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Texans turning to Virginia for concealed handgun licenses

9 thoughts on “Texans turning to Virginia for concealed handgun licenses

  1. States are now passing whats called constitutional carry. So if you can pass a background check to buy a gun, you can conceal carry without a permit. That costs noting and that is our second amendment right.

  2. Im shocked that the guy who charges you for a shooting class thinks its crazy. But 99% of conceal carry holders will never use there weapon, in a defense situation.

  3. The LTC license like most government licensing is just a scam to generate revenue, and does absolutely nothing to improve public safety.

  4. The Supreme Court ruled that a public Servant (police /fireman etc… )does not have to risk his or her life to help anyone and yet they make it more and more difficult for a honest person to get what is there god give right only recognized in the 2nd Amendment help put this government in its place go vote get rid of the idiots and put the criminals in jail (a armed Society. Is a polite society) a unarmed person is a subject .

  5. Been waiting over 6months for my tx Ltc, about to just get the Virginia one. Took the test for tx shooting requirements and it's a joke. Shooting at 3,7,15yds. I'm use to shooting 8x8in steel plates rapid fire at 50yds.

  6. Interesting… I'm from Virginia and years ago many Virginians used to get a Florida concealed carry permit as at the time it had reciprocity with more states between VA and Fla., so I opted for the Fla permit (I have family further south). The course I took placed more emphasis on the legal impacts of using your gun in self defense and where it is and isn't acceptable to conceal carry. There was a firearms portion as well they mainly wanted to see that you can safely load and discharge a firearm down range. I think this is enough really… In probably the vast majority of self defense cases, just brandishing the firearm is enough.

  7. Skip searching for a class offered only on the weekends or at night, take matters into your own hands and take the classroom portion online at You can take it on any mobile device (phone, tablet, etc). When you complete the online course, you'll get the LTC-101 form to take to the range with a licensed firearms instructor to shoot the qualification. Submit the completed form online and you're done!

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