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Testing a Real Mass Effect Plasma Rifle

So in our last episode of Make it Real, we
made this Mass Effect themed Plasma Rifle… Now, we’re gonna test it out! Hope you guys enjoyed our short little Mass
Effect Andromeda film, uhh, some of the filming was pretty glitchy — very similar to the
game actually, but uhh, we hope you enjoyed it, we had a lot of fun shooting it! And if you guys want to support the channel
you can buy a t-shirt from our new TeeSpring shop, there’s a link right there and in the
description below. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Testing a Real Mass Effect Plasma Rifle

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  2. I could see a militarized version of this being used by police officers during riots. Those "less lethal" shotgun rounds aren't punishing enough.

  3. Now thats what I call……

    Man… He must be enjoying doing all that. Really, he has a great life.

  4. If the apocalypse ever comes, this is the kind of improvised weaponry we're gonna want. that, and a fire extinguisher flamethrower

  5. Hack Smith I love your videos and your so inspiring. I’m only ten years old but I would love to be an engineer like you👍🏻

  6. What is the range of the gun and is iy accurate? What is the drone shooting? Wasnt it dangerous for you to let the drone shoot at you..?

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