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TF2 Mythbusters: Sniper Anti-Headshot

Разрушители мифов ТФ2: Эпизод первый Миф: Снаряд короткого замыкания способен уничтожить вражеский снаряд короткого замыкания. Миф: Ты можешь защитить себя от выстрела в голову, позвав медика Миф: Облачко от сосульки видно даже в инвизе Миф: Демонайт с мечем, имея 5 голов – бегает быстрее скаута Миф: Находясь в таунте “победный круг” в воздухе, ты можешь немедленно себя остановить, если выйдешь из него Миф: Можно избежать урона от падения, если выйти из таунта “победный круг” перед самим падением Миф: Хеви, который скушает шоколадку и возьмет железные кулаки – сможет пережить таунткилл Миф: ВАК таки банит игроков, играющих с читами Ай забей, это очевидно! Миф разрушен. Знаешь мифы, которые можно проверить? Пиши их нам прямо тут, в комментариях!

100 thoughts on “TF2 Mythbusters: Sniper Anti-Headshot

  1. See? I wasnt spamming E to get back the 4 HP I lost, medic, I was preventing headshoots from killing me.
    Now, since your here, though, can I have that 4 hp?

  2. I thought I was watching some classic Muselk 2014 tf2 videos.

    But I transported (or teleported) into a 2018 dimension.

  3. I hear a myth that TF2 is fair and balanced. Make a fake FTP acc and see if you can get all items on it without using your name. Only skill. No dick-sucking discord teams too. Just the way most people play. Right, you won't, win is more important than fair.

  4. I want to point out something, the first "Myth" is that your own Short Circuit's Energy ball or your teammates can destroy enemy short circuit energy balls, while this is sort of true it doesn't only destroy it, it also destroys itself basically blowing up and just erasing it.

    As seen in 0:25

  5. The Spycicle particles thing actually does happen. It's just rare when it does, and usually the spy is disguised on top of being cloaked. Spy disguises are prone to weird shit, like headless pyros and legless demos, too.

  6. Scout is the fastest class in the game (just have full percentage baby faces blaster , nothing (that isn't rocket/sticky/flare jumping or grapple hook) can outspeed it.

  7. Eyelander demo with five heads Is NOT faster than scout unless the demo is using the booties or bootlegger. Delfy you lied to us

  8. The new sniper meta strategy:


  9. once i killed a spy because of the spy cicle smoke, and i got accused of hacking, its probably fixed by now, it was a long time ago

  10. I have a myth you can still get in a finished game when your dead by changing characters if you wait 5 seconds

  11. I can't quite tell if the guy on the left of the thumbnail is a soldier or a rrly buff engie

  12. For the myth at 1:46 you used a shield AND boots so it doesn't make it clear if demoman can run faster than scout.

  13. For anyone unaware, the scout actually moves at 400 hu/s, that's 30 hu/s faster than a demoknight with 4+ heads, who runs at a speed of 370 hu/s. The reason the demo ran faster in the video is because he had the wee booties equipped (which weren't part of the myth), which brought him to a speed of 408 hu/s.

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