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Testing a Semi-Automatic Pepper Spray Gun

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The Modern Rogue uses a Salt weapon to shoot pepper. All right, Jason, just spill it. We have a gun that shoots pellets full of
pepper spray. There’s no way this ends well, because when
you pitched it to me, you were like, “Oh, it’s like a paintball gun! But it does pepper spray!” And I’m thinking, “Oh pepper spray, we’ve
been there before.” Yeah. And then we open this thing- -and it’s Robocop’s gun! Are you kidding me?! With the- and CO2 cartridges, and then I open
up these pellets. It’s like getting shot with a jawbreaker. And it’s automatic, you’ve got the- Yeah! So this is from the Salt Supply Company. This is from my nightmares, is where it’s
from. Military-grade pepper spray pellets. These are some of the practice rounds, but
they’re very hard, and they’re filled with military-grade pepper spray. Now when you got this, you said it’s meant
for self-defense and I’m thinking, “Why do you need to self-defend as something is running
away?” But it’s not self-defense, this is home-defense. Yes. This is get someone the hell out of your house. But it’s also non-lethal. I’ll tell you, I mean this is going to do
damage, though. Let’s take a look at what the instructions
say. Okay, good call. It says here, “The Salt gun is not a toy,
and is intended for use by military, law enforcement, correctional officers, private security guards,
bail enforcement agents, authorized personnel, or for self-defense purposes.” What about Internet hosts? I’m sure–it’s implied. “This Salt gun discharges projectiles from
the barrel, may cause serious injury or death.” I missed that part, I didn’t read that part. “By purchasing this Salt gun, you and your
agency assume total responsibility for its safe and lawful use. You must observe
the same precautions as you would with any firearm.” Okay. Trigger discipline, at the ground. Safety is on, finger’s not on the trigger,
pointed at the ground. Thank you. But I can still hold it, right? “Keep your finger off the trigger until ready
to shoot. Do not look down the barrel of the Salt gun. Never launch at the face, eyes, ears, throat,
or spine.” The spine! All right, I’m thinking- Well what are we going to shoot?! The feet? “Use only Salt projectiles in the Salt gun,
never load or fire foreign objects.” Oh god, why would you do that? Hey, if you’re trying to freak me out, it’s
totally working. There’s four more pages of this.>>Brian: I guess let’s load the practice rounds.>>Jason: Practice rounds?>>Brian: Yeah.
>>Jason: All of them? Eh, no. Let’s do half of them. Okay.>>Brian: All right, seven-ball mag.
How many of those do we have?>>Jason: We’ve got, five. Okay. So yeah, so we’ll do two rounds of five.>>Brian: Oh wow, it really does, it loads just like
a uh->>Jason: Like a paintball gun?>>Brian: Well no, no, these like bullets. This is actually a paintball gun. Yeah? It’s not even retrofitted or anything like
that. This is part for part a regular paintball
gun, it’s the rounds that are going to make life miserable. Yes. Okay, so we’re going to leave that, and then
I guess we have to pressurize this. Yes. All right, we’ll get eye protection as well. And then you pull it out, and it screws all
the way out, and you load this guy in. At this point we’ve got the CO2 in there. So this way you twist it, and then to pressurize
it, you’re going to pop that down. On the one hand it’s like, it’s just a paintball
gun. On the other hand, this is the mother of all
paintball guns. Yeah, it looks so menacing!>>Brian: All right, here we go.>>Brian: Oh it just–it just did the CO2. That was the CO2 cartridge getting pierced. Oh god. All right, we’ll just shoot it into the trees. Oh god! It broke a part on the branches and powdered. Yeah, it powdered! That’s the safety round, that’s just the practice
round so it doesn’t have pepper spray in it. Okay, all right. You know what, here. I’m going to go for, just that ridge over
there. That little rock ridge? Okay. Gun is live. Ho-ly sh–. Okay, my turn, my turn, my turn. Do not think of it as a paintball gun, because
those you have to be a little bit high so it goes down. Think of it as a gun gun, because it turns
out it’s a gun gun. It’s Jar Jar Binks. It’s a gun–that’s terrible. Just to the left. Nice! Yeah! How you feeling? Scared! I know technically it’s a paintball gun, but
those are not paintball pellets, man. Those are rocks! Yeah. The other thing is, they fire so freaking
fast you don’t need to arc it. Just right down the sight. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. It’s really nothing you want to toy with,
and when they said, “It’s not a toy,” I thought, “Well it’s kind of a toy!” It’s not a toy. No. These guys are marketing it as a way to keep
your family safe. Yes. Which means it’s not a toy. So now we need to kick it up a notch and go
with live rounds. All right, let’s give it a go. I’m going to
aim for this black spot right here, the moment you feel it go just take a big whiff. Sure… great! I think it’ll be like the stuff we experienced
