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Terry Tyler Collection of Vermont Firearms | Outdoor Journal | Season 11

>>if you have ever been to the Museum, then you know, it’s a Museum like no other, and best Described by one of the curators As a collection of collections. >>the museum may look the same On the surface, but with the Iconic structures like the Deroga, the covered bridge and An assortment of buildings Relocated by founder, elechra Havenmeyer webb, but one of the Newest exhibits is called lock, Stock and barrel, the terri Tyler collection vermont Firearms. >>there is a cane gun, and it’s An underhammer which is in a Gun, one right over here. There is a full length telescope On it, and — >>no one knows this exhibit of Vermont made guns better than Terri tyler. Who began his collection back in The 1960s. >>my wife and i have an Agreement where nothing would Come out of the checkbook or off The kids’ feet in order to Finance the guns. So, what i could make nights and Weekends, i was, i was — i put Towards the guns. >>over the past half century, The collection has grown to 106 Firearms made from 1790 through 1900. >>the first one i found was an Underhammer, never even heard of An underhammer, an underhammer, The hammer swings up from Underneath, and strikes a cap. And down the range it goes. And roughly a third of this Collection are underlambers. >>and every gun has a unique Story and terry remembers them All. Visitors can listen to him talk About each gun on mp-3 players As they stroll through the Exhibit. >>there is handguns. This one here if you ran out of — if you fired it once it was Done. But, you could beat a person to Death with that barrel. >>most of the guns in this are Made by individual gunsmiths in Various towns around the state. And, and a lot of them did it For, for their neighbors or Hunters or farmers or whatever. Some of them were pretty much Plain janes, and others, are Very, very ornate. >>to really appreciate the Beauty of these guns, shelburne Museum’s curator jean burks Included a three dimensional Display. >>they are works of art because Of the craftsmanship that went Into them. The design. The thoughtfulness of how the Inlay was done. The engraverring. It was all very carefully Planned out to, to really make a Beautiful firearm, as well as a Functional one. >>it’s so intricate, the Inlaying of a different kind of Wood. It takes a lot of time and a lot Of work. And it shows some of the Artistic facets of gun-making. >>it very much speaks to, to The interests of our founder, Electra, she loved big game Sport and hunting all kinds so This fits into her personal Interests. >>in fact, adjacent to the gun Exhibit is the beach lodge, a Replica of the camp is filled With record-breaking animals. Many them harvested by el ectra Herself. It has one of the best Collections of hand carved Decoys in the world. And the og again pliesner is Filled with outdoor scenes Painted by this artist. For the curator of this Collection, a challenge was to Design an exhibit that would Appeal to gun lovers and novices Alike. >>i would like people to come Into in exhibit and experience How beautiful the guns are, and I think how engaging the exhibit Design is. >>it’s unbelievable. As a matter of fact, he never Seen a display like this, when i Had it appraised. You could see a lot of the guns From both sides as opposed to Just being nailed on the wall The way that i have them. >>after five decades of gun Shows and time researching his Purchases, terry became somewhat Of an expert on vermont made Guns with the help of his Friend, harry phillips, they Co-authored the definitive book On vermont’s early gun smith and Gunmakers. >>we started doing some real Serious research, and we thought That we would come up with about 150 makers. And we came up with a total gun, Gunmakers, of about 400. >>nearly three quarters of the Guns on display are made by Individual gunsmiths. The remaining guns come from a Handful of vermont factories That produced firearms. >>working on this exhibit i was Very surprised to learn how Important vermont was to the Industrial revolution. This is where replication of Parts took place for firearms, And this is where mass Production took place. And it all had to do with the Firearm industry that was Growing in windsor, and i really Didn’t have fully idea how Important that industry really Was to the history of the state. >>the shelburne museum now owns The guns, and for terry, this Means his collection will always Be intact. In fact, he takes so much pride In this display that whenever He’s in the area, he can’t Resist strolling through the Exhibit. And as long as he adheres to his Wife’s rules, there is always a Chance that the collection may Grow. >>if i find a gun that was made By somebody that i know was a Gunsmith or a maker in vermont, I will pick it up.

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