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The 12ga. Slug with a 9mm Round Inside? – Too Dangerous?

all right here we go Wow hello Jeff hello officer Gregg hello
Taoflederfolks my name is Shimon Biermann and today I
like to show you my new check on slug which is this one here as you can see
it’s completely Hollow it’s made out of 100% brass with a rubbery
coating so let’s see what you guys can do with it these shotgun slugs were
originally designed to hold a live 9-millimeter round in them however
because of safety and probably a lot of legal reasons we decided not to do this
but I don’t want to disappoint anyone and we did figure out a way of setting
these off outside the barrel of a gun to show you what happens when they do go
off there is enough space inside this to hold even a 45 ACP round and also a 760
by 39 I got both of them to fit in there but we’re gonna be using nine-millimeter
you’ll notice that I removed some of the rubber coating on this that was just for
clearance issues for my own peace of mind and also for safety issues not just
for me but also for the shooter now these are quite heavy as far as shotgun
rounds go even empty it weighs over 45 grams and you throw a round in there and
the thing is over 58 grams the way this is supposed to work is you shoot it out
of your gun it impacts a target and blows up however there’s a pretty good
chance these may tumble through the air if they hit backwards they could send
the bullet right back at the shooter now the other possibility is we could
actually have a chain reaction occur inside the barrel
in this scenario nothing catastrophic happens but we’ve also seen in the past
what happens when rounds go off in a chain reaction things happen very fast
very violently and nothing good happens so in a worst-case scenario I envisioned
this would happen but don’t worry we will set these off outside the barrel
and it will be very cool but I think you will also be very impressed with these
rounds without a round in them the Blitzen shoots and round don’t you trust
him oh I’m a little nervous with these so
whenever you’re ready baby I wasn’t kidding when I said there was a chance
he’s white tumble and fly backwards this one was almost flying completely
backwards when it impacted okay ballistic magazines whenever you’re
ready alright here we go with over one and a
half ounces of mass and hitting sideways this thing would ruin your day yeah we
go alright broke up into pieces here oh my god it worked like the the r.i.p ripper on steroids that’s a lot of metal
there game’s Johnson okay I’m ready yikes yikes even though these things were flying in
sideways somehow the force of impact still caused the six big petals to break
off just like that our ap slug only much bigger and in all honesty these things
were more accurate – Wow if this vaporize that thing these aren’t bad at
all Wow now I was expecting these to be a disappointment but you could tell by
my voice that I was very surprised at the performance of these things lots of
hydrostatic shock on that thing a lot of it – roof it opened that far and then
what did you want me to what this show people here it disintegrated that yeah
it piece of the brass is stuck in there it stuck its inner goon oh my port my
wife is gonna be so mad I’m s ever garage sale table okay we get the goat target should deflect straight down okay
whenever you’re you’re ready keep an eye on that B this is definitely
a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time sorry about that mr. B all right it was might have been me but
there was I was aiming for here a little high left course something’s key holing
again he’s in the early I don’t know where all the pieces away will imprint
so it bounced off okay well spot over there in the dirt about five feet away
didn’t even come close to bouncing back at us because it’s on a good angle
didn’t even mess up the paint yeah okay giant block of wood I’m ready there it
is that one came back everyone came bouncing back a little bit
honest that’s exactly how it hit though huh see the rib here is the rib there
yeah just like that it was like a hit a baseball bat came flying right back at
us don’t try that at home kids that was exciting
yeah pretty fast it went came back about ten feet now if you can hit that little
gourd I’ll be impressed okay I’m ready he’s skinned it I scared it put some
high speed vegetable peeling right there fruit or melon or whatever that thing is
okay this is where it gets hinky so you’re gonna shoot a wax slug at that
little tiny target down there it was a ectoplasm that colder shoe that’s when
well load it up we’ll see if we can hit it I got a bunch of those wax slugs that
we can even if you miss we’ll get it one of the one way or the other will it go
off if we would have shot him like that that’s what we want to find out okay
whenever you’re ready you hit it first time first time yeah I had on this side towards you yeah
that was that’s what we found this one’s gonna say it it looks like two of them
might have popped hopefully we’ll see on high-speed
yeah it kind of blasted that off I saw a big puff of dark smoke and so yeah see
that’s that’s what I was worried about going on if we loaded these into a shell
like that into the gun the inertia could have set those things up and that really
made me nervous you know that I wanted I wanted to not you know I wanted to give
them at least this you know that nine is just floating in there yeah it’s kind of
loose a little bit loose I didn’t make him real tight so they would have a
little bit of play would be security room through the barrel yeah yeah I’d
run out of people wanting to shoot me if I said doing dangerous stuff like that a
lot of monkeys yes hopefully hopefully that’ll that’ll be satisfying enough you
know despite what a lot of people think whack slugs are actually pretty accurate
for what they are the slug managed to hit the two top
slugs and set them both off you can see a lot recognizable parts in their
bullets steel balls and of course the brass fragments from those two slugs
that actually exploded you also included a bulletproof Stretch Armstrong for us
to shoot which is awful nice okay I’m ready all right stretch your curves holy
crap I think it’s gonna take more than a band-aid to fix him yeah he’s got this
no which won’t call split personality you know what’s inside a Stretch
Armstrong so the slug guy it looked like it hit
like the sideways so dang it but with Angela Piper DVD it truncated
them and there you go ladies gentlemen very
impressive round even though it tumbled through the air the results were
breathtaking I want to thank Shimon force enemies and
also for his patience it took me about five months before I got the film B’s I
apologize for the delay and of course I want to thank our
generous patrones our patreon supporters who have adopted
this channel because they enjoy watching what we do you guys are a big help
especially in these times when the ad revenue is being continually choked from
it from all video creators we invite you to support us and if you don’t want to
consider supporting other channels that you like I’m sure they could use your
help too thanks again for everyone who watch this we’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “The 12ga. Slug with a 9mm Round Inside? – Too Dangerous?

