staying alive to function. This makes sprinklers very useless for teams That don’t have good map control, players trying to make a push, or for taking out skilled enemies. however, The weapons that come with sprinklers are pretty balanced and are either long range or have decent defensive abilities. Overall, this sub weapon can be great in the hands of a skilled player. And a pain for other teams to deal with. However, the reliance on the survival of its user, put it at number three on the list of worst sub weapons. This one might come as a surprise to some since I personally used the toxic mist a lot. However, this sub weapon is not the greatest. The premise of the sub weapon is simple, It creates a sphere of toxic mist when it comes in contact with a surface. And any players inside the mist will move slower and lose a little bit of their ink, and that’s it. This sub can be pretty useful when it comes to keeping enemies out or away from a certain area, Especially since the mist will make a noise when an enemy is affected by it. While this can be very useful during a match, the duration of the toxic mist is a huge negative. The five seconds at last for wouldn’t be much of an issue if the effect would tag on. Like its predecessor the disruptor, or its sister sub the point sensor. Sadly, the mist effects only work while an inkling is inside the sphere. (Or octoling) And most players will avoid going inside it, or rush through it as a tactic to draw you out. In terms of sets, the toxic mist is far from bad. Especially since it’s paired with weapons that benefit from slowing down an enemy, or have sufficient range and fire speed To chase down those running out of the mist. Again, The toxic mist has it’s good and bad points. The bad ones usually come from “mist” opportunities like the fact that the sub powerup will increase the throwing distance and speed of activation. But instead, could have increased the mists radius when activated. Overall, this sub weapon isn’t horrible But it also isn’t the most useful when it comes to battles. Which is why it gets the number 2 spot. Well, the previous two sub-weapons had lots of positives and some drawbacks this sub-weapon Might as well be called Nancy because it’s mostly negative. (Sorry to anybody called Nancy, I think you are a very nice person>_:()) To make matters worse, Ink Mines are paired with very slow and weak weapons. Most ink lines tend to be used offensively. Blocking pathways and warning the user of an approaching enemy. However, they would be more useful if used offensively. These types of situations would be where the ink line is placed ahead of the user, Who can take down an approaching enemy, Rather than have to cover their back. Over all this sub weapon consumes too much ink, has very weak effects, and can be easily countered by most opponents. As such, the ink line is, in my humble opinion, The worst sub weapon in Splatoon 2. So, do you agree with these rankings? Are there strategies or uses of these sub weapons that I missed? Please let me know in the comments below, and if you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t already. See you next time! (Thanks for watching guys~)

100 thoughts on “The 3 Worst Sub Weapons – Splatoon 2

  1. Perhaps the ink mines is kinda bad on other maps, but Manta Maria is where that sucker really shines, especially in Clam Blitz and the Rainmaker. There’s two specific points you wanna put them: one being the small ledge closest to the basket in Clam Blitz, and two being the main passage you’ll travel in. That’s just my experience ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Like I love the ink brush nouveau with the baller, but I’ve never really used the ink mines competitively. I only use them when squid partying to scare my friends. It’s such a useless sub.

  3. There’s no way to fix these weapons without making them so good that they will have to be nerfed back to its original state ._.

  4. I actually agree even tho I main the e-liter lol

    but if ur being chased down you can place ink mines behind u real fast and take out an opponent (but u gotta be really lucky)

  5. Ink mines are awful, yes, but hiding them around corners is pretty useful, especially on choke points, or moray towers since the entire map is basically a choke point. Sprinklers can be more useful if clung to a roof (as you said) or to the side while you ink in another direction to ink more turf and charge your special. (I don't really have anything to say about the Toxic Mist) and of course, this doesn't make either of these good at all, but I think that one sub is a lot worse than these two…
    And I'd say that's the splash wall. Now, I would like to say some tactics that make this useful buuuuut, sadly most of it's usefulness is drowned out by it's negatives.
    First off, one of it's worst problems is it's horrendously fixed angle. You can't see where you're going to throw it, only hope it will go into a useful position. One of the only uses of it is to try slow down someone chasing you. If it at least showed where you were going to throw it, you could do things like block the tower in tower control or something. I've tried to use this to slow down people with the rainmaker before but…. no, it's angle just doesn't agree with me.
    Another huge problem is it's duration. It's duration is HORRIBLE. It would only be good on choke points (once again, moray towers) BUT! BUT! BUUUT! It's duration is so unbearably short, it can hardly last a second. It could be used to block off people climbing the towers, but it last like two seconds, and this would make it futile on tower control even if you could see where you're throwing it (which you can't) At least the sprinkler has infinite duration, this only lasts like 5 seconds.
    I think a fix would be either to increase it's duration, or make it so when it runs out of ink, it has to sink back into the ground to recharge and it will pop back up when an enemy arrives. Shots would break it for good.
    Also you can only throw one. Pathetic.

    EDIT: I’ve just discovered it’s even worse than I thought. It’s so bad, it can even be USED AGAINST YOU. If another player on the enemy team throws a bomb at it, like the rainmaker shield, it blows the bomb up instantly! This means not only is it of almost no use to you, but it’s probably of more use to the enemies!

    I dunno, please tell me your opinions on this, and any good strategies you have with it, I struggle to like this sub

  6. The sprinkler is the worst, easily. It was decent in Splatoon 1 (but no exactly OP) yet Nintendo nerfed the hell out of it. Why? Why did they make the sprinkler so useless in Splatoon 2?

