100 thoughts on “Texas Loosening Gun Laws Weeks After Mass Shooting | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Double down on stupid. Did they also remember to further relax zoning laws so that childcare center and nursing homes can be built closer to the fertilizer and chemical processing plants?

  2. If the right to bear arms ever gets regulated by the whims of partisan socialist law makers Americans will quickly become a helpless group of sheeple made subject to the rule of partisan socialist law makers.

  3. Wayne (NRA)Lapiere Loosening Texas Guns-law – is a good thing for places of worship and Schools (WFTTM) 🏫 🕌🏩🏥🕋🕍

  4. Mitch shows he cares. “My thoughts and prayers are with the NRA and all the good Kalasnikovs out there. Rubles came out of my eyes when I learned of this Fake News. Hold on to a loved one, preferably something with a rapid fire, and may Gun save the Uneducated States of America "

  5. Will it take at least a single person from EVERY US family to be murdered before you people wake up to the stupidity of your gun laws? Maybe two persons…

  6. Why don’t we dedicate a channel to US shootings : they will have plenty of material. More innocent people lose their lives & the dodos in the parliament loosen gun laws- WTF

  7. lol. Liberal twits.

    2/3 of all firearms deaths …. are suicides.

    1/3 or all firearms deaths …. are homicides.

    Mass shooting deaths by firearms are a FRACTION of the homicides.

    Gun control laws are not going to stop a person murdering another person. A murderer doesn't care about the law.

    FFS to murder somebody is a deliberate act that the murderer knows is breaking law. Idiots.

    It's easy to significantly reduce gun suicides and homicides. But Liberals won't accept this easy fix as they'll cry its "Big Brother" or "Draconian" and violates privacy, civil liberties and constitutional rights. lol. A Liberal is the pot calling the kettle black when they criticize anybody no doing what they believe.

    Gun control is not going to stop a homicidal maniac killing people. He doesn't care about the law Gun control only hurts the millions of gun owners who do care about he laws. Liberals are truly morons.

  8. just add 400% tax on ammonition if you dont want stronger gun laws

    it a win win for all

    also more guns at school 😀 that will fix it

  9. 3500 people killed by guns since 2007. Texas has a population of about 22 MILLION.
    That's statistically nothing!

    For you gun grabbers: if you first disarm all the criminals, then take the cops guns away and you can prove that nobody can suddenly go postal at the drop of a hat and you don't have access to a gun, no machinist could build one and you outlaw metal pipes that can be made into single shot shotguns I will give mine up.

  10. So if a person actually listened to this video, Texas is simply removing unreasonable restrictions on law abiding citizens who are legal, responsible gun owners. The law changes outlined in this video will not increase violence perpetrated by the mentally ill or career criminals with firearms, rather makes life easier for law abiding citizens. Totally irresponsible comments by some former ATF agent, but he did get his 15 seconds of fame.

  11. Free guns and ammo for the good guys and Gamers should pass a mental health exam before they are allowed to buy a playstation etc !

  12. Fact: a good person with a firearm ends the criminal before the police can respond.
    Fact: Facts don't care about your feelings.
    Fact: don't like guns,move to CA.

  13. At least there was some kind of code of conduct in the old wesr. Did anyone ever attempt a mass shooting of innocents in dodge or tombstone? I cant imagine even the most hardened criminals of that time shooting women and children. Amongst the settler population. So its not like the wild west, is it.?
    Now, everyone must die, it seems. These people should not be armed.

  14. Who is to blame for these shootings? MSNBC, CNN, and all the other media that advertises them. They show the shooter's picture and make him famous, which is what these nutjobs want. There's a saying, out of sight, out of mind. If they would do a total blackout on news coverage of mass shootings, you'd see them stop overnight, but the leftist media wouldn't dare do this and help prevent future massacres. They continue to perpetuate these shootings and then cover them night and day for ratings. They make money off of these shootings with higher ratings. The higher their ratings, the more advertising revenue they bring in.

  15. Please change Mental Health laws.
    If you take guns away from law abiding citizens then we can't protect from the NON LAW ABIDING people.

  16. Place a gun on every lamp post !
    Let dogs carry guns !
    Make it legal to shoot anyone with a gun ! They might shoot you if you don't !

  17. Really people …I feel sorry for you but guns on the streets is what's allowing this to happen.
    More guns access means more shootings and one shooter will take down many before anyone can take him down.

