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TF2: F2P Window Snipers

(Blue): So there’s a sniper shooting at a window… and two medics healing him… What a waste of three people… (LegoStarWars2001): Uber! (Krunchy): *Laughing* Let’s just rush ’em, yeah. (LegoStarWars): I hope people saw that.
That was beautiful. (Krunchy): *Laughing*
(LegoStarWars): What? (Krunchy): Strafing.. (LegoStarWars): Trying to figure out that shot, man. (Blue): LegoStarWars, you will kill absolutely no one by shooting at a window. *Both laugh*
(Krunchy): The taunting… (Blue): You are 13 years old. (LegoStarWars): Pro MLG sniper right here… Oh boom! You see that pick? Did you see that window pick? (Medic): Nice shot, comrade! (Blue): This guy is a level three retard. DUDE, LegoStarWars, you’re shooting at a fucking… window you’re not going to kill anyone. *LegoStarWars laughs it off* He still doesn’t get it, that he’s shooting.. just.. at a window. he’s not hitting anybody! He’s shooting straight into a window… *LegoStarWars laughs* (LegoStarWars): Is it really that upsetting
that I’m doing that? I mean.. *laughs* Is it really that bad? You guys are dedicated! (Krunchy): *Laughing* Oh my god! (LegoStarWars): Invincibility. Now! I didn’t see where I was going. I’m getting crits! Why am I being crits’d? (Krunchy): This is just pure genius.

100 thoughts on “TF2: F2P Window Snipers

  1. Oh my god I just realized I wasted an April Fool's Day. I could have gone into the game and been THAT GUY! Pretend I've never played before, don't understand the concept of windows, and when enough people get mad, I ask them for the date. See if they get the joke.

  2. The amount of people who doesn't realise the gibus sniper is his friend, pretending to be a new player, it too damn high.

  3. I don't think this is real, he has got the ghastliest gibus which is quite expensive. Noobs only use the ghostly gibus

  4. Gibus? Check. Sweet! Another youtuber to cancer list!
    Lets see here..
    -Tool Box
    -Nate Fox
    -Red Robot(not sure)
    If FUNKe and STAR_ join the cancer army I'm done.
    Then I'll have no trust to any TF2 player, ano of them may have cancer hidden in their bp.
    I'm all alone here on batlefield.

  5. crunchy plz. dont say bad words anymore i love ur vids so much but u keep saying bad words and i want u to be a good u know thank u 😀 if u understand but if not then srry :C

  6. I was playing with Blue not too long ago and can confirm he's a tryhard who can't take people not playing as hard as him

  7. I'm actually fucking hate f2p TRYHARDS when they look for a second at friendly then they FUCKING DECIDE TO KILL THEM LIKE DICKS!!! FUCK THEM

  8. Aaah, this takes me back. Like no joke, i bought something from the man co store on tf2 and got the proofof purchase and then got the gibus and used the gibus instead of the proof of purchase.

  9. f2p sniper: snipin's a good job mate. get to shoot windows challenging work. can't hit for shit and at the end of the day you always die and then you get paid

  10. How could you be complaining about a fucking F2P when your name is fucking blue? What are ya a fucking preschooler?

  11. Hey krunchy, you're getting a lot of shit for that one video you made a few years ago (you know the one) but you made this video taking a shit on tryhards. I wonder why the TF2 community decided to have double standards when it comes to p2ps and f2ps

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