  7. Heres my top 3 worst subs
    3:point sensor:Dosent do any damage and tracking may not help not horrible but meh
    2:Sprinkler:Explained excactly like vasko
    1:SPLASH WALL!:They can easily be countered and are not helpful since they come out late

  8. I feel that the list should be updated:

    1. This should (My opinion) be changed to "Top 3 least used sub-weapons" or "Top 3 most useless sub-weapons"
    2. The Toxic Mist should not be at 2 (preferably 3)
    3. Sprinkler should be removed from this list
    4. The Beacons should be at 2

    I stated changes 1-3 so that beacons would make this list:


    1. It is a great sub for Rainmaker and Low level (Because "low levelers" will never destroy these beacons)
    2. It is great for getting back into the fray, especially if your team has suffered N O O B M O D E
    3. If positioned correctly and placed thoughtfully, you'd be winning in no time!
    4. At higher levels, if the enemy isn't aware of these beacons, you could easily win!
    5. Sub-power-up will decrease Superjump time


    1. Some people aren't aware of these beacons and will never jump to them!
    2. The ink consumption is laughable (More than SUCCZ!)
    3. They are too weak and get destroyed ezpz
    4. if destroyed, the reveal your Superjump position!
    5. They are paired with very slow weapons, incapable of self-defence

    Again, this is MY OPINION!

  9. The sprinkler can be used in rainmaker to be used as a extra player to pop it.
    Toxic mist can be used to protect a clam basket or a rainmaker goal and inkmines are belh

  10. Ink mines save my life when I’m using a sniper, the warm me if someone is in my back to atack me, and warn me of the ENEMY 🙂

  11. Does anyone know of a “glitch” I think. In which in Splatoon 2 I only have purple or yellow like…
    Me: “Enters round” Oh I am blue lagoon
    Days later
    Me: Which color am I today?


  12. Personaly, toxic mist is good for blocking pathways, and i use it offensively by misting a place and flanking the oponent shooting behind the mist. I feel like the ink curler should be another "worst" sub

  13. My experience on the ink mine is actually good. We played on the gym stage (skate park?) where there was the small surface that was higher in elevation in the middle. When our team took control of that part, I used ink mines surrounding the edges so when the other team climbed up, they would first lose damage and then became an easy kill. I know, specific, but if you hold a specific area, and you have ink mines, it could be easier to splat people. Just sayin, take it with a grain of salt.

  14. Sprinkler is the best! I main the heavy splatling. When I throw mine out, I move to the side and attack the player. Wow Vasco

  15. Putting ink mines on number one is pretty greedy to what i think…look, the inkmines to a small amount of damage, what does a small amount of damage, is a Sub, and did somehow not make it onto the list?

    the burst bomb

  16. “What are the three most embarrassing words in the inkling language?”
    “Splatted by: sprinkler.”

  17. I don't actually hate Ink Mines that much. Two weapons I use are the vanilla Dynamo and vanilla E-liter 4k and when i use the dynamo in zones, i can stick the ink mines in the center of the zone to ink back some turf when opponents arrive and to safely track opponents in the zone as to hit them with my dynamo. Same for E-liter. But I actually hate Toxic Mist, its pretty much useless. Then why'd I buy the Jet Squelcher?

  18. Yeah but you can also embarrassingly Splat opponents with a sprinkler by putting it on their super jump marker

  19. The only time i ever use an ink mine is with the inkbrush nouveau on tower control because it gets you to the tower first and whenever i put an ink mine on the tower and it’s going to explode people usually die

  20. I personally liked the ink mine when it comes to clam blitz, there are certain maps where it is hard to reach the basket without going to near the opposite team or going to a path that is easily to get splatted, considering how I use the ink brush for clam blitz I could just place a few mines at a more secret area. Even though it does rather low damage, usually if someone is trying to kill them, they will run to a rather hard path to reach so it takes longer for the enemies to reach there, if they already dealed some damage the ink mines could just finish it up.

  21. I think the Ink Mines work well with weapons with low damage output, like the Undercover Brella, since you can place them before going in a fight, to basically get free damage without draining your ink when actually in combat.
    If you lure someone through both your Ink Mines, then it's just 10-20 damage to finish them off, even less if they took damage from standing on your ink.

    Just place them around corners so people can't just accidentally shoot at them out of range

  22. Don't worry, I consider those three the worst as well, why would nintendo make the disrupter and inkmine so weak now?

  23. I would have to agree with most of the things that you said about #2. I mainly would that kind of sub weapon on either Tower Control & Rain Maker.

  24. I use my weapon because the main and special are good, but ink mines really bring down the weapon I use (Undercover Brella). I mean, it can be useful for pinpointing opponents, but still, terrible overall.

  25. UPDATE: I would replace Sprinkler and even Point Sensor with Torpedo. It's just that bad; loud, super visible, and can be shot down. Sprinkler is actually paired with some weapons that have trouble charging their special, so it's actually kinda useful.
    Kensa Dynamo, for example.

  26. Sprinkler can be basically used as an extra person inking the rainmaker, and I think the missle ones should be there in place of it

  27. I feel like toxic mist should work like the zombie stink cloud from plants vs zombies garden warfare, it's purple gas, in which plants can't see through, and deals damage over time… or like the super stink cloud from the same game, it's exactly the same, but, it deals more damage but doesn't last as long

  28. Tbh tho, inkmines are pretty okay on Rainmaker. If you put like 2 inkmines in front of the goal, it'll easily splat the person with the Rainmaker. And on Tower control they're good. That's about it. :/

  29. I actually like the ink mine, when your a charger and that person is following you, just keep putting ink mines and they’ll die eventually

  30. Sprinklers are pretty good if you throw them at a super jump point when someone is super jumping. Also, remember those good old days in splatoon 1 where ink mines were insta kill?

  31. Im sorry but i love the mine!
    I use it with the undercover brella and to cut off enemies, then when theyre tagged because they dont know where its placed theyre already damaged and tagged so its easier to defeat them.

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