  18. Attention all shooters !
    There will be a mass shooters convention in Texas in the near future .
    if interested … Please sign up at your local Sheriff's department before September 7th . Thank you ! 🙂🍻

  19. How to detect a shooter ….
    Have everyone dress up with make up etc… as a migrant for 1 day and the ones who are shooting at everyone including mirrors are the shooters !

  20. So…increase antidepressant and gun distribution to all young white frustrated men, right? Cuz it's Amur-ih-can?

  21. Again. You cannot put the blame or responsiblity at the feet of responsible gun owners.
    So you can't say " None of these responsible gun owners are changing these situations " because you cant know or guess where or when these types of things will happen.
    See, again, going after those who are not responsible and making them feel guilty laying responsibly at their feet. Basically in a roundabout way saying they make the situations worse, because you all cant have your way and ban guns in one fell swoop.
    Look, responsible gun owners in these situations shouldn't even be brought up. It has nothing to do with them. No one can guess or determine when and where this type of thing will happen.

    And for as bad as one or two people dying in a shooting like this is (which shouldn't happen either) if in the event a shooting like this occurs where 3 or 4 people die, which is terrible, if it means saving 1 more person from being shot because there happens to be a conceal carrying citizen there, then that's better than having made it law to ban guns, or that you cannot conceal carry. In which case then everyone is a sitting duck and you can't hope for anyone, not even yourself, for the possibly and opportunity to return fire.

  22. The small shootings leading to thousands of shootings far outweigh the mass shootings. Adding thousands and thousands of armed people with fantasies of shooting someone they hate just eager to insult and bullying to create their opportunity to stand their ground. Ready to pull the trigger on someone who may tell them to back off because of their own aggressive behavior. Now my family is less safe as tens thousands more armed people everywhere we go. And with the rabid hatred on the news every day. And democracy stifled and gagged in the senate. What is my solution to four armed people in line with me at the market poised. ….?

  23. As far as I know no mass shooter has been taken out by a 'good guy with a gun', they are always put down by police … so whats the point of people being allowed to carry guns in America? And what would have happened say in El Paso if a 'good guy' HAD pulled his gun and started firing and then the police run in with guns raised looking for an active shooter?

  24. Makes me wanna move to Texas. They have some sense. Gun free zones just create an area perfect for a crazed gun holder to slaughter people with no chance of defending themselves.

  25. When DRUGS were a major issue…they imposed the "3 strikes and you're out" law to lock more people up……but when GUNS a major issue……they make laws making it easier for people to conceal, carry & keep a GUN!! Hhmmm 🤫🤔🤑

  26. why not make it mandatory for everyone to have a gun, that way hundreds of panicked people can mindlessly shoot into a crowd against someone who has an AK.

  27. You CANNOT buy a gun online without a background check…. When you buy a gun online it has to be shipped to a LICENSED gun dealer. When you go to pick the gun up from the LICENSED dealer you MUST pass a background check before the gun is released to you. Guns cannot be purchased online and shipped directly to your house… FAKE NEWS!!!

  28. But but but but but but….we need more guns. More more more!

    We need to make sure that every single person in the US is armed and ready to shoot someone else just in case someone starts shooting. That's the only possible way to stop shooters from shooting others.

    Every man, woman, and child needs to be carrying a fully loaded weapon at all times.

    We also need to make sure that these crazy people who perform mass shootings have the names, addresses, and locations of every single gun lobbyist and NRA member so that when mass shootings happen, those people are first in line to be shot or someone in their families are shot. That way, they can feel and understand the incredible rush and thrill that mass shootings bring to this wonderful American society.

    I cannot wait until Texas is on fire with mass shootings….it'll give me so much joy and pleasure. Now please distribute those guns. After all, it is your right as an American to hang on to 300 year old laws that applied to people back in the day that has nothing to do with today.

    Good luck "y'all."

  29. Well you can either protect your family from crazy people or not. Lots of irresponsible parents around. Yelling please don't shoot my fam probably won't work.






  32. Outstanding! Love Texas. Liberals, gun control isn’t the solution. Take a second and search uk street violence and you will see thousands of people getting killed by stabbing. How about we pay more attention to the mental health crisis and opioid epidemic amongst other crises creating this types of this situations. Open your eyes, 👀 lord Jesus 🤦🏾‍♂️

  33. Everybody in here With the negative comments. Has never had a gun pulled on them. Or been robbed or shot at. Go thru a life threatening situation w/o a gun. Y’all are gonna go get jus like all the other gun liberals that have

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