in the worst aid kit. It’s going to suck! Yeah. At least I’m not getting hit with it. All right, you feeling it? I’m feeling it. The moment that puffs, I want you in there. I’ll pop up. All right, here we go. All right, it’s live! It’s coming at your face in three, two. Oh! Oh no! No! I can’t see! Agh! Oh shins. Wait stop stop, don’t move, don’t move! Eyes closed! Oh jeez, it did puff on you! Yeah! Oh my god, it’s all over your face! Oh my god! All right, are you okay? Agh, yes, it sucks. It sucks! My eyes are burning! Oh my god, my eyes are burning getting near you! Oh my god! This is a drag! Here. Come here, come here, come here. Trust me, trust me. That was amazing! No no no, now I can shoot you. Just give me the gun, I’ve got it! What was it like? It was just like immediate blindness and stinging. Okay, so what’s weird is I only saw a little
puff, and then you just stood up. It didn’t even look like much of your face
was in there. The moment I stood up, I couldn’t see and
it was just stinging and my face got all itchy. It was a drag, man. Wow. Now it’s your turn. Oh jeez. There is zero percent chance that I’m going
to take one of those at full force. Even from that far away. I’m going to put enough layers on, I’m going
to be like the Michelin Man covered up in so much stuff. I want the slightest taste of what this is
like. I’m not going to judge you for that, I think
that’s fair, because I felt it hit that that board, and it resonated. I’m thinking we do some low-tech body armor. I become the world’s worst Iron Man. That’s fair, yes. All right, I’m going to wear a whole bunch
of layers, because if it’s meant to stop criminals or people breaking into your house, I would
assume- It’s supposed to hurt people! Yeah, even if they have a coat on or something. Oh, good call. That’s good, I think, yeah. I think that’ll be fine. Here you go, hold that here. Yeah. There you go. Oh and you’re going to put that on over it? Yeah. We’ve got to do that scene where I’m like,
“Brian!” And you go, “Augh! Ahhh…” and he’s like, “Oh, he was wearing
a vest!” I don’t know about, protect my arms. I don’t trust you to not hit them. Okay, good. Hold on, hold on. Here, give me pieces of this. Of this? Yeah, tear that up. What, of the box, or? Yeah! I need armor! I don’t trust you to get the sides. Ah I’m Iron Man! All right, all right, all right. Okay. Do you want to do goggles and mask? No, we’ve got to do mask. Just the mask? I’m looking forward to this! I’m excited, I feel good! I think I should do the goggles inside. All right, do it. I swear, Jason. I need your aim to be good. Put your hands over the important stuff. No, the hands are the important stuff! I’m a magician! Yeah… How are you feeling? Terrified. Terrified, terrified, terrified. We need the water. It’s going to explode and it’s going to puff
right up into my face. Yep! That’s the point. I’m just going to put it right here. Don’t knock it over. 50 mile an hour fastball. Okay. So I’m going to be about right here. No! Oh jesus. All right, ready? Uh, let me hold my breath. Hey! Remember that time you tased me on national
television? Yeah… Agh! See?! That was terrifying. That was one of the most terrifying experiences
of my life. I told you it was going to be fine! Did it bounce off? I think so! Here, I’ll get you again! I mean, yeah sure. Okay. All those years of Duck Hunt have finally
paid off! Don’t miss! Hey! Hey! Hey! Right here! Yes! Oh-oh, I’m breathing it now. I shouldn’t have done that. It sucks, right? Get the water. That’s no good. All right, come here quick quick. All right. Yep. Real quick if you want to support The Modern
Rogue, go to They get a free month! Yeah. Uh, I’m going to rate this as highly effective,
unless somebody has put together cardboard body armor and is wearing eye protection. Holy! Holy! Very effective. Okay. Well done Salt Supply company. Oh my god. Oh my god, look at it. That was almost my neck! That is a scene I never want to experience
in my life again. Looking down the barrel of a Jason Murphy,
raising a pistol at me. So what do you fear more, the impact, or the
pepper spray? It was the pepper spray, and even after I
got shot it was the pepper spray, and then I pulled this out. And it ain’t no question it’s that impact. That’s serious. That’s going to stop somebody from coming
at you. Especially because that thing is automatic,
you’re just going to go like pop-pop-pop-pop-pop as they’re coming at you. Yeah. You’re not going to have any well-measured
discretion at I’m just going to shoot them once. No, you’re going to unload. Oh, absolutely. That’s the beauty of it being a fully-loaded
automatic weapon. I gave zero credibility to this as an actual
home defense weapon, until we did this test. And now there is no question that a single
person in a hallway coming at you, it’s over. Bopopopop. Even if you miss them, that stuff exploding
on the walls next to them? You can not walk into that and not be instantly
blinded. You’re immediately blinded. Nobody’s going to go into it prepared for
that. Also, got to say, the heft is amazing. The feel of it is amazing. Locking that magazine in is a amazing. It’s pretty satisfying, right? Yeah! Wow, all right. Okay, now without the armor! Nope, nope! Come on! What if I get you right in the ass? Don’t you–did you read that about the spine? — CC BY BIZARRE MAGIC —
[branding furnace hissing]

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