  1. Thank you everyone who has submitted non-English (and English) subtitles! Warms my heart that anyone would take the time to do that!

  2. Wow I bet this is really useful 4 killing free speech! Maybe I need some of these to kill all the free Buffalo that are running around America f**** everything up!

  3. When it was flying backwards and tumbling it didn't have any weight in the nose. It would act different if it had a heavy nose, maybe staying true.. I still agree that it would be too dangerous to find out with a live bullet, but you could try it with a dead one – no powder in the shell. You would have to load it yourself of course.

  4. Put more shape to the front of them for the bullet to hit correctly not trying to be rude just an opinion from some who practices alot throwing knives and try to get the tip heaviest and it should narrow out

  5. the guy who sent you the slug has literal portraits of obama in an obama shrine behind him, and an obama dollar.. wtf

  6. Without being held tightly in a chamber to contain the pressure all detonating the 9mm rounds did was cause the cases to rupture. The bullets probably didn't fly more than a few feet after separating from the brass slug.

  7. needs a fin stabalizer, way to dangerous as it is, and seems to almost always hit sideways. USE AT OWN RISK.

  8. Im retired and have been around many weapons in my career, ive enjoyed watching your videos awesome my compliments sir and thank you

  9. dogmen stoper. whats the round weapon and caliber do u guys suggest for dogmen defense. stop his scare him away so 1 can excape. defense only

  10. Interesting but not a safe situation. There are trucks moving on a highway behind the target. Unwise to say the least even though a long way away.

  11. Liked the video, liked how this slug acted like a giant RIP'er didn't like its end of end at all, but, Maybe if next time try just a bullet or something shaped like a bullet head in the front and maybe it wouldn't end over end and you'd probably need to tape over the slits as uneven air through them promotes that.

  12. Safety First, I know you're big on it. Hey I know the 9 bullet probably didn't maket it that far but think about it …you had the casing and the bullet aimed at the highway, slugs are fine there but not bullet in shell…safety first !

  13. you should revisit the live round inside of slug test with the fifth ops perimeter alarm. great video though!

  14. I wanted to get one of the TAOFLEDERMAUS COFFEE MUGS, but all that's available are Taofledermaus coffee mugs… Seriously, only 11oz mugs? That may be enough for officer Gregg, but I require a MAN SIZED COFFEE MUG before I grab my shotgun! Lemme know if those mugs ever grow into adulthood!

  15. You’re MEN! Doggonit!!! Where are your leather man tools to pull fragments out? Has California over-taxed, de=opinionized and surgically removed your manhood through threats of total defunding!? You could take this to another video service that appreciates you or you could start merchandizing the bejesis out of your channel like many of the great ones!

  16. Don't tell me I'm the only cornball who jumped when they saw a blue jug vanish. Wanna what the fluff challenge without the pets. Use this slug. 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Talk about being overdramatic. Even in your test where all the rounds went off back-to-back you had to create that. Even if the 9 mm went off in your gun, there's nothing to really hold the expansion of power while it's in your Barrel. So the round would loose most of its power. It won't make your gun just magically explode.

  18. I'm really glad that you didn't test these as advertised. It might be worth testing with blank ammo, but even then I'd shoot from behind a barrier – people and camera. The purpose would be to see if the absence of the bullet was responsible for the instability in flight. Or load a 9mm round without primer and flour instead of powder for the same reason. We NEED a reliable exploding, incendiary, armor-piercing bullet – for, for . . .

  19. I heard you like cartridges so I made a cartridge in a cartdige. .. This might be interesting reborn as 9mm bullet tip welded to the grooved dumbell slug yo uh have tried…the one that flies without tumbling.

  20. Would be interesting to see one where it's basically a solid breech block kinda design so the idea is that when fired it shoots the bullet followed by the main body of the projectile that serves as a breech

  21. I guess, there is nothing " designed " on this wannabe-slug. That´s a normal brass-anchor for brick- or concrete walls ….

  22. I liked this video as soon as I saw the title.. I’ll let ya keep it even tho y’all pussed out. Jk… kind of. Why didn’t u set it up with s string and fire the gun remotely? 🙁

  23. It's a real pitty you didn't just put an empty 9mm case and head in the slug. That way you'd have an idea of the true stability. A hell of a lot of work went into these things. A sacrificial pipe gun maybe a good